Holiday Marketing With UGC That Ring Jingles Of Success

If anyone asks you what is the best time to get going with your best...

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Holiday Marketing With UGC That Ring Jingles Of Success

If anyone asks you what is the best time to get going with your best marketing strategy?  Tell them its when people are in the holiday mood and are looking to spend their money on products & services. That’s what December does to people – the holiday mood, Christmas, New year, boxing day sales, etc. As a marketer, you don’t … Read More

UGC platform

A Guide To User-Generated Content Platform For Marketers

Have you noticed that lately, User-generated content has become a hype in the digital marketing industry?  The emergence of social media platforms with constantly evolving features & ease of use along with the growing number of active social users (almost half of the world) is resulting in massive user-generated content creation. Marketers have identified an opportunity to leverage User-Generated Content … Read More

social media digital signage

Social Media Digital Signage: What, Why, How, & Where

The terms social media marketing and offline advertising have been in existence for quite some time now with marketers heavily relying on social media for advertising & marketing contrastingly declining reliance on offline channels.  As social media networks have grown their influence on the billions of users and millions of brands globally and offline channels have seen diminishing returns.  But … Read More

UGC marketing

User-Generated Content & The Hospitality Industry: An Incredible Marketing Strategy

The hospitality industry is majorly consumer-centric, where the success of the business is dependent on the experiences and satisfaction of the customers with a business. Therefore, it becomes essential that hospitality marketing is also focusing on delivering value and motivational elements to the consumers that will drive consumers to the business.  So, let’s understand what Hospitality marketing is, How User-generated … Read More

halloween marketing campaigns

Amazing Halloween Marketing Campaigns With Creative Ideas

“Magic Of The Night, Pumpkins Glow By Moonlight” Halloween – a celebration of haunting emotions filled with excitement & creativity, is the start to a long festive season where the buzz around shopping, holidays, travel, family reunion, and most importantly – gift sharing & experiences is rising high among the people.  This season presents a perfect opportunity for marketers to … Read More

digital out of home

Digital Out Of Home Advertising (DOOH) – The Future of Outdoor Media

Ad agencies and brands have made huge investments in their marketing budgets on billboards, hoardings, posters, and other forms of outdoor advertising a decade ago.  But the digital advancements, technological developments, and growth of social media influence have resulted in challenging this traditional Out-of-Home Advertising in recent years.  What is Out-of-Home advertising?  Out-of-Home advertising is a traditional form of offline … Read More

digital signage content times square

Incredible Digital Signage Content Ideas To Boost Audience Engagement

Digital Signage Displays are incredible tools that have been attracting immense focus in the marketing world to skyrocket user engagement and communication. Keeping that in mind, today, we are sharing the best digital signage content ideas for every industry! Though they are highly effective in grabbing the audience’s attention in the first sight yet what keeps the audience engaging with … Read More

Twitter Marketing Strategies: A Holistic Guide For Marketers In 2019

With 326 million people using Twitter every month, it has been an important and very essential part of the marketing strategies of brands these days. The marketing world is a really dynamic one where marketers constantly fight to ace out each other and get the “bigger piece of the pie”. Twitter marketing is a huge piece of that pie we … Read More

photo booth

Event Photo Booths – Ideas, Tips, and Tricks to Make Them More Efficient

Photos have a huge sentimental value attached to them that makes them special. Photos are something that we click when we feel there is a trigger to our emotional quotient, like anything that excites us, makes us happy, or any special event and event organizers from all around the world are using event photo booths for the leveraging this excitement … Read More

In-Store Marketing Ideas To Enhance User Trust

Presently, the marketing world is buzzing all about how to grow the digital consciousness of your brand through various social media marketing techniques. It is very easy to get swept in the swirl i.e. online marketing. Online marketing might seem a more lucrative and convenient option but if you’re a brand with a physical store, then in-store marketing is as … Read More