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How To Embed Social Media Feeds On Website for FREE?

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Wouldn’t it be awesome that whenever a new user visits your website, they are able to see the amazing things people on the internet are saying about you? Well, this is exactly what you could do by embedding social media on website. 

Being one of the most effective ways to engage your website visitors, embedding a social media feed on website makes a user comeback.

With the power of social media, you can seamlessly add dynamic content created by the users and keep your website looking fresh and up-to-date.

In this article, we have included:

What are Social Media Feeds?

A social media feed is a type of content displayed on your social media platforms. This content can be in the form of images, videos, audios, text, etc. 

A social media feed can include content posted by your friends, people who follow you, and pages or accounts you decided to follow.

Benefits of Embedding Social Media Feeds on Website

There are several benefits that you can enjoy by embedding social media feeds on website. Following are some of the major ones that a business must be aware of: 

  • Engagement: Adding social media feeds encourages the visitors to spend more time on the website and explore it further. The dynamic up to date content increases engagement to your website and lowers the bounce rate.  
  • Fresh Content: A social media feed displays the latest activities happening on your social accounts. Hence, your webpage will be updated every time there is a new activity on social media keeping your website always relevant. 
  • Cross- Promotion: Embedding your social media to your website also allows visitors to connect to your social media accounts as well. 
  • Improved SEO: Regularly updating social feeds also contributes to SEO as the website is updated regularly. This can increase the visibility of your business. Embedding a social media feed contains relevant hashtags and keywords which can impact your ranking as well. 
  • Const- Effective Content: You can save a lot of cost by embedding social media content as there will be no need for creating additional web page content. 
  • Ease of Aggregation: Embedding social media feeds on your website makes it easier for you to aggregate content posted on multiple platforms, at one place. This saves a lot of time and effort as you can avoid creating similar content separately.
  • Visual Appeal: Having a social media present at your website enhances the visual appeal. This makes the website more attractive resulting in people spending more time on it. 
  • Event or Campaign Promotion: Companies often use social media feeds embedded on a website to promote events or products. They showcase the people talking on social media about an upcoming event or product. This creates a buzz among the visitors and eventually helps in promotion
  • Social Proof: When a visitor sees so many people posting about your company on their social media, they are likely to trust the brand more. Having more people talking about your business indicates that the work you do is popular among the people making this a reliable social proof.
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Types of Social Media Feeds You Can Embed On Website

Here are the types of social media feeds for your website. So get ready to get inspired and incorporate them into your website.

1. Instagram Feed

Collect the dynamic and engaging Instagram content and curate it into a feed from hashtag, handles, mentions, reels etc. to increase social proof on the website. 

Adding Instagram feed to your website helps in increasing engagement and enhances the visual appeal of the site. 

The feed dynamically updates itself when a new post is made with a relevant hashtag or mention. This keeps the content fresh and makes the visitors stay longer. 

See the example from Feldmar, embed Instagram posts on website.

2. YouTube Videos

The average visitor will spend 88% more time on a website if it has video. Embedding the engaging YouTube shorts gallery or feed on your website can keep your website visitors hooked.

Delivering dynamic and visual content such as a youtube video on your website can increase engagement. Apart from that, video content also enhances SEO, increasing your website’s visibility. 

social media feeds

See how Ama’s Cooking showcase YouTube content on website.

3. Facebook Feed

Embedding Facebook Feed on your website can boost the website’s credibility and dwell time.

Embedding Facebook Feed to your website encourages cross platform- interaction and helps in driving traffic to your Facebook page. It also helps in building a community as the visitors see others engaging with you on social media. 

social media feed example

4. Twitter Feed

Bring all the witty tweets by your audience to your website with the Twitter Feed.

social media feeds on website

Adding a twitter feed makes your website dynamic and visually pleasing. This can also increase traffic to your twitter account. 

5. Pinterest Feed

People go to Pinterest to get inspiration, and users keep posting captivating content. We see a constant flow of content each time we refresh our Pinterest feed. Bring this visually appealing content to your website, and it will change the entire look and feel and give a new look to your web page.

