How To Embed Google Reviews On WordPress Website

If you are a WordPress user and still confused with the steps to embed Google Reviews to WordPress website, then you have surely landed on the right page.

This blog has everything that you need to know about the embed process and how to make it even simpler and easier. 

To get started, let us have a brief introduction of the steps that are to be followed to embed the Google reviews Widget on WordPress

Embedding Google reviews on your WordPress website will enrich your website with authenticity and reliability and will add trustworthiness to your website. It will enhance user engagement with your brand and will help you build trusted relationships with your website visitors. 

What Are Google Reviews?

Remember the last time you searched for something new? You probably must have explored the entire website and then hopped onto Google in search of genuine Google reviews to learn more about the product/services. Right?

Google reviews are your brand’s reputation management system and serve as the stepping blocks towards trust-building and customer engagement. These reviews play an important role in encouraging the users towards the brand by displaying social proof of their quality and services. 

Simple saying, Google reviews are the trusted words by the brand’s trusted customers that showcase their experience with the brand and its products. These reviews are the viable words that enhance the sustainability of the brand in the marketing ecosystem. 

Steps On How To Embed Google Reviews On WordPress Website

We have divided the entire process into 4 simple steps to make the process simple and hassle-free for the users. 

Add Google Review With Taggbox widget

Taggbox Widget is an amazing Google Review aggregator that allows you to collect and curate Google reviews in a well-customized feed that can be embedded easily on a WordPress website. 

Here are the steps for the following.

Step 1. Create your Free Taggbox Widget account or log in to your existing account if you are already registered.

embed google reviews wordpress

Step 2. You will land on the Taggbox widget dashboard. Here on this page, click on “Add Social Feeds” to add the Google reviews to your widget.

embed google reviews on wordpress

Step 3. From the new pop-up that appears, choose “Google” as your source platform.

google review plugin for wordpress

Step 4. You will be provided with 2 options to aggregate relevant Google reviews.

  • Places– To aggregate the Google reviews for different places that are available on Google.
  • My Places– To aggregate the Google reviews from your Google My Business profile. 
google reviews wp plugin

Connect your Google account to the widget by clicking on “Connect Google” if in case you choose My Places to aggregate the reviews. 

Taggbox will automatically fetch the feed once the connection is created. And yeah, you have now successfully added the Google review to your Taggbox widget account.

show google reviews on wordpress

Customize The Curated Review

Once your Google review widget is created, you will land on your account’s Widget editor page. Here you will find various options on the left sidebar of the page that will let you edit your curated Google reviews and make it look even more engaging.

  • Personalize- This option lets you customize the curated feed by adding a new theme, design, layout, background, etc., to the existing feed. You can even highlight the specific reviews and add custom posts to the reviews to add credibility and authenticity to the widget.
  • Moderate- This option lets you choose the most relevant content/reviews to display and filter out all the unwanted content and negative reviews to maintain the brand/business’s reputation. 
  • Analytics- This option lets you analyze your widget’s performance once it is embedded on the website and generates valuable insights into the user engagement and user interaction with the feed.  

Generate The Embed Code

Now since you have created the Google review widget and have customized and moderated it, it’s time to get it published on the WordPress website. 

Step 1. Click on the “Publish” button on the lower-left corner of the widget editor page. 

wordpress plugin for google reviews

Step 2. From the pop-up that appears, choose WordPress as your website building platform. 

google review plugin in wordpress

Step 3. Set the height and width of the review widget and then click on “Get Code.”

free google review plugin wordpress

The generated code is the embedded code to add Google reviews on WordPress website. Copy this code to the clipboard.

Embed The Google Review On WordPress

The final step to complete the embed process is to paste the copied code to your WordPress website’s back-end page. 

Here we have discussed steps for both the WordPress website versions, i.e., WordPress 5.0 editor and WordPress Classic Editor. 

Steps To Add Google Review To WordPress 5.0 Editor

Step1. Navigate to the page/post on the backend of your WordPress website where you want to add a Google review.

Step2. From the top-left corner of the WordPress editor, select “(+) Add Block.”

Step3. Click on formatting and then choose “Custom HTML” from the given options. Here, paste the copied embed code and click on Publish/Update. 

And it’s done! 

Steps To Add Google Review To WordPress Classic Editor

Step1. Navigate to the page/post on the backend of your WordPress website where you want to add a Google review.

Step2. On the right side of the page, you will find 2 options. 

  • Visual
  • Text

Choose the text mode from here. 

Step3. Paste the embed code and click on publish/update to save the changes.

Great, you have successfully embedded the Google review widget on your WordPress website. 

display google reviews on wordpress

[Additional] Google Reviews Plugin For WordPress Website

Another tool to simplify your embed process apart from Taggbox Widget is the Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin

This easy-to-use Google reviews WordPress plugin is the perfect solution to display Google reviews on WordPress website without any hassle.

The tool’s advanced features and functionalities provide the users with an option to moderate, customize, and personalize the widget to enhance the display of your WordPress website. 

The user-friendly interface, smooth customer support, fast and responsive integrating options, etc., helps you add Google reviews to WordPress website simply and easily. 

Why Add Google Reviews To Website?

As discussed above, Google reviews are the most trusted and real words/feedback of the brand/business’s genuine users. Embedding these reviews on the website is of extreme importance. Some of the benefits include

  • Increase the engagement of the website visitors.
  • Builds strong brand-user relationship.
  • Add credibility to the brand.
  • Displays the authenticity of the products/services.
  • Maintain the reputation of the brand.
  • Powerful word-of-mouth marketing for the brand.
  • Increases the customer impressions on the website.
  • Boost conversions and sales.

Wrapping It Up

Your website is the online storefront of your brand, and displaying trustworthy information on it adds reliability to the brand. The most amazing way to show the quality of the brand’s products/services is by embedding Google reviews on it. 

The 4 step guide mentioned above will help you embed Google reviews on WordPress website in just a few minutes. So start your free trial today and showcase what your existing customers have to say for your brand. 

add google reviews to wordpress
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