How To Run An Effective Hashtag Campaign?

❝ In the digital age of marketing, content is an ocean whereas #Hashtag is a boat that helps the brand reach the shore (customers). ❞ As per the current marketing scenario, hashtag marketing is so omnipresent that a majority of business owners and marketers consider it a common practice to achieve their marketing goals and...

11 min read

Omnichannel Marketing – Benefits, Strategy, Trends & Examples

Omnichannel marketing is the practice of promoting your product and service exactly where your target audience is. With this strategy, the brands analyze how their audience is behaving on various channels and strategize their content accordingly.  Statistics show that people interact with about six to eight touchpoints before they make a decision.  Hence, consistently providing […]

12 minute read

User-Generated Content: Marketing KPIs To Run ROI-Driven Campaigns

Many brands are leveraging user-generated content as a solitary marketing strategy, as 86% find UGC the most effective content to showcase their brand’s authenticity. However, every successful marketing strategy begins with a target-oriented approach.  As a marketer, you must have a set of goals in your mind. Once your UGC campaign is live, these goals […]

9 minute read

UGC Marketing Guide On Instagram Reels To Curate, Share, Grow

On 5th August 2020, Instagram introduced the world to Reels – β€œA new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.” Since then, the hottest new content format has changed how social media users create and consume content.  The impact of Instagram Reels is such that everyone wants to put on their best […]

10 minute read

How To Embed Instagram Reels On Website?

Instagram is never settling, as it continues to evolve to offer better growth possibilities for brands and content creators. Currently, it’s the Reels that have caused an uproar among creators and businesses to achieve high visibility on Instagram. Reels came into existence in 2020, and while users are still exploring the feature, marketers have decided […]

10 minute read

How To Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed On Website For Free?

Want to embed a Twitter hashtag feed on your website? Here's the step by step guide to add Twitter hashtag widget to website using different methods.

8 minute read

16 Best Event Activation Ideas For All Type Of Events In 2022

You have organized an event and covered all the areas for a successful one. However, marketing your brand the right way is crucial as people need to know what your event is all about. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to this area. This task becomes a lot easier and result-proof through brilliant event […]

9 minute read
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