Event Planning Checklist: A Beginners’ Helpbook

Organizing an event can be an exciting, rewarding experience but also stressful and overwhelming.  Whether planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, there are countless details to consider and tasks to complete to ensure everything runs smoothly.  From creating a budget, selecting a venue, managing vendors, and coordinating logistics, event planning can be complex […]

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Ascend’s #FoundersBash Boost Event Engagement With Taggbox Social Wall

On September 15, 2022, Ascend. VC, organized Founders Bash 2022, a one-day event that welcomed founders, investors & entrepreneurs from all spheres of business. The in-person event in Seattle turned out to be a hit with the Taggbox Social Media Wall. Here’s what the client has to say about Taggbox: View this post on Instagram […]

4 minute read

User-Generated Content vs. Influencer-Generated Content – What is the Difference?

In recent years, user-generated content and influencer-generated content have become essential to businesses’ marketing plans. The impact that they have created for brands and businesses is unparalleled.  As marketers, we must dig a little deeper and learn about them separately and comparatively. As we go further, we shall understand both these concepts and recognize why […]

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Your Guide To Bring QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns

Marketing has undergone a significant transition. It is no longer limited to conventional techniques. Instead, everything is just a scan away. QR codes have played an influential part in this drastic change.  QR codes make the process swift, instant, and error-free. In addition, customers get access to complete information through QR codes. One can make […]

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16 Best Event Activation Ideas For All Type Of Events In 2023

You have organized an event and covered all the areas for a successful one. However, marketing your brand the right way is crucial as people need to know what your event is all about. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to this area. This task becomes a lot easier and result-proof through brilliant event […]

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Social Media Wall Ideas for Church: Boost Community Building with Social Content

Churches across the globe share one common objective; that is to boost their community. The more the people stay active with a church’s activities, the more lively its community would be. Social media channels serve as an excellent platform for this community building since people love to be a part of online communities. In addition, […]

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Kansas City University Celebrated Commencement with Hybrid Event Social Wall

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity”. Kansas City University is a 100-year-old private medical university that aids in the growth of humanity as a whole. They wanted to amplify this humane approach by showcasing the joyous feelings of graduates from the “Class of 2022” through a social […]

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Influencer Marketing Guide 2023: Insights, Ideas, And Platforms

Social media platforms and influencers go hand-hand in current times. We all know how brand promotions on social media platforms take a different turn as influencers glide in. Now, why is that?  Influencers are people with a good fan base or followers on social media platforms. These fans often make their lifestyle decisions as per […]

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