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Holiday Marketing With User-generated Content That Brings In Success

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User-Generated Content (UGC) and the holiday season go hand in hand just like witches and their broomsticks. 

This time of the year, people go crazy with their spending. They go on shopping sprees and purchase gifts for their loved ones. This is the time of the year when brands get their festive content in action.

A study revealed that 85% of people trust UGC more than any other marketing content that brands deliver during the holiday season. 

To get the maximum results, brands need User-generated Content (UGC). Continue reading to find excellent solutions to ring the holiday marketing jingles and grab users’ attention. 

Holiday Marketing & User-Generated Content

Holidays are a leisure time for people to meet or reunite with their family, friends, and relatives. They share gifts, and greetings, buy products, go for experiences, and much more. 

Brands & marketers are also on their toes with their traditional marketing efforts like SMS, Emails, Hoardings, TV & Social Media Advertisements to attract & engage these potential customers. 

But these traditional marketing methods have proven to be ineffective and damaging for the brands. Thus, there comes the need for a marketing strategy that engages and entertains people.

User-generated content on Social media is that opportunity. All these holiday activities ignite emotions of joy, love, and happiness in people that they showcase through their social media profiles & content. 
Now, for marketers, it is an opportunity to use this valuable user-generated content in their marketing to build social proof, drive engagement, and increase conversion rate.

In this beautiful campaign by UPS, they created a hashtag campaign called #WishesDelivered, where the customers were asked to share their stories of gifts or products received during the holiday season on social media with this hashtag. 

These stories were also displayed on the UPS website to drive engagement & build social proof

You can also create amazing holiday marketing campaigns powered by UGC around it, using Taggbox to build trust, engagement, and conversions.

Empower User-Generated Content in Holiday Marketing

How Does Taggbox Boost Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns?

Till now, hashtag campaigns & user-generated content campaigns have been restricted to social media. But now, Taggbox lets you unlock that potential and reach out to consumers with a holistic marketing approach. 

Taggbox helps marketers increase user engagement, build trust, and grow conversions with solutions to discover curate, and display all the relevant & valuable user-generated content across all marketing touchpoints.
UGC tools like Taggbox can gather all your earned user-generated content around Christmas & the holiday season that is valuable to your brand. You can display it on any marketing channel – be it a website, Email, Social ads, Digital Signage, Event, and many more.

How To Use Taggbox For Christmas & Holiday Marketing

#1 For Website – Delight Your Visitors

Your business website is your online portfolio where the consumers come with the intent or interest to explore & get to know more about your brand.

UGC on website

Now, if you have brought them to your website with investments & effort, it is essential to give a delightful website experience that leads to conversions. Taggbox Widget helps in displaying the diverse UGC around holidays & Christmas by embedding a UGC Gallery Widget on your website. 

This interactive, attractive, and engaging UGC Gallery Widget can help website visitors to explore what people have to say about your products or services, how they are using your products, their experiences, what they are buying, and much more. 
It will create a delightful user experience where they will get both entertainment and information from the Social Widgets that will build social proof and help you increase website engagement & conversions.

#2 In Events – Engage Your Audience

The holiday season and events are a perfect combination. As soon as December starts, so do the events. Be it office parties, year-end celebrations, weddings, Christmas events, and many more.

Now, these events range from small-scale limited to a house parties to large-scale with thousands of audience members. But one thing that is similar among all these events is a lot of photos, videos, and maybe even social interactions using hashtags.

For any event manager or planner, it is a comprehensive task to make the Event interesting and engaging for the audience to make it successful & memorable.

Taggbox Display serves that purpose perfectly where you can display all the relevant UGC – be it photos, videos, or anything shared by the in-event audience or social media users about the Event.

Remax Ultimate Using Taggbox Social Wall for Xmas Party

Display the social wall for Events to encourage the audience to participate, share photos, gamify the experience, extDisplay the social wall for Events to encourage the audience to participate, share photos, gamify the experience, extended interactions, contests, and much more. You need a display screen of any size, a Taggbox display account, and a fantastic audience to create an exemplary (Christmas) event.

#3 For Ecommerce Stores- Shoppable UGC

Looking for the ultimate solution to shoot up your holiday sales? Turn your customers' holiday purchases into an inspiration for your potential customers to make seamless purchases with you.