Embedding Pinterest on your website allows you to display your brands interests in the form of Pinterest activities and pins. Sharing visual content can also increase the time spent by a user on your website.

6. TikTok Videos

Adding TikTok videos with user-generated content on your webpages can serve as social proof to promote products and services off your business, especially if you have a younger generation.

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Type of Content You Can Embed From Social Media Feeds

  • User-generated content – You can collect UGC from social media platforms on your website to showcase product used by the real life users.
  • Hashtag: You can fetch hashtag content using social media aggregator and embed hashtag feed right on website. 
  • Mention: When you are a brand active on social media, you likely get mentioned now and then. So why not show that off on your website by curating and embedding a social media mentions feed. 
  • Handle: You can embed social media content from specific user handles or accounts. This is excellent for showcasing a diverse range of brand-related content
  • Videos: Embedding videos from social media platforms is a powerful way to engage your website visitors with multimedia content. You can embed videos from platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok directly onto your website. 

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How To Embed Social Media feeds On Website with Social Media Aggregator?

Following are the steps one must follow to embed social media feeds on your website.

Step:1 Tagbox account: Sign-up with Tagbox in case you are not already and then log- in.

embed social media feed step 1

Step:2 Add Social Media Feed: Choose the “Sources” from where you want to fetch the content.

embed social media feed step 2

Step:3 Enter Relevant Post Type: Enter the post type and click on “Create Feed” button.

  • For example, Instagram you have to choose from hashtags, handles, or stories that you want to display on your website.
  • Similarly for YouTube, you will have to choose from channel URL, keywords or Playlist, etc that you want to display on your website.
embed social media feed step 2

Step:4 Moderation: Filter out the post you don’t want to embed on widget. For this you need to click on “Public” or “Private” Button.

embed social media feed step 3

Step:5 Personalize: You can also manage the theme and customize how the posts will be displayed on your website.

embed social media feed step 4

Step:6 Copy the code: When you done with customizations, you can embed your social media feed. Click the ‘Publish‘ button and click “Copy Code“.

embed social media feed step 5

Step7: Paste the social media embed code: Open the website editor and paste the code at the backend of your website where you want to embed social media feed on website.

embed social media feed step 6

How to Add Social Media Feeds on Different CMS Platforms?

The great thing is that Tagbox’s embed code is compatible with all the popular website builder like:

Note – Tagbox Widget also have easy to use social media WordPress plugin to collect and showcase UGC on different marketing channels.

How to Embed Social Media Feeds on HTML Website?

HTML is a well-organized website platform that is trusted widely by brands. Add social media posts to give your website visitors a reason to stay longer and increase your website’s dwell time.   

Well, here are some easy steps you can follow to embed social media feeds such as Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, etc. on the website using HTML code.

  1. Log in to your HTML website and choose the landing page where you want to embed social media posts
  2. Paste your copied ‘Social Media Feed HTML code’ into the page. 
  3. Apply the changes and embed social feeds on your HTML website. 

How to Add Social Media Feeds on WordPress Website?

It may sound surprising, but WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system, powering more than 28% of the web. Most of the websites are built on WordPress. 

Here are some steps that you can follow to embed social media feeds on your WordPress website:

 Social Media Feeds on WordPress
  • Log in to your WordPress website.
  • Select and edit the web page where you wish to display the social feeds gallery. 
  • Now. Choose the ‘+’ button, select the custom HTML option, paste your embed code and apply changes to display the social media feeds gallery on the WordPress website.

How to Embed Social Media Feeds on Wix Website?

Currently, Wix serves its services to over 110 million users in 190 countries. Adding social media content is easy; you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. After logging into Wix, you will see a ‘+’ button on the left-hand side of the screen in the menu bar; you can add elements to your web pages through this button.
  2. After clicking on the plus button, you will come across the complete list of elements.
  3. Click ‘More’ on the menu and select HTML iframe from the Embeds.
  4. Now enter the social post embed code in the code field, and then click ‘Apply.

How to Display Social Media Feeds on Weebly?

Weebly allows everyone to create a high-quality website with more than 40 million entrepreneurs using Weebly to grow their businesses.

