How To Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Website

The inception of various social media platforms introduced the users to a world of endless possibilities. Over the years, social media has become an integral part of social media users who like to spend more than 2 hours a day on average! Out of all the platforms, Instagram has become one of the most highly […]

10 minute read

How To Embed Airbnb Reviews On Website

In the evolving times, customer reviews are becoming more and more important for potential customers, and this has made it even more important for brands & businesses. Digital media and platforms such as the website of a lodging hospitality brand like Airbnb need to have content that is helpful and valuable to the consumers that […]

5 minute read

How To Embed Google Reviews On WordPress Website

Embed Google reviews on WordPress website using Taggbox in just 4 steps. Follow the simple process to aggregate & add Google reviews with or without the plugin.

11 minute read

Content Marketing Trends: 6 Types of Content To Drive Brand Success

As Andrew Davis said — “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” The quote perfectly explains why content is so crucial in today’s age where the consumers do not entertain promotional valueless content; instead, they are looking for value-driven purposeful content. In today’s blog post we will be focusing on such content marketing trends for […]

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How To Add RSS Feed On Your Website

Users are always exploring and browsing the latest information on a diverse range of topics and continuously engage with platforms that provide this information.  As a business, if you can provide this informational content on your website and keep your audience updated on relevant topics then you can also grow your website & overall business. Add […]

7 minute read

How To Embed Facebook Photo Album On Any Website

Have you ever been attracted by captivating images shared by the brands on their social media handles? In fact, we all are enamored of sharing snippets of our experiences in the form of multiple images on various social platforms.  Facebook, with almost 2.45 bn monthly active users and 1.62 bn daily active users, has catalyzed […]

6 minute read

How To Embed Twitter Feed On Any Website For Free

One of the most attended platforms, Twitter, is used by 330 million users largely to keep up with the happenings around the world. Be it business, blog, or belief, people are always keen to know and acquire information.  Brands are spending a lot of their resources to derive success in the website form of user […]

12 minute read

Best Social Media Aggregator For 2022

Exploring and building up all the felicitous content from various social media platforms into one unified form is what a social media aggregator does. It collects and curates all social media feeds through a specific hashtag or handles and displays those social feeds on digital signage or live screen during an event, conference, trade shows, […]

11 minute read

Hashtag Campaign Guide: A Smart Strategy For Smart Marketers

The dawn of social media marketing and the vast customer base that it facilitates makes it crucial for the brands to build their presence online and connect with the audience. To achieve this, initiating and modulating social media interactions by using #hashtags are a viable option. Adding a hashtag to any content, collecting information, driving […]

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