Plan Your Holiday Content Marketing Strategies

Show-off reliability with User-generated content this festive season. Plan your holiday marketing strategies with Taggbox and watch your sales conquer it all.

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How Taggbox can help you?

01Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags spread like wildfire giving us tremendous reach. Taste the pumpkins of success by getting into the holiday spirit and inspire the audience with UGC.

Hashtag Campaign for Holidays

Achieve better engagement, leads, & conversions by displaying a holiday vibe on your web pages. Make the perfect first impression on visitors' minds using UGC

Embed Holiday Content On Your Website
03Digital Screens

People love discounts. Display UGC and Cyber Monday offer on digital signages, in-store displays, LED TVs, etc. to inspire and excite users for the holidays.

Display Holiday Content on Digital Screens
04Email Campaign

Communicate about extended and early bird holiday offers through your email campaign. Spark interest in potential clients and urge them to convert using UGC.

Holiday UGC on Email Campaigns
05Social Ads

Achieve improved brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions by simply adding UGC to your social ads. Create impactful ads and boost holiday excitement.

Powerful Social Ads for Holiday Marketing

Level up your eCommerce storefront with relevant and relatable content. Empower them with the festive spirit to ignite viewers’ interest, excitement, and joy.

Holiday Marketing Content for ecommerce
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Benefits of User-Generated Content for Holiday Marketing

User-Generated Content for Holiday Marketing
Boosts Brand Awareness

72% of people love to see what others have to say, they trust their raw opinions. With your Black Friday offers & UGC spread the word about your brand.

Builds Better Connections

Tap into your users' holiday spirit, and allow 88% of your audience to connect with your brand through existing customers' honest reviews and visuals.

Delivers Engaging Content

Scare away the shopping barriers with UGC and display social content across multiple channels to give your audience engagement treats this holiday season.

Shows Social Proof

92% of customers trust UGC. By leveraging UGC across diverse marketing touchpoints, let your existing audience inspire and convert potential leads.

Holiday Campaign Timeline

Enterprise Ready

Turn shoppers into lifetime customers by creating a buzz about your exciting deals. Shorten the sales funnel, give early-bird offers, and provide after-sale services to urge them to keep coming back & build a loyal customer base.

Campaign Customization

During the holiday sale, make the most of last-minute purchases by igniting urgency. Add Taggbox's gamification elements like Countdowns & QR codes to grab instant attention & cater to impulsive shopping with enticing offers.

Strategic Onboarding

Ask for user feedback, build your community by creating a sense of FOMO, & leverage your campaigns on multiple channels. Content creation is easy with UGC, repurpose this not only during the holidays but afterward as well.

Advance Social Wall Insights

Filter out your most active audience and make them your brand's voice.

Analyse your Holiday Markeitng Campaigns

Most Active Creators

Learn about your most active users from any campaign or social platform and connect with them easily.

Download Attendees Data

Directly export data in .CSV or PDF format and leverage it further for your marketing campaigns.

Connect with The Best Creators/Influencers

Recognise the most influential creators, generate networking opportunities, build communities and target brand growth with the insightful analytics derived.

Level up your Holiday Campaign with UGC!

Harness the power of leveraging UGC. Discover Taggbox deals and win over your audience with authenticity!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we use user-generated holiday content?

Leverage UGC on multiple marketing touchpoints like website, social media, etc. Display them on digital signages, event screens, etc. Run email and hashtag campaigns with UGC all at one place- Taggbox!

What are some best Christmas content ideas?

First and foremost add a Christmas theme to your website and packaging. Host fun gifting campaigns, giveaways, contests, and search hunts. Offer vouchers, redeemable points, deals, etc. And most importantly, leverage UGC to encourage people to buy.

How to boost Blackfriday sales using UGC?

Add a countdown for your Black Friday offers, trigger urgency with compelling CTA, allow pre-ordering at discounted prices, build the suspense of upcoming sales, and establish an “exclusive” feeling.

Can we use UGC in Thanksgiving celebrations?

Yes, your can share images of people having Thanksgiving dinner, messages of people and what they are thankful for, or display BTS scenes of holiday preparations.

Can we display Discounts/Offers using Taggbox Social Wall (Display)?

Yes, you can display discounts/offers using Taggbox display. Create social walls by leveraging authentic UGC and add your discounts. Additionally, use Studio and add gamification elements to boost engagement. Here’s how!

How to make a new year celebration memorable?

Allow your audience to purchase meaningful gifts at discounted prices, display user-generated content in new year events, digital signages, website, and multiple marketing touchpoints to build excitement and upscale conversions.

Can I aggregate holiday content from different platforms simultaneously?

Yes, with Taggbox you can aggregate holiday content from multiple platforms and curate numerous social walls.

How to track holiday campaign performance?

Use the Taggbox Analytics feature to get detailed insights about how your audience is behaving with your social wall or widget. With this feature, you get a number of visits, impressions, posts, sentiment analysis, and much more.