7 Ways to Encourage your Guests to Use your Wedding Hashtag

From celebrity weddings to royal affairs, in this era of social media, everything seems to be happening right within the lengths and breadths of our phone’s screen.  After all, why not! Digital trends have become an integral part of the planning and execution process of all major events of our lives (Minor too, well!). Thus, […]

4 minute read

Display Live Twitter Feed On Events, Websites, Conferences & More

Have you ever been to one of those high-tech events with huge digital displays running live Twitter feeds? Have you wondered how brands fetch Twitter live feed content and showcase it live?  If you are a marketing professional, you already know that Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms that helps brands start […]

17 minute read

Cast Instagram to TV Screens via Hashtags, Mentions or Handles

Wondering how you can cast live Instagram to TV or why you even need to do that in the first place?  We have all the related answers in this blog for you. Social media channels especially Instagram are a hub of creative and exciting content and create new engaging content daily.  Marketers capitalize on this […]

8 minute read

How To Create A Strong Brand Community: Tips And Strategies

Building a solid brand community has become an essential aspect of successful marketing strategies in today’s day and age. Not only does it foster brand loyalty and advocacy, but it also creates a sense of belonging and connection among customers.  In this collective guide, we will delve into the importance of communities, explore practical strategies […]

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Short-Form Video Content : The Ultimate Guide

Statistics show, 68% of the audience today prefers to watch short-form video content as it is not time-consuming. Hence businesses are shifting towards this marketing tactic to market their products and services with more impact. If you want to boost the dwell time of your consumers and engage better with them, then you need to […]

13 minute read

How To Cast TikTok To TV – Best Methods

Talking about the social media platforms that started on the right foot, TikTok hurries on top of that list. Since its birth, TikTok has brought forward novel things and ideas for brands, businesses, and users.  This short video content platform has given its users a free stage where users can create and share short-form videos. […]

9 minute read

Instagram Aggregator- Everything You Must Know About It

Diving into the vast ocean of Instagram and coming out with treasured content, yes this is exactly what an Instagram Aggregator does. It is the high-tech vehicle that drives you fast through the roads of content identification, content curation, content customization, and much more. In the present time when Instagram is a big family of […]

7 minute read

Embed Instagram Slider widget on Your Website for FREE

The Instagram Slider template presents a collection of images and videos within a single post, enabling users to effortlessly swipe through your dynamic content on your website. This provides a captivating method to enhance user engagement and distinguish yourself from the competition—ideal for business owners seeking to make a lasting impression! Over 200 million users […]

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Event Marketing Guide 2024: Tips, Tools and Trends

Here we bring you a complete event marketing guide for 2024 that goes beyond just suggesting marketing solutions & strategies.  As in this guide, we will discuss the current event marketing trends, the challenges event marketers or event planners face nowadays, solutions to these event problems & moreover, and suggest some event marketing strategies for […]

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