Repurpose Influencer-Generated Content For Maximized Reach

In a world where influencer marketing reigns supreme, content is king. From stunning product shots to unboxing videos and candid behind-the-scenes peeks, influencers have a knack for creating visually engaging and compelling content that captivates their followers' attention. But what happens to all that content once the campaign is over? Is it destined to be...

7 min read

Top 11 User-Generated Content Platforms To Know in 2023!

Let’s face it, User-Generated Content has become an indispensable part of our online experience, shaping the way we interact, share, and consume content. From social media platforms to review sites, UGC has revolutionized the way we discover new products, services, and ideas.  With 92% of shoppers taking UGC into consideration before purchasing, it’s important for […]

10 minute read

Repurpose User-generated Content To Turn It Into A Marketing Asset

User-generated content has been a building block for brands for a long time. However, it wasn’t until now that marketers and businesses took the time to take full advantage of users’ content and publish it wherever their audience is.  Looking for real-life experiences around a product has become a consumer habit as these reviews are […]

10 minute read

Ideas to Boost Sponsorship with Live Social Walls

Companies constantly seek ways to gain a competitive edge in today’s competitive business landscape. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by hosting and participating in events. Whether a small networking event or a large-scale conference, events offer numerous advantages to businesses and organizations. One of the primary benefits of events is […]

6 minute read

Oxfam’s Noble Initiative With Taggbox: Turkey & Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief

As we navigate through an increasingly interconnected world, it’s important to recognize the global issues we face and take action to make a positive impact – and one powerful way to do so is through charity. Oxfam is a charitable organization with its unique initiative ‘Second-Hand Style’ for charity. This year, the organization made an […]

6 minute read

QPS Employment Uses Taggbox: Goes Big On Event Engagement At Annual Event

QPS Employment Group hosted its first in-person Annual Owners Meeting since 2020. The event was a big hit and part of the credit goes to Taggbox.  Being their first in-person event in over 3 years, the organization wanted to leverage the employee-generated content to boost event excitement. Taggbox helped the client create a well-compiled social […]

5 minute read

Event Planning Checklist: A Beginners’ Helpbook

Organizing an event can be an exciting, rewarding experience but also stressful and overwhelming.  Whether planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, there are countless details to consider and tasks to complete to ensure everything runs smoothly.  From creating a budget, selecting a venue, managing vendors, and coordinating logistics, event planning can be complex […]

12 minute read
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