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Empower your virtual event's audience engagement, scalability, & experience by integrating real-time social walls that attract and deliver immersive experiences.

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What Is Virtual Events Social Wall

A virtual event social wall is a dynamic tool that enables users to collect, curate & display diverse social media content from multiple social channels during live virtual events. The social wall lets you engage your audience, create a sense of community, improve your brand’s social media presence and entertain the virtual event audience in real-time.

  • Enhance Audience Engagement &
  • Drive Meaningful Interactions &
  • Exposure For Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • Measurable Data Insights & Analytics

Engaging Social Wall For Virtual Events - The Ultimate Solution

Discover & display the most engaging, appropriate, and impactful social media content for your virtual event attendees with Taggbox Social Wall (Display) solutions.

Digital Conferences

Social Content

Collect & curate valuable user-generated content from social platforms & display it along with your live virtual event stream.

Virtual Corporate Events

Internal Communications

Improve internal communication at virtual events by integrating content from platforms like Slack, Workplace, Google Workspace, etc.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Twitter Ticker

Showcase the latest tweets & feeds at your virtual event as a live Twitter ticker below the live stream.

Create Social Wall For Virtual Events In 3 Easy Steps

Here is how to get started with your unique virtual event social wall

01Discover & Collect

Discover & collect content from more than 15+ social platforms around your virtual event. The social media aggregator automatically fetches all the content generated across these platforms.

Collect UGC
02Moderate & Customize

Moderate the aggregated content manually or via an automated filtration to showcase only virtual event-appropriate content. Customize your virtual event social wall with themes, layouts, designs, & branding elements to align it with the event's aesthetics.

curate display
03Display & Engage

Once you have created your Social Wall, you can easily display it on different virtual event platforms straightaway to attract viewers' attention, keep them engaged, and magnify ROI.


Advance Social Wall Insights

Filter out your most active audience and make them your brand’s voice.

Most Active Creators

Learn about your most active users from any campaign or social platform and connect with them easily.

Download Attendees Data

Directly export data in .CSV or PDF format and leverage it further for your marketing campaigns.

Connect with The Best Creators/Influencers

Recognise the most influential creators, generate networking opportunities, build communities and target brand growth with the insightful analytics derived.

Deliver Trust With Your Social Wall By Rightfully Acquiring UGC

Easily generate your UGC rights request, get approval from the content owner, & repurpose it in your UGC Social Wall campaigns, rightfully.

Engage Your Virtual Audience With Taggbox Social Wall

Explore the potential of the social wall for your virtual events to create unforgettable experiences.

A Suitable Social Wall For Every Virtual Event

Discover & display the most engaging, appropriate and impactful social media content with the social wall compatible with diverse virtual events

Digital Conferences

Virtual Graduation

Give students an unforgettable virtual farewell. Showcase student-generated content to seek wider audience reach and interactions.

Virtual Corporate Events

Virtual Conference

Organize and execute keynote sessions, networking, meetings, conferences, seminar, etc. with more interactive and engaging streaming possibilities

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Virtual Fundraiser

Get better exposure & gather support for your cause with the social wall that boosts your fundraiser's social presence & attracts potential donors.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Hybird Events

Create social walls for your hybrid audiences. Increase audience engagement, boosts revenue with sponsored posts, and increase ticket sales for your next event.

Digital Conferences

Virtual Trade Show

Leverage content play with virtual trade shows to understand about the audience sentiments, gain feedback, and capture leads for your brand

Virtual Corporate Events

Virtual Awards

Display UGC, branded, sponsor, influencer, & other social content on your virtual award ceremony social wall to boost engagement, social presence, & reach.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Virtual Music Concerts

Let users share their experineces, make them engage with the performers, and much more to make your virtual concerts more exciting and leading to max. audience & engagements

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Virtual Corporate Events

Ensure employee engagement, improve internal communication & participation with the entertaining social wall content from platforms like Slack, Workplace, etc.

Taggbox's Dynamic Social Wall Features For Your Next Virtual Event

A bag full of robust features specially designed keeping in mind the creativity, quality, and a superlative user experience

Enterprise Ready
Responsive Themes

From the gallery of Exciting and creative themes, you can choose the most suitable themes, well-designed for different industries. So, enhance your virtual events with these exquisite themes and grab your attendee’s attention effectively.