Here is how you can do it effortlessly:

social media feeds on weebly
  1. Drag and drop your elements on Weebly to create your web pages.
  2.  In the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, find the “Embed Code element”. 
  3. Now drag and drop it onto your page where you want to embed a social media feed
  4. When you Drag and Drop the Embed code, click on the HTML box and choose ‘Edit Custom HTML.’
  5. Paste the HTML code to embed Tagbox Social media feed on Weebly Website.
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How to Embed Social Media Feeds on Google Sites?

Google Sites is a website builder containing basic development features. You can use it to create a blog, portfolio or an intranet website for your brand. It is very easy to embed a social media feed on a webpage made by Google sites.

Following are the steps you must follow to do so:

embed social media feeds on google site
  • Log in to your Google Site account.
  • Open the website where you want to add the social media feed.
  • Click on the embed button on the site.
  • Click on the “Embed Code Tab” on the pop- up opened.
  • Enter the Social Media Feed embed code in the text box. 
  • Check the preview displayed on the screen and click “insert” to add the widget on the page.
  • Click “Publish” on the upper right corner to make the feed go live.

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How to Embed Social Media Feeds on Squarespace?

You can add your embed code on web pages using the Embed Blocks. The embed blocks allow you to add social content to your site. You need to add a block on the page or post to embed a Social Media Feed.

Also Read – How to Add Reviews on Squarespace?

embed social media feed on squarespace
  • Open the post editor and click ‘Add Block’
  • Select ‘Embed’ from the menu and click ‘</>’ in the URL field
  • Now paste your social feeds gallery, embed code on that box and click on ‘Set’
  • Now, ‘Apply’ the changes.

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How to Embed Social Media Feeds on Shopify?

Shopify is an ideal platform for E-commerce businesses. Currently, over 600,000 merchants are running their E-commerce business on Shopify.

To add your social media Feed on Shopify,

  • Log in to your Shopify account and click on ‘Online Store’ under the ‘Sales Channels’ section. 
  • Now select the theme from the drop-down list in the sidebar.
  • You will find the ‘Action’ button in your current theme on the right-hand side of the screen; click on it and choose the ‘Edit’ code from the drop-down list.
  • Select Layout/Templates/Section (Eg: For Homepage – Index liquid) where you want to display your Social Media Feed and paste the Copied embed code and click on “Save”.

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Social Media Feeds on Website Examples

  • Instagram Slider Widget: You can go for the slideshow theme when you don’t want to give much of your website space to the social media feed widget. It will take up less space and help you showcase more social media content as the slideshow keeps showcasing new content. Not only that, but it will offer something new to the visitors each time they visit your website.
social media feed example
  • Instagram Hashtag Feeds: Leverage the power of user-generated content by embedding Instagram hashtag feeds on your website. This feature allows you to curate and display posts from Instagram that are associated with specific hashtags. You can select relevant hashtags related to your brand, products, or events. By doing so, you can tap into a broader range of content and engage your website visitors with dynamic and diverse user-generated posts. Hashtag feeds can be used to highlight community engagement, customer experiences, and user interactions with your brand.
Social Media Feeds on Website Examples
  • Video Widget from Youtube & Tiktok: Integrate video widgets into your website to showcase multimedia content from platforms like YouTube and TikTok. These widgets can display a selection of your video uploads or a curated collection of videos from your channel. By embedding videos on your site, you can enrich your content with dynamic visuals, educational content, or entertaining clips. This feature provides an engaging and interactive experience for your website visitors, encouraging them to explore your video library and increasing the time they spend on your site.
social media feed in story widget
  • Carousel widget: Create an engaging and visually appealing website element by incorporating a carousel widget. This widget allows you to display a series of images or posts in a sliding format. You can choose to showcase images from your social media accounts, such as Instagram or Facebook, as well as user-generated content or promotional materials. Your images must be high-resolution to enhance image quality and ensure they captivate and retain your audience’s attention.
  • Brand Mention Feed: Demonstrate your brand’s reach and impact by featuring a brand mention feed on your website. This feed aggregates social media posts, articles, or mentions that reference your brand or products. Highlighting positive mentions and reviews can build trust and credibility among your website visitors. A brand mention feed also serves as a testament to your brand’s reputation and influence within your industry or niche.
  • Footer Feed: Enhance your website’s navigation and visual appeal by placing a social media feed in the footer section. The footer feed is a persistent element that remains at the bottom of your website pages. This allows visitors to access your social media updates, even as they scroll through your site. It offers a subtle but consistent way to keep your audience engaged and informed about your latest social media activity.
  • Sidebar social media feed: Embellish your website by adding the social media feed on your sidebar. It runs alongside your website content vertically, which means that it does not interrupt the website experience, but only enhances it.
example of Social Media Feeds on Website

