Filter Content With Advanced Moderation

Create maximum impact and get user engagement by moderating & displaying the premium, useful, & relevant content using Taggbox Moderation & Advanced Content Filtering

Why Use Taggbox Moderation & Advanced Filtering

Content on social media digital platforms is raw, unfiltered, and diverse. Moderation & filtering will ensure you to supervise & align content with your brand objectives & campaigns.


Complete Control Over The Content

There's noting like having full control over your campaign and that too in real-time. Yes! Easily review your collected & curated user-generated posts and choose which posts (content) you want to show and which one you want to remove or hide from your campaigns.


Hassle-Free Management With Auto-Moderation

Along with rigourous manual moderation, you can even automate the moderation & filteration process to remove the hassle of constantly managing your posts. Based on your automatic moderation specifics, the platform will automatically apporve or reject posts & content


Custom Modeation Logics For Content

The custom rule creation for content filtering provides you the option to restrict or block content based on Users, Handle, Social Network, Words, Hashtags, etc. This makes it easy for you to refine your content quality and sources leading to engaging and useful content.


Profanity & Spam Filters

Enabling profanity and spam filters will allow you to ensure that you are not collecting and curating profane, abusive, and sexual content on your social walls and social media feeds. So, display only the best content to your audience that upllifts your brand image rather than hampering it.

Get More Out of Your Content With Taggbox

Explore more scalable and robust features that can immensely escalate your campaign performance and drive beneficial returns

Website Embed

Build Creative Feeds

Create your engaging and intriguing social media feeds, shoppable galleries, & social walls with different layout options, embed themes, color styles, banner, content styling, etc.


UGC Rights Management

Leverage user-generated content in your marketing campaigns legally and rightfully without any legal implications by getting rights to your valuable user-generated content

In-store Displays

Instant Content Updates

Get automatic and instant content updates to your feed from your connected social media accounts. It gives you & your audience the access to fresh, unique, & updated content.


Generate Reports With Analytics

Use the robust analytics integrated with the platform to generate reports about your content's performance like active users, views, engagement, content cloud, & more

Hashtag Campaigns

Fast & Responsive Design

A fast & responsive design powered by seamless performance and integration of your UGC campaigns featuring hundreds of posts, visual content, multiple social media feeds, and more.

API Projects

Create Custom CSS

Get access to custom CSS features that gives you limitless possibilities to personalize your campaigns. So, easily & creatively turn your ideas into a reality and reap the benefits of it.

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