Campaign Customization
Easy Integration Options

Showcase your social media feed to your audiences during a virtual event effectively with the smooth and easy embed integration offered by Taggbox. With this, you can integrate your social feed with the ongoing event effortlessly in just a few simple steps.

Strategic Onboarding
Creative Customizations

Make your virtual event more engaging, exciting, accessible, and interactive for the audiences by customizing the social media feed with beautiful designs, attractive layouts, backgrounds, eye-catching fonts, colors, stickers, banners, and much more.

Scalable Integrations
Advance Moderations

Display the premium quality content to your audiences with the help of the powerful moderation panel of Taggbox. Using this, you can (either manually or automatically) eliminate the unfelicitous and unfit content that does not align with the image of the brand.

Actionable Data Insights
Highlight Your Sponsors

Highlight your sponsors and promote them to the audiences of your virtual event using Taggbox. You can add the branded and sponsored content to dignify your sponsors and introduce them to the audiences in an engaging way.

24/7 Client Support
Real-Time Updates & Announcements

Augment your brand promotions by using announcements features to bring key posts & information into spotlight. Also, ensure continuous audience engagement with automatic live content updates to your social media walls on digital displays

Engage Your Live & Virtual Audience With Taggbox Social Wall

Explore Our Social Wall Solutions To Make Your Virtual Events Truly Engaging!

How Taggbox Helps Brands To Increase Virtual Event Engagement

VPC Inc. Boost Virtual Event

VPC Inc. Boost Virtual Event Engagement With Social Media

VPC Inc., a Virtual event production company recently used Taggbox’s virtual event social media integration solutions to boost audience engagement in their series of virtual events for a client honouring doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc. Taggbox helped in making events for accessible, engaging, interactive, & exciting for the audience & the client.

View Full Case Study
UAE University Virtual Graduation 2020

UAE University Virtual Graduation 2020

Explore how UAE university overcame a pandemic to successfully organize their 40th graduation ceremony virtually. They used Taggbox Social Wall for virtual events to engage & interact with their digital audience and deliver a successful graduation event by curating and displaying posts from students, parents, etc. relating to their custom hashtag on social media platforms onto virtual social wall.

View Full Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Social Wall (Display) In Virtual Event?

You can easily display social media walls at your virtual events with Taggbox Display, as it allows users to integrate social walls across diverse virtual events. Easily collect & curate your unique social wall, use the display code generated by Taggbox display compatible with every virtual event platform and showcase the social wall anywhere around your virtual event. Try Now

Can I Integrate Social Wall with Virtual Event Platforms?

Once you have collected and curated your social content into a social wall, Taggbox Display offers a display code to the users that they can use on the virtual event platform to make the social wall visible to the audience.

Can I use a social wall in Virtual Fundraising Events?

Yes, you can use the social wall in the virtual fundraising event. Since virtual fundraisers are open for people from all over the world, integrating a social wall helps you to create better experiences. Improve the social media presence of your virtual fundraises, giving it global exposure and attracting more potential donors.

How To Make Hybrid Events More Engaging Using Social wall?

With hybrid events, you have the challenge to keep both your physical and virtual audience together, and a social media wall be the ultimate solution for that. Display a live social wall at your hybrid event by showcasing it to the physical audience on digital screens and adding the same social wall along with the live stream to make it visible to the audiences sitting at their home.

How Social Wall Works For Virtual Institutions Programs?

Social Wall in the virtual institutional event helps create immensely interactive, engaging, and scalable virtual events. It allows the speaker or tutors to connect with attendees through transparent & effective communication, amplifying student experiences, ensuring better discoverability, and more by leveraging social media content in the live stream.

Can I Use Social Wall In Virtual Meetings/Summit?

The best part about a social wall in virtual events is that it creates a captivating impact in the virtual event without interrupting the event activities. You can simply use a social ticker that scrolls horizontally below the live stream, keeping the attendees on their toes and ensuring the smooth functioning of the event.

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