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Deliver Unforgettable Visitor's Experience With UGC

Enhance your marketing efforts with Taggbox and get your prospects location-inspired by resourcing appealing users' content effortlessly.

Upscale Business With UGC

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Turn Inspiration Into Bookings

Consumers look up to authentic content that works as social proof when discovering and booking their next adventures, places to stay and eat. In fact, 52% of social media users said to have found their travel inspiration by looking at peer pictures.

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Advertise Authentically via Users

Businesses catering to the hospitality industry can excite users by leveraging compelling consumer's content at the stage when they are browsing travel, hospitality, and destination sites. As UGC comes out on the top at 59%, compared to 55% of the brand-generated images.

Work Your Way Through UGC


Discover and collect all the content generated by your users across social media platforms using hashtags, handles, and more.

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Showcase premium content by enabling advanced filtering and customization options: themes, styles, & designs available and make your feed worth-a-while.

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03Get Rights

Get content rights from the creator to avoid legal and GDPR compliances and seamlessly repurpose it for your brand's marketing campaigns.

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04Publish& Analyze

Publish UGC on any marketing touchpoint: website, digital displays, email campaign, or more and track its performance with detailed analytics available.

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Turn User-Generated Content Into Brand Success

Build Trust check Increase Engagement check Grow Conversions check

How Can You Successfully Leverage The Content Created By Users?

Website Come To Life

Make Your Website Come To Life

Achieve the three KPI's of marketing: engagement, leads, and conversions by showcasing unique, vibrant, and ever-fresh visitors' content on your website and enhance its appeal.

Hashtag Campaigns

Run Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaign is the best strategy to discover, and collect UGC. Run hashtag campaigns across digital channels to attract, engage, and inspire visitors to create content.

Digital Screens

Showcase On Digital Screens

Attract audience's attention and keep them hooked to your posts by displaying UGC on digital displays installed at hotels, restaurants, and more.

Email's Campaigns

Incorporate In Emails

Enhance your email's engagement rate and fulfil the grave visual appetite that visitors have by including authentic user generated content.

Social Ads

Utilize In Social Ads

Improve the impact and performance of your social media ads by including relevant UGC. Incorporate content created by your visitors in ads to ignite the interest of the viewers.

Print Media

Leverage On Print Media

Reach out to and awe-inspire a vast print media audience by including UGC in magazine, newspaper, scholarly articles, newsletters, etc.

Activate User-Generated Content Superpowers

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Increases Visitors' Trust

UGC can attract the trust of the potential users easily as it is unadulterated and created willingly by the users, which can grant them better insights into your business.

Enhances Their Engagement

Providing an immersive user experience is key, especially in the hospitality industry. Leveraging customer experiences can potentially deliver this as the visuals; both static posts and videos are captivating.

Amplifies Your Reach

Encouraging social interactions via hashtag campaigns and rewarding visitors for creating content can expose your brand to a wider audience, thus effortlessly amping up your reach.

Boosts Brand Conversions

Channelizing credible visual content to your marketing strategies can help in magnifying your travel bookings, ad conversion rates, social media ROI, and user loyalty.

Our User's Case Study

jack astor’s case study
Jack Astor’s increased their customer attraction and visit frequency using Taggbox

Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill, a chain of 40 restaurants in Ontario, Quebec, Canada, and New York, deployed 45 digital screens at their restaurants all over Canada which displayed compelling UGC to gain loyalty among new customers and increase customers' visit frequency.

Users strated creating content via #jackastors which was further displayed on the digital screens via Taggbox Display. This helped them to attract, engage and grab more visitors.

As a result, they were able to generate a 20% boost in visits to the restaurant.

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