Choose From The Best Tagbox Themes & Embed Social Media Content

Explore the best theme for your website to embed social media feeds. Add multiple sources on single social media widget.

Modern Card 

This is a contemporary style that makes your feed visually appealing. It displays the posts in a card-like format. Each social media post is present within an outlined card. The card contains the image/ video posted, caption, username and their profile picture. This theme is clear and organized and focuses on the visual content. 

Horizontal Slider

This theme displays the post in a horizontal scrolling format. A visitor can keep scrolling to watch the next post by clicking on the arrows on both sides. This is a perfect theme for the brands willing to save vertical space on their website. It is best suited to show collections of content such as user generated images, series of events, chronological updates, etc.

Single Theme

This theme provides a consistent appearance of the social media feed you embedded. All posts are arranged uniformly in this theme. You can choose the layout as per your website’s aesthetics. It ensures a consistent look across all the posts displayed. 

Gallery Photo

This theme is specifically designed to focus on the visual content. It displays all the posts on your social feed in a gallery- style format emphasizing on videos and photos. A grid or mosaic layout generally used to display the visual content in this theme. This theme is best suited for businesses aiming to prioritize visual content on their social media.

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Now that you know some effective yet simple ways to show your social media feeds on your website, it is time for you to hit the ball straight out of the park concerning user trust, engagement, and conversions. 

Some Marketer Stats Around Social Media Feeds

  1. Posts featuring user-generated content within social media feeds can generate 28% higher engagement than standard brand posts.
  2. About 75% of consumers indicate that user-generated content influences their purchasing decisions more than brand-generated content.
  3. Brands incorporating user-generated content into their social feeds experience a 50% increase in engagement.
  4. Marketers can diversify content by utilizing social media feeds, with 86% of businesses acknowledging the benefits of user-generated content in their strategies.
  5. Brands that integrate user-generated content within their social media feeds often witness a 5-7% increase in click-through rates.
  6. Websites that feature user-generated content on landing pages can see conversion rates increase by up to 10%.
  7. Ads that use user-generated content can reduce the cost per acquisition by up to 50% and the cost per click by up to 5x.
  8. For many brands, Instagram is seen as the most influential social media platform, with over 60% of users discovering new products through the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are social media feeds?

A social media feed is a stream of content displayed on social media, continuously updated by the user. These feeds showcase a sequence of posts in different formats such as text, image or video. A feed contains posts from the user themselves or the people/ account they follow. 

Can I display social media feeds on websites for free?

There are various widgets and plugins that allow you to embed social media feeds on your website. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have official widgets that allow a user to embed their feed on a website. All they have to do is generate a code from the respective developer’s section and add the widget to their website code.

What are some good social media feeds on website examples?

  • Some of the best social media feeds examples are:
  • Slider Widget
  • Footer Feed
  • Carousel Post
  • Hashtags Feed

Can I customize social media widget layouts?

Yes, tools like Tagbox allow you to customize the theme and design of the social media feed. You can choose from various themes such as modern cards, news cards, gallery, horizontal slider, etc.

What is social media WordPress plugin?

A social media WordPress plugin is a software tool that integrates social media content into WordPress websites. It allows users to display, aggregate, or interact with social media content such as posts, feeds, or sharing options directly within their WordPress site, enhancing its social engagement and functionality.


Now that you know some effective yet simple ways to show your social media feeds on your website, it is time for you to hit the ball straight out of the park concerning user trust, engagement, and conversions.