Influencer Marketing Guide 2022: Insights, Ideas, And Platforms

Social media platforms and influencers go hand-hand in current times. We all know how brand promotions on social media platforms take a different turn as influencers glide in. Now, why is that?  Influencers are people with a good fan base or followers on social media platforms. These fans often make their lifestyle decisions as per...

7 min read

What Are Metaverse Events?- Ideas And Best Practice

Imagine making friends, rearing virtual pets, buying virtual property, selling products, working in a lifelike remote setup, and conducting events using 3-D virtual objects? Well, that’s where we are headed.  The metaverse hype cannot be overlooked – it is all over the place. Estimates are that it will reach a value of $800M by 2024.  […]

9 minute read

Feature Update: Tag-based Widget To Promote Relevant Content On Web Pages

86% of the users will decide which brand to support based on their authenticity. And what better way to be authentic than showcasing real and appealing content to specific target audiences rather than trying to sell to everyone. In addition to this, it is also essential that your category or web pages hit the right […]

6 minute read

Explore How AIMA Accelarated Their Annual Conclave With Taggbox Display

All India Management Association – a national apex body of the management profession in India, conducted its 7th national leadership conclave on 12th April 2022, which featured Taggbox Display social wall. The aim being to boost conversations and showcase real-time updates.  AIMA is a thought leadership platform that associates various stakeholders for constructive dialogue on […]

5 minute read

How To Embed YouTube Shorts On Website?

‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth?’ – You need not think twice because the answer is Priceless! After a successful beta debut in 2020, YouTube Shorts were formally launched in March 2021. It is considered to be YouTube’s attempt to cash on the growing popularity of short, […]

9 minute read

Social Media Photobooth For Events: Taggbox Display x Snapbar

Virtual events often lack human interactions as the attendees participate from their comfort zones, literally staring at their screens. So, keeping the virtual event attendees active, let alone awake, is a real struggle for organizers. Taggbox Display joins hands with Snapbar to overcome this and boost virtual event engagement and interaction to 3X.  Taggbox Display […]

5 minute read

Taggbox Display Partners With Yodeck

‘Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of human imagination.’  Rightly quoted by Mr. Daniel Bell, technology can turn the tables for most businesses in the truest of sense. One such technological advancement that has created an unbeatable position is Digital Signage.  However, if technology comes first, content, like its perfect companion, can take its […]

7 minute read
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