User-Generated Content For Higher Education: A Marketing Success

Over 98% of schools use social media across campuses to enhance the student journey. The students are the Gen-Z and millennials, and their native language is social media, as that’s where they express themselves. While students, alumni, and faculty are constantly creating social content, higher education marketers have identified a new strategy to redirect this […]

9 minute read

Taggbox Display & GEVME – A Collaboration For The Future Of Events

Virtual events have proven their worth ever since they have come into existence. Unlike regular events, they have emerged as a blessing for event marketers who save a lot of time & money on making prior arrangements for the attendees.  Even though we agree that the value of regular events would never diminish, there may […]

7 minute read

10 Successful Hashtag Campaign Examples

Social media has emerged to become a realm of hashtags. Ever since Chris Messina came up with the idea to include hashtags on Twitter for categorizing channels using the hash (#) sign, these signs have exploded in popularity and have become a common sight on all the leading social media networks.  In the current social […]

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How To Add Instagram Shop On WooCommerce (WordPress)

Setting up a WooCommerce Instagram shop is quite popular among brands these days. WooCommerce offers ecommerce possibilities to brands using WordPress as their CMS.  Surveys state that 81% of Instagram users use the platform to look for products and services and around 50% of them redirect to a website after going through their preferred products! […]

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Taggbox Display Collaborates With 6Connex

As we move ahead in time, we notice more event organizers shifting towards the virtual concept of events. 55% of virtual event organizers plan to invest more in virtual events next year.  Virtual events maximize the ROI, and their in-depth analytics help them improve. But organizers often struggle to accomplish audience engagement. Virtual events lack […]

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How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website For Free

People’s love for Instagram is undeniable, and we can see that clearly with its ever-increasing dwell time. Instagram is the most engaging and influential virtual platform, and the users and brands love to post on it. Instagram’s influence has reached the level where brands embed Instagram feed on website to keep their visitors hooked by […]

13 minute read

Ideas & Benefits Of Restaurant Digital Signage for Better Customer Experience

With ever-evolving technology, Restaurant Digital Signage is setting new standards in the industry. From placing orders to overall customer experience, digital signage for restaurants help managers to make the best use of resources.  Digital signages in restaurants have already proved to calm down hangry (hungry customers getting angry) by displaying TV shows & other entertaining […]

9 minute read

How To Embed Google Reviews On Website

Whenever we try something new, it could be a salon, a pet shop, a boutique, or just the AC service guy, checking their Google review is the foremost thing that comes to our mind. You can consider Google reviews as the reputation manager for your brand because, believe it or not, some positive reviews and […]

11 minute read

How To Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On Website

Here in this blog, you will learn simple ways to Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On Website.  But the question is “Why do we even need to do so?” Well, not just the millennial, businesses love Instagram too. And to clear your cloud of doubt, Marketers display user-generated content from Instagram mixed with their brand stock […]

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