Event Gamification: 7 Best Ideas And Benefits In 2023

2023 is right around the corner, event strategies have skyrocketed, and keeping the audience’s attention alive during an event is comparatively easy. Unfortunately, increasing participation, flawless execution, and perfect promotion, all things considered, cannot be achieved faultlessly at the same time.  But what if we tell you a shortcut to everything you need? Gamification! You...

6 min read

What is UGC Creator & Why It Is Important for Brands

No marketing strategy is complete without content. It holds the power to singlehandedly turn a prospect into a paying customer. Yet, for years, we have seen content trends change, making inbound a bumpy ride for marketers.  Back then, it was all flashy and made-up. Now it’s more driven towards relatability and authenticity. We have seen […]

8 minute read

Why Brands Need User-generated Content on Tiktok

Social media is driven by content, and the idea is how impactful your content can be. For example, Tiktok, among the most successful social platforms, had 1 million video views per day in the first year. Imagine the amount of impact! It has brought short video content to the front stage, and now every social […]

8 minute read

How To Run An Effective Hashtag Campaign?

Learn the best way to run your next hashtag campaign that builds brand awareness, engages users, drives traffic, and expands reach on social media and beyond.

15 minute read

Your Guide To Bring QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

Marketing has undergone a significant transition. It is no longer limited to conventional techniques. Instead, everything is just a scan away. QR codes have played an influential part in this drastic change.  QR codes make the process swift, instant, and error-free. In addition, customers get access to complete information through QR codes. One can make […]

12 minute read

Taggbox x Omnisend: Power Up Your Email Campaigns With UGC

Did you know that 72% of customers choose emails over anything else as their primary business communication channel?  So why do you think emails are so efficient? But what if we told you that your email marketing campaigns could drive greater ROI?  User-generated content has the potential to fulfil the visual appetite of your users, […]

6 minute read

Omnichannel Marketing – Benefits, Strategy, Trends & Examples

Omnichannel marketing is the practice of promoting your product and service exactly where your target audience is. With this strategy, the brands analyze how their audience is behaving on various channels and strategize their content accordingly.  Statistics show that people interact with about six to eight touchpoints before they make a decision.  Hence, consistently providing […]

12 minute read
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