Instagram Stories For Business In 2021

The world rejoiced when Instagram introduced a relatively new feature- Instagram Stories. Why relatively new? Simply because it was never seen before on Instagram but, users had experienced something similar on Snapchat. Stories have eventually made their place on Instagram and raised the bar for businesses and marketers to upgrade their efforts to another level. […]

14 minute read

Twitter Ticker: How Brands Can Use It

Do you find the news ticker (A crawler with the latest news running in the top or bottom of news channels’ screen) interesting? Do they grab your attention and entice you to read them? If Yes, you may already agree with their effectiveness in increasing viewers’ engagement on screen. In a manner, Twitter Ticker are […]

9 minute read

Instagram Aggregator- Everything You Must Know About It

Diving into the vast ocean of Instagram and coming out with treasured content, yes this is exactly what an Instagram Aggregator does. It is the high-tech vehicle that drives you fast through the roads of content identification, content curation, content customization, and much more. In the present time when Instagram is a big family of […]

7 minute read

Twitter Aggregator – What It Is & How To Use It For Marketing

Twitter feeds aggregator or Twitter hashtag aggregator are synonyms of one tool, commonly popular as Twitter Aggregator.  As Twitter has a large number of active users among other social media platforms, it is a clear indication that the users constantly produce vast amounts of customer-created content.  It is hence making Twitter into a gigantic platform […]

7 minute read

Hashtag Campaign Guide: A Smart Strategy For Smart Marketers

The dawn of social media marketing and the vast customer base that it facilitates makes it crucial for the brands to build their presence online and connect with the audience. To achieve this, initiating and modulating social media interactions by using #hashtags are a viable option. Adding a hashtag to any content, collecting information, driving […]

15 minute read

Social Media Battle of the Brand Fans 2021

Knowing about the big battle of fame between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, the world is now aware of battles between brands, known or unknown. There always exist standoffs between huge brands to win over the market and enwrap customer allegiance. Talking about the past decades, we have seen many battle of the brand fans and their […]

7 minute read

A Guide to Social Media War Room in 2021

When social media join hands with technology, the marketing world experiences great innovations, and that is why brands have been trying their luck in diverse Social Media Marketing tactics to get the attention of their potential audience.  Be it keeping an eye on new trends, political campaigns, performing competitors analysis, sentiment analysis, and more; brands […]

8 minute read

Social Media Listening: What, Why and How to Do It

Do you think of your audience or try to listen to them before making any decision, or Do you try to solve their issues? Well, the list of such questions ends here as some more questions need to be answered. Therefore this brings us to the concept of “Social Media Listening.” In this blog, we will […]

7 minute read

Strategies To Boost Social Media Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations

Often with small teams and marginal resources, nonprofit organizations are struggling with the challenges of boosting awareness for raising funds and activating donors. These organizations are always in search of a way to garner more support from people worldwide. The restricted sources of social media marketing for nonprofit organizations is accountable for inadequate funding which […]

10 minute read