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Why Do Travel Marketers Need To Include UGC In Their Marketing Journey?

consider influencer posts


of Facebook users say their friends’ photos inspire their travel plans

consider influencer posts


of millennials post pictures of their travels on social media

consider influencer posts


of consumers start planning their trip or holiday by researching online

Crucial Touchpoints To Showcase Your Customers’ Travel Stories

Web Pages

Put UGC to work on your website by embedding relatable content created by your hotel guests. Witness engagement, conversions, and leads as you enhance your website’s overall performance.

embed ugc on website

Digital Displays

Garner more attention from your guests by displaying User Generated Content strategically on digital screens in the live events, lobby area, reception, bar, restaurant, spa, etc., to keep them hooked for longer.

ugc for digital displays

Print Media

Maximize your reach by publishing relevant content created by your guests’ on offline mediums like magazines, newspapers, etc., to make your potential customers reach out to you.

ugc for Print Media

Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaigns are ubiquitous and an excellent way to increase reach to your target audience. Include fun giveaways to get your visitors excited and participating

Hashtag Campaign

Email Campaigns

Develop impactful email campaigns by including your visitors' content along with their reviews and ratings to promote your hotel property effectively and efficiently.

ugc on email campaign

Social Ads

Ignite the interest of potential travelers while they are scrolling through their feeds by creating impactful social ads by including relevant UGC posted by your guests.

ugc for social media ads

Work Your Way Through UGC Using Taggbox


Aggregate all the content created by your guests on over 18+ social media networks. Gather content from hashtags, handles, and much more.

ugc for hospitality

Make your feed worth looking at by enabling advanced content filtering and customization options, including various themes, styles, and designs.

ugc for travel
03Get Rights

To avoid legal issues and GDPR compliances, obtain content rights from the source and easily reuse it.

ugc platform for hospitality
04Publish& Analyze

Publish on marketing touchpoints, including a website, digital signage, and more. Use analytics for tracking performance once live.

ugc travel

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Key Advantages Of Incorporating User-Generated Content

ugc platform for hospitality brands

Turn Inspiration Into Bookings

Including genuine visual content created by your guests in your marketing campaigns can boost user loyalty, travel bookings, and conversion rates and generate more return on investment.

user-generated content platform for hotels

Offer Immersive Customer Experiences

With access to User-Generated Content (UGC), you may learn more about your visitors' behavior as well as what kinds of experiences and services they enjoy. You can then ensure better services and more happy customers.

ugc platform for hospitality brands

Storytelling from the Viewpoint of Visitors

You can tell great brand tales using User-Generated Content which is impossible to do with brand-produced content. Users upload numerous images during their travel that can narrate better stories for your brand’s development.

user-generated content platform for hotels

Create a Strong Reputation & Loyalty

People search for the best hotels, restaurants, and travel alternatives with a stellar reputation to ensure they receive the best service and value for their money. UGC can help your brand’s reputation to grow.

Our User's Case Study

jack astor’s case study
Jack Astor’s increased their customer attraction and visit frequency using Taggbox

Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill, a chain of 40 restaurants in Ontario, Quebec, Canada, and New York, deployed 45 digital screens at their restaurants all over Canada which displayed compelling UGC to gain loyalty among new customers and increase customers' visit frequency.

Users strated creating content via #jackastors which was further displayed on the digital screens via Taggbox Social Wall (Display). This helped them to attract, engage and grab more visitors.

As a result, they were able to generate a 20% boost in visits to the restaurant.

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