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What Is A Gym & Fitness Social Media Wall?

Gym Social Media Wall

Social Wall is an easy-to-use tool to collect content from endless social & review platforms and display it across marketing touchpoints like Digital Signage, permanent displays, virtual events, hybrid events, and more.

So, be it your members' gym selfies, fitness regimes, client testimonials or motivations, showcase it boundlessly wherever you like with the responsive social wall.

Create Engaging Gym & Fitness Social Wall With Private & Social Content

Discover our ABSolute range of Social Walls like Hashtag Wall, Visual UGC Wall, SnapUp, client reviews, internal communications, etc. with sources like SnapUp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google and 15 more to create engaging and diverse Social Walls.

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5-Steps To The Ideal Social Wall

01Discover & Collect

Discover the inspiring fitness content on 20 social & review platforms and collect them with robust content aggregation.

Collect UGC for GYM
02Moderate & Curate

Use the advanced moderation feature to filter out irrelevant content & share content that pushes your audience to sweat!

curate UGC
03Design & Personalize

Use customization features like banner, background, themes & more to create a social wall that depicts your brand story.

Design & Personalize UGC for GYM
04Display At Scale

Deliver inspiration at scale by displaying your gym social wall at fitness events and your fitness club digital screens.

display your gym social wall
05Measure & Analyse

Analyse your fitness social wall know who you inspired to start a fitness journey & find your best content contributor.

Analyse fitness social wall
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Benefits Of Having The Social Wall At Your Gym

Social Wall At Gym

Inspire & Engage Fitness Journey

Share inspiring social content on your gym social wall. Share fitness journeys, motivational videos and fitness regimes with your members to engage and inspire them to reach their fitness goals and improve their overall experience.

Build Trust & Gain Persistent Clients

Harness the power of user-generated content at your fitness club. Bring relatability by incorporating your customers' real-life experiences on the social wall with visual UGC or testimonials and builds trust to gain persistent clients.

Turn Members Into Gym Ambassadors

Bring spotlight to your clients with the social wall; turn them into your brand ambassadors. Encourage social proof in your clients so that more customers create content for you. Build a brand that keeps its customers front and centre.

Increase Gym Membership & Conversions

Make the most of the exciting features the engaging social wall offers. Create vibrant displays and unforgettable fitness experiences that attract more members, help customer retention and boost the overall conversion rate.

Stand Out Features That Turn Fitness Journeys Into Social Wall Stories

Unique Themes
Unique Themes

Explore unique themes offered by Taggbox to create a fitness social wall that stands out. Themes like Hue Card, Mashup, Polaroid, etc., enable you to provide a unique display experience to your audience.

Endless Customizations
Endless Customizations

Customization features like banner, background, card style, colours, fonts, etc., to make the most out of your Social wall and redesign it to match your brand's theme to create an impeccable brand image.


Social Wall is your canvas; choose posts you want to showcase to your audience & filter out the ones you would rather hide. Use auto-moderation filters or manually moderate the content & deliver quality.


Allow your gym members to give instant feedback or upload UGC to the social wall by scanning the QR code on display & posting directly from their smartphones, eliminating the need for social media platforms.

Profanity Filters
Profanity Filters

Turning the Profanity filter on enables you to block obscene content on the spot from your gym social wall. It operates on our preset word database to filter out embarrassing content and discards it automatically.

Performance Analytics
Performance Analytics

Measure the success of Social Wall at your gym premises or fitness event. Get detailed analytics to measure the social wall's performance, track customer sentiments, & find your most influential contributors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Social Media Wall Can Work for Gyms?

Social Wall lets you collect your preferred content from diverse social & review platforms that you can curate and showcase on any screen or venue. Strategically incorporating the social wall at your gym can help to boost customer engagement, build trust among prospects, encourage customer loyalty, increase gym memberships and more.

Can I Display Customer Reviews on Gym Social Wall?

Yes, you can easily display customer reviews on the gym's social wall. Social Wall lets users fetch reviews from platforms like Google My Business and Facebook. So if your customers have posted their reviews on these platforms, you can easily connect your Social Wall with them, and it will easily fetch all the reviews in real-time that you can showcase at your gym to boost credibility.

How to Display Youtube Videos On Social Media Wall?

Social Wall offers multiple ways to fetch and display YouTube videos on the social wall. You can explore options like Channel URL, Shorts, Playlist, Keywords, Location and more to curate an entertaining social wall with YouTube videos.

How One Can Use SnapUp Feature at a Gym?

Social Wall users can enable the SnapUp feature from the “Add Feed” option on the Social Wall dashboard. The SnapUp feature opens up many possibilities for gym owners to collect UGC. Users can scan the QR code displayed on the social wall and upload images and videos from their devices. It eliminates social media and keeps your gym members’ privacy intact.

How to Promote Gym Offers/Discounts with Social Media Walls?

You can explore two methods to promote your gym offers and discounts with the social wall.

  • Collect and display offer/discount related social posts from your social account on the social wall.
  • Use the announcement feature from the in-built Studio to announce the offer/discount among your gym members.
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