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How To Embed Google Reviews On WordPress Website

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For any brand, gaining the trust of the target customers is crucial to compel them enough to go ahead and try out the Brand and its products. 

For instilling faith and confidence in potential customers, there is no content better than the content created by your existing customers, referred to as User-Generated Content. 

Embedding such content into your website can do a wonderful job to garner the attention of your potential customers, increase the engagement of your visitors, improve the dwell time of your customers, and eventually grow your business profits. 

We are talking about Google Reviews, and in this blog, we shall be covering the significance of Google Reviews and how to embed Google reviews on WordPress website using the two best methods. 

Let’s get started! 

Introduction To Google Reviews?

It is a no-brainer that the first thing that comes to mind when we think about switching to a new brand or product or before taking up service is to pick up the phone and check out the ratings and reviews of the Brand. 

Just like everyone else, even the potential customers of your Brand do the same thing. 

For enabling Google reviews, you need to create an account on the google my business page. Once your page is created, it allows your customers to leave behind their reviews and feedback on the page while rating your product or service. 

Such information gives your potential customers a clear picture and better understanding of how your existing customers like your products and their overall experience with your Brand. 

Google reviews work incredibly well to build a solid reputation for your brand and gives your potential customers an extra push to purchase your products. 

We are sure you must now be convinced and motivated to embed Google reviews left by your customers on your WordPress website; keep reading as you will get to know the two efficient ways to add Google reviews on WordPress website in detail. 

Add Google Reviews On WordPress Website – Try 2 Different Methods

Here we have mentioned two different methods of embedding Google reviews on WordPress website.

1. Embed Google Reviews Using WordPress Plugin
2. Add Google Reviews Without Plugin

Method 1 – Embed Google Reviews On WordPress Using Taggbox WordPress Plugin 

The first method that we are shedding light on is embedding Google reviews using the Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin

Taggbox WordPress plugin is an extremely popular and responsive User-Generated Content platform and social media aggregation plugin that enables you to collect content by selecting Google reviews as an aggregation source, customize it using a variety of options, and embedding it easily on the WordPress website. 

The plugin offers various other features like an advanced moderation panel to moderate the content by removing any unwanted and objectionable content from the widget. 

Taggbox WordPress plugin also offers insightful analytics to allow users to track the overall performance and impressions of the widget. 

The plugin also offers 24×7 back support assistance to all its users if they come across any hindrance or challenge while using the plugin. 

Keep reading as we have mentioned detailed steps as to how you can efficiently embed Google reviews on WordPress. 

How To Add Google Reviews On WordPress Using WordPress Plugin 

Step 1 – Install & Activate The Plugin

  • Firstly, Download the Taggbox WordPress Plugin from the directory or the widget editor. 
  • Upload the plugin on your WordPress website in the directory or the plugin section and click on the Activate button to enable the plugin’s functionality

Step 2 – Integrate Google Reviews 

  • Visit the Taggbox Widget Plugin to create a new Taggbox widget account or log into your existing account. 
  • Click on Create Widget to aggregate the Google reviews. 
  • Once done, click on the Add social feeds option. 
  • Choose Google as your source in the pop-up menu bar. 
  • You need to select your connection type to collect the content. You can select from Places and My places. The places option allows you to collect reviews from various sources on Google. The My places enable users to collect reviews from the Google my business page. 
  • If you select the My places option, you need to click on the Connect Google option to aggregate the reviews. 
  • Once done, you will be able to see the feed on the widget editor in a few seconds. 

Step 3 – Show Google Reviews Widget On WordPress Website 

Now that you are done with collecting the Google reviews and have customized them as per your needs and requirements, you need to embed them on your WordPress website. 

Keep reading as we have mentioned the two easy ways that you can use to showcase the widget on WordPress. 

Method 1 – 

  • Once you see the widget on the plugin, click on the refresh button to fetch a new widget. 
  • Next, Click on the Copy option present under the widget to copy the shortcode. 
  • Finally, paste the shortcode on the backed of your website or the section where you wish to embed the Google Reviews widget. 

