Deliver A Personalised Website Experience

Deliver A Personalised Website Experience

Create, Curate and Customize User-Generated Content from various platforms to incorporate in your website. Utilize exquisite UGC platform to build brand trust, drive user engagement and optimize conversion rates.

Unique Ways to Enrich Customer Experience with UGC on Website

Enrich your customers with appealing and influential user generated content throughout your website to provide authenticity and reliability.

Home Page

Let your existing users influence the potential customers through UGC from social media or directly on your homepage with SnapUp to improve brand affinity, credibility and conversion rates. Let the brand speak for itself with authentic user generated content. This is a unique way to portray brand value and authenticity towards your customers to keep them engaged from the very beginning.

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Review Page

Showcase users’ unbiased experience-based content cumulatively on your review page to enhance visitor experience, engagement and reduce purchase anxiety. Dedicating a web page for audience generated content is the perfect way to provide your customers with an appropriate research platform amongst other advantages. Take full advantage of experience based content to allow new visitors a reason to create a positive perception.

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Form Captions

Make UGC a part of your page titles to better attract the attention of your existing and potential audience, drive inspiration, and boast brand advocacy. Customize authentic UGC as captions to display throughout your website for enhanced attraction. Give your website strength and power to influence customers with inspiring content that holds real value to the brand and enhances brand goodwill in the eyes of customers.

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Careers Page

Employee generated content and testimonials on the careers page can help you in attracting potential talent, showcasing work environment, and brand positioning. Add content created from your employees to showcase reliability and attract appropriate capabilities. Take advantage of this new and intriguing strategy to market your brand and extend brand positioning with enhanced talent acquisition amongst portraying real working experience.

Hashtag Campaign

Category Page

Make your category web pages stand out by providing your potential users with relevant existing customer based content creatively for a hassle free purchase experience. Improve customers' website experience with providing relevant content and reduce their efforts in research and eventually making a decision in favor of the brand. Integrate admissible content in the category page for giving your customers a nudge towards a favorable outcome.

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Feature Sliders

Incorporate visuals, reviews, testimonials and ratings in carousels to imbibe inspiration in visitors. Allow customers authority over what they see by adding creative carousels to enhance user trust and engagement. By featuring sliders throughout the website, brands provide customers with significant easy to read content which reduces the risk of cart abandonment, alters brands’ perception and the impact hence generated.

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How Taggbox Makes It Happen


Collect content from more than 15 social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc and select the source of collection like hashtags, handle, mentions, etc.

The tool wil automatically fetch all the authentically generated content across these platforms.

Collect UGC

Moderate the aggregated content either manually or via an automated filteration process to showcase only brand appropriate content.

Customise the look of your wall with themes, layouts, designs and branding elements and align it with the the brand's aesthetics.

curate display
03Get Rights

With Taggbox Display Studio, you can seamlessly showcase a mix of content together along with your social wall.

Integrate apps, visulas, files, and other kinds of content together in a customized format.


Once your wall is ready, display it anywhere on any screen, be it; digital signages, TVs, jumbotrons, projectors, etc., to attract the attention of the viewers, keeping them engaged and upscale your business.


Increase Your User Experience By Offering Review & Visual SnapUp

Maximize opportunities by offering on-site visual uploads with just one click. Curate, customize and showcase relevant content on your website effortlessly.

UGC Rights
Bring The Taggbox Magic To Your Website

Scale website engagement & drive conversions with user-generated content.

Why Integrate UGC On Web Pages?

Enhance Visitors' Engagement
Enhance Visitors' Engagement

Brand engagement rise by 33% when consumers are exposed to a mix of user and brand-generated content.

“South Star boosts 28% higher engagement rate with live hashtag feed on website”

Impress. Inspire. Convert
Boost Credibility & Authority

Incorporate UGC given by your users to imbibe transparency and ease purchase anxiety of your prospects. Infact, 60% of consumers prefer websites which have customer experience.

Enhance Visitors' Engagement
Increase Dwell Time

Dwell time plays a big role in the successful SEO strategy. Leverage UGC to showcase product usage, features, results, etc., and convince potential users to check your brand out. It fulfills their visual appetite.

Impress. Inspire. Convert
Impress. Inspire. Convert

Create an impactful first-impression by showcasing authenticity and credibility to the visitors. Brands that featured UGC on webpages saw a conversion rate of over 50%.

“Eureka Street Furniture gains 15% more revenue with visual UGC galleries on website”

Our Client Success Story

  • ISOLATED Talks Got 46% More Engagement on #Sunday7Social

    ISOLATED Talks Got 46% More Engagement on #Sunday7Social

    ISOLATED Talks- a charity radio talk show to support mental health and well-being used Taggbox Widget for their hashtag campaign #Sunday7Social, an online music listening event, to drive audience engagement

    They aggregated and embedded real-time UGC on their website to gain support. When they featured content generated by #Sunday7Social on their website, it boosted their engagement by 46% and evoked the audience’s emotions.

    View Full Case Study
  • Warner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For Website Warner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For Website

    Warner Bros's Website Featured #MMKOLLECTIVE Live Hashtag Feed

    Mortal Kombat launched Mortal Kombat 11, the latest version of the award-winning fighter series, providing a more personalized and deeper experience with all new 'Custom Character Variation' system.

    Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment announced the relaunch of MK Kollective, a digital hub for it’s fans, creators and community members to showcase real and innovative content related to Mortal Kombat franchise.

    View Full Case Study

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