Social Media Wall Ideas for Church: Boost Community Building with Social Content

Churches across the globe share one common objective; that is to boost their community. The more the people stay active with a church’s activities, the more lively its community would be. Social media channels serve as an excellent platform for this community building since people love to be a part of online communities. In addition, […]

9 minute read

Kansas City University Celebrated Commencement with Hybrid Event Social Wall

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity”. Kansas City University is a 100-year-old private medical university that aids in the growth of humanity as a whole. They wanted to amplify this humane approach by showcasing the joyous feelings of graduates from the “Class of 2022” through a social […]

5 minute read

Influencer Marketing Guide 2022: Insights, Ideas, And Platforms

Social media platforms and influencers go hand-hand in current times. We all know how brand promotions on social media platforms take a different turn as influencers glide in. Now, why is that?  Influencers are people with a good fan base or followers on social media platforms. These fans often make their lifestyle decisions as per […]

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