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Transform customers into brand advocates to drive success organically.

Discover organic influencers, get in touch with them, and work together by reusing influencers' content across marketing platforms and obtaining content rights.

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Why Organic Influencers Are Taking The Centre Stage?

organic influencers posts


of consumers trust organic influencers more than traditional advertisements.

organic influencers posts


of marketers believe that organic influencer marketing is effective in driving customer acquisition.

consider influencer posts


of consumers have discovered a new product or service through an organic influencer.

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Discover, Connect, & Repurpose Organic Influencer Content

Collect UGC

Discover Relevant Influencers

Spot the most active & relevant influencers by using filters like follower count, geography, etc., all from your unified dashboard who can deliver impactful content. Work with ready-to-advocate users.

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Connect With Influencers' Community

Taggbox offers a robust organic influencer platform to empower brand-augmented relationships by connecting with your influencer community. Connect with most-active creators who are the perfect fit for your brand, directly.


Repurpose Influencers Content

Go beyond social media and publish organic influencer content on any relevant channel. Get UGC rights from multiple users in one go and rightfully amplify influencer content across touchpoints.

UGC Rights

Measure Campaign Success

Optimize your organic influencer strategy by measuring each campaign in real-time. Measure the success of your organic influencer campaign on metrics like clicks, views, shares, reach, top-performing posts, most active creators, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Organic Influencers?

Organic Influencers are individuals who genuinely support a brand and voluntarily share their experiences or opinions about it on social media, without being paid for their promotion. Their influence grows naturally, based on the trust they have built with their audience through their authentic content and engagement.

Difference between organic & paid infleuncers

Any influencer who creates content for a brand without getting paid for it is organic, any other influencer who charges a certain amount to be paid for content around a brand, product, or service is a paid influencer.

What are some organic influencer platforms?

Here are the top 3 organic influencer platforms:
1. Taggbox
2. Upfluence
3. Grin