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Top 3 Tools for Displaying Live Twitter Feed at Events and Conferences

What Is A Tweet Wall And What Does It Do? Let’s do a quick brush up. A twitter wall is a social media wall that displays on a screen about what the event attendees are tweeting via the exclusive hashtag of the event. Live twitter feeds by twitterati-s are the opinions and experiences of the guests about the event. Display … Read More

Use of Social Media Wall and Hub for Schools, College and Universities

THE WORLD WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA Let’s begin with traveling back in time. Return to the time when you were in your school or your university. How did your school or university flow the information out amongst the students & the staff in the yester years? Do you recollect circulars all juxtaposed on each other on the notice boards & the … Read More

How to Create Successful Hashtag Campaigns for Social media marketing?

Ever since the emergence of social media marketing, and given that the platform has a huge customer base, it has become vital for brands to go viral on various social media platforms and connect with their audience. That is certainly why various brands across the world have been extremely concerned about their social media presence. When it comes to getting … Read More

3 Reasons why you should Integrate Social Media Hub for Website

Social media marketing trends have undergone a tremendous change over the past few years. Earlier used as a platform to advertise, nowadays, many brands have begun to use it aptly to rather engage their customers. These days, staying active on brand’s social media channels and interacting with the audience is a significant job role of the brand representative. Posting attractive … Read More

How to use LinkedIn for Business Marketing?

The century has witnessed the upcoming of digital media as a significant form of world in its own. In the present time, virtual platforms possess a stage, a solution and a social media network for almost every human requirement. First emerged as a base to socialize, the world wide web now possess a number of social media networks which allow … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of using a Social Media Aggregator

Social media is a prominent platform for networking and interactions. The network managed to grow in one year with an engagement of about 1.96 billion users. Startled? Well, it is not enough. The expected future growth in the number of users of social media networks is a figure of 0.54 billion users. It means that by 2018 there will be … Read More

8 Interesting Restaurant Marketing Tactics

In past few years, the number of restaurants and cafes on every other street in every city has considerably increased. This has lead to an upsurge of fierce competition in the food business. So in an industry that promises never ending growth, are you putting the right efforts to make your restaurant a big name in it? To make your … Read More

6 technologies to increase audience engagement in events

In the recent times, event industry has firmly held hands with technology to boom the business. However, some part of the sector is yet unsure of the advantages their event business can experience with employment of these latest event technologies. The recent updates in event technology widened the scope of event planning and execution in order to increase audience engagement … Read More

My Experience of choosing a Social Wall Provider

As we all know, Social Media has evolved very much in the recent years and we are knowingly entangled in the effects of this world. The involvement of people and its usage for other purpose has deepened with time as well. Companies and Events are finding an opportunity with the social media making it an important aspect. Whether it is … Read More

The Best Way to Display Photos in Weddings Using Social Walls

We all can agree on the fact that social media has been very well integrated into our day to day lives. It has become a primary way to share photos and memories among our loved ones. Wedding culture is not left unaffected by these norms of the modern world. Technology has changed the way we interact with our weddings. Besides the food, … Read More