Shoppable UGC on Website

When your customers buy and post about your products on social media, you can collect that user-generated content and add it to your online store as a Shoppable UGC Gallery. 

Taggbox Commerce offers product hotspots, with the help of which you can tag the products in the UGC gallery as Shoppable.

This feature makes it easier for your eCommerce store visitors to make direct buying decisions from the UGC Gallery without having to go through your entire store, offering them the perfect social shopping experience.

#4 In Emails – Christmas Goodies & Greetings

An excellent Christmas email campaign is a must during the festive season as the sale starts. As a marketer, the goal should be to create email marketing that is more valuable, interactive, and trustful and not just promotional. 

UGC in Email Campaigns

Email marketing facts state that 20% of all holiday sales are triggered by email marketing. As email is like having personalized communication with your users and building meaningful relationships.

Taggbox Widget can help you drive your user engagement & conversions during this holiday season effectively & efficiently by empowering your email marketing with UGC feeds and galleries that will also build trust & encourage communication.

The UGC feeds in email campaigns would be engaging and inspirational for the users, which will improve your click-through rate as ads with UGC get five times higher click-through rates. It might as well activate your abandoned carts, help you reduce customer waiting time, create actionable cold emails, and much more!

#5 Digital Out-of-Home Displays – Boost Holiday Sales Instantly

Digital Out-of-Home Displays is an umbrella term covering digital signage & public displays. DOOH displays are an amazing marketing solution that isn’t fully leveraged by brands to attract & engage audiences.

Digital Out-of-Home Displays

Especially during the holiday season, people are going out more often than usual, which increases the chances of exposure & engagement. Around Christmas, people intent to shop & leisure outdoor experiences with their family & friends. 

Now, it becomes necessary to reach out to audiences in these public spaces like the city centre, Shopping malls, Christmas markets, etc., for awareness, exposure, offer promotions, and boost sales. 

With Taggbox Display, you can create your custom social media digital signage with a perfect blend of user-generated content & promotional content to lure customers to your brand and convert them to sales. 

The setup is easy, quick, and hassle-free management with no requirement of sophisticated technical knowledge.

#6 In-Store Displays – Uplift Your Sales

Like digital displays, you can also install in-store marketing displays to engage the consumers and uplift your sales. Showcase a live hashtag feed display on your In-store digital displays to extract maximum benefits.

In-store UGC Digital Sinages.jpg

These benefits include advertising new product launches, attracting & engaging the audience, building trust with user-generated content, highlighting holiday offers, and rewarding new customers by featuring them on the social wall.

It is an excellent upselling solution that you can install near the checkout counter to give an extra push to your existing holiday sales. Not only that, allow your customers to shop the look through Taggbox commerce, where you can showcase the “Shop The Look” galleries on your in-store displays. 

Easily create your social wall, customize it to provide a holiday store theme, add shoppable links to the UGC posts, integrate promotional announcements & offers, and display that effectively in your store.

#7 Digital Signage- Gain Your Customer Attention

You can install digital signage in your stores, holiday events, etc. to engage the users. These signages showcase social media feeds, hashtag feeds, and much more. These displays help in delivering live and real-time updated feeds to attract users’ attention, extract maximum results, and eventually uplift sales. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Advertising about new product launches. 
  • Attracting new audiences by displaying their content and engaging with them. 
  • Building trust with the authenticity and credibility that UGC brings 
  • Highlight holiday offers to get maximum sales. 
  • Rewarding and giving users’ the attention they need by featuring them on the digital signage. 

This is an instant solution to your pain points and gives the users an extra push towards conversion. You can aggregate content and display them without any coding expertise using the Taggbox widget. Curate your wall easily, customize and moderate it, s


These were some of the best uses of Taggbox you can make in your marketing campaigns this holiday season across diverse marketing channels. 

Like people, the Holiday season, especially Christmas, is the best time for brands to increase their revenue and boost profits by leveraging consumer behavior around this time. 

Taggbox is the ultimate solution that can help you execute actionable marketing strategies, making it effective & efficient to reach the audience, engage them, and drive conversions.

Leverage The Power of UGC in Your Holiday Marketing