Method 2 – 

  1. Visit the webpage or the section of the website where you wish to embed the Google reviews. 
  2. Choose the Taggbox widget option by clicking the + button 
  3. You can either type or paste the widget shortcode. The users have the option to Preview the widget to have a look before publishing it on the website. You can also adjust the height and width of the widget as per your personal preferences.
  4. To complete the process, click on the Publish button, and you would have successfully embedded the Google reviews widget on your WordPress website! 

Method 2 – Add Google Reviews Without WordPress Plugin 

The second efficient, quick and easy method to add Google reviews on WordPress is by using the Taggbox Widget. 

Taggbox Widget is a highly responsive and user-friendly social media aggregation tool that enables users to collect Google reviews, curate them, and embed them on the WordPress website. 

Simply follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be able to create an impressive and engaging Google review widget in a few minutes using Taggbox Widget. 

Step 1 – Integrate The Google Reviews 

1. Log into your existing Taggbox widget account or create a new account if you do not have one. 

embed google reviews wordpress

2. Once you are redirected to the Taggbox dashboard, click on the Add Social feeds option. 

embed google reviews on wordpress

3. Select Google as your content aggregation source from the pop-up menu 

google review plugin for wordpress

4. Next, you need to select your connection type. You can select from either places or My places. The former option allows you to collect Google reviews from all over Google. The latter option allows you to collect reviews exclusively from your Google My Business page. 

google reviews wp plugin

Once you are done, you need to click on the Connect Google option, and you are done. 

You shall be able to see the Google reviews in the widget editor in a few moments! 

show google reviews on wordpress

Step 2 – Generate The Code & Embed The Widget 

  • Once you are done creating and customizing the widget as per your needs and requirements, click on the Publish button on the bottom left corner of the widget editor. 
  • From the pop-up menu, select WordPress as the website building platform. 
  • Adjust the height and width of the widget and click on the Get Code option 
  • Copy the generated code in the clipboard and paste it on the backend of the website where you wish to display the widget
  • And you are done! You have embedded the Google reviews widget on the website.

Step 3 – Embed Google Review Widget On WordPress  

Integrate Google Reviews On WordPress 5.0 Version

  • Simply log into your account and redirect to the webpage where you wish to display the content 
  • Select the + Add Block option on the top left corner of the editor 
  • Click on the formatting option and click on the Custom HTML option 
  • Paste the copied embed code in the editor 
  • Click on the Update/Publish button to apply the changes, and voila! 
  • You have now embedded the content on WordPress 

Add Google Reviews Widget On WordPress Classic Version 

  • Log into your WordPress account and visit the webpage or section where you wish to embed the Google reviews 
  • On the right section of the page, choose the Text mode 
  • Paste the copied embed code in the section where you wish to showcase the reviews 
  • Click on the Publish button, and you have embedded the content on your WordPress website! 

Benefits Of Adding Google Reviews On WordPress Website 

At this point, you must be wondering about the importance and benefits of adding Google Reviews to your WordPress website. 

Since Google reviews are the most authentic and genuine form of content that the Brand would find online, continue reading as have highlighted the key benefits of adopting this amazing marketing strategy into your business. 

  • Helps in building a strong reputation of the Brand 
  • Strengthens the Brand’s relationship with the customers 
  • Increases the engagement level of the visitors on the website 
  • Escalates conversions and sales 
  • Adds credibility to the Brand 
  • Enhances the overall look of the website
  • It brings more authenticity to the Brand’s products and services 
display google reviews on wordpress

Closing Note 

Your website is the first and major marketing touchpoint and a representation of your Brand. It is the online storefront of your business, and displaying authentic and genuine content is an incredible way to display the ethics of your business and the outstanding quality of your products and services. 

We are now at the end of the blog, and you are now aware of the amazing benefits and the efficient methods by which you can Embed Google reviews on your website in a few easy steps both with and without the Taggbox WordPress plugin. 

Since now you know it all, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial, and you will be amazed to see the spectacular results and benefits that are fetched for your Brand’s growth and success! 


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