Virtual Events X Social Media

Empower your Virtual Event's audience engagments, scalability, & experience by integrating social media feed in
your event video stream using Taggbox Content Play

Possibilites With Taggbox Social Media Feeds For Virtual Events

Display Real-Time Ticker With Live Stream

Allow the virtual event attendees and audiences to share their ideas, opinions, and feedback in real-time and display it with a dynamic & responsive ticker on your Live streaming screen

Embed User-Generated Content With Virtual Events

Collect and curate valuable user-generated content relating to your event from social media platforms into a feed and embed that feed creatively on landing pages or along with your virtual event stream

Social Media Feeds For Virtual Venues

Display virtual activations & signages across your virtual event venues to delight & engage audience with engaging & informative social media content or use it to display sponsored content.

Interactive Virtual Event Experiences

Solutions to Infuse Social Media Superpowers Into Virtual Events & Live Stream

Play Video

Designed For Different Industries & Virtual Event Categories

Digital Conferences

Organize and execute keynote sessions, networking, meetings, conferences, seminar, etc. with more interactive and engaging streaming possibilities

Virtual Corporate Events

Make your digital corporate events more informative & result-driven powered by content shared from stakeholders, managers, team leaders, or even the employees


Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Leverage content play with virtual trade shows to understand about the audience sentiments, gain feedback, and capture leads for your brand

Virtual Concerts

Let users share their experineces, make them engage with the performers, and much more to make your digital concerts more exciting and entertaining leading to max. audience & engagements

Institutional Events

Make your Institutional event immensely interactive, engaging, and scalable allowing the speaker or tutors to connect with attendees through transparent & effective communication using content play with live stream


Promotional Events

Empower your promotional efforts to gain maximum positive outcomes by integrating social content to your streams to expand your audience reach & awareness to social media along with attendees

See How Taggbox Has Helped

VPC Inc. Boost Virtual Event Engagement With Social Media

VPC Inc., a Virtual event production company recently used Taggbox’s virtual event social media integration solutions to boost audience engagement in their series of virtual events for a client honouring doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc. Taggbox helped in making events for accessible, engaging, interactive, & exciting for the audience & the client.

Turn Social Media Wall Into Virtual Event's Success

Experience for yourself how Taggbox can empower your virtual events to be more engaging and impactful among the audience