How to Embed Social Wall in vFairs Virtual Events?

Nowadays, vFairs is most famous as a virtual event platform providing organizations of all sizes to take their Event online. They have enriched the virtual event model to keep attendees engaged in virtual events and provide continuous integrations to add other virtual event engagement tools to platforms.

Entertaining virtual event visitors is a must for event organizers because people are interacting in virtual mediums. To Add social interactions among attendees, event organizers always try new ideas. The most popular social interaction tools during a virtual event are live chat and social media wall with live streaming.

Learn How To Embed Social Wall In Virtual Event

To create a Social wall and embed it in vFairs Virtual Event, follow the below-given steps.

How to Create Social Wall

Step 1: Create a Taggbox Display Account, and after login, you will see the Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Create My walls in Sidebar Section


Step 3: Then, give a name to your Wall. A Unique URL of your Wall will be created automatically according to your wall name. You can also change it according to you.

To enable Profanity Filter, select Apply Profanity Filter and click “Create Wall. “

Add Wall

Add Social Feed

Follow these steps to Add SocialFeed:

Step 1. After clicking on create Wall, you will see A Pop-up with Title Pick a source

Add Feed Display Wall

Step 2. Click on ane social icon for which you want to create a feed.

Let’s start with the Twitter feed.

After Clicking on the Twitter icon, you will see a pop-up with the title Create Twitter Feed.


Choose one of the following to create a Twitter feed:

  1. Hashtag (#): Enter your Hashtag in the box and collect all your Hashtag embedded feeds of Twitter.
Twitter Hashtag Feed

After inserting Hashtag, you can choose post options as

i) Tweets with multiple photos

ii)Exclude Retweets with particular Hashtag

iii) manually approve posts by making them public in the Twitter feed.

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Once you click on Create Feed, you will see a screen with posts curated by your Hashtag or mention you add to create a feed.

If you want, you can add more feed by clicking on the sidebar menu’s feed option.

You can add multiple feeds in a single Wall and can control them with the manage feed option.

Moderate Your Social Wall for vFairs Virtual Events

Moderate your wall and filter post from the collected feed; go to the sidebar and click on Moderation.

  1. After Entering Moderation, you will see this screen.

If you can’t find any post here, there can be two possibilities

  1. The feed you have created has no post yet
  2. While creating a feed, you have checked manually approve posts before making them public.

In this case, click on the button named with private on the top bar of the page.

Once you click on Private, you are going to see all posts collect in your Twitter feed.

Here you can select posts you want to show on your Twitter wall.

2. Auto-Moderation: If you don’t want to filter posts manually, you can choose auto-moderation from the sidebar menu.

After clicking on auto, you will see a pop-up.

Here you can filter posts by

A) Handle

B) Hashtag

C) By Words

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Customize Your Social Wall

By creating a feed and Moderating Posts, you can personalize your Social feed as Per Your Brand Identity to better impact your audience.

To Personalize Your Social Wall, Follow these Steps

  1. Go to the Sidebar menu and click on Personalize
  2. After Clicking on Personalize, you will find two options.

A. Themes – Choose from our responsive themes that can fit any screen. The best theme options for virtual Events are ticker theme and hashtag slideshow.

Taggbox Ticker theme for virtual event

B. Customization – Here you will find five four different options to make your feed outstanding.

1. Background: Personalize Wall background as per your branding

2. Banner: Add a banner to get attention from your Wall.

3. Card Style: Customize colours and styles for your postcards.

4. Theme Setting: Advance Options to make your Wall more personalized.

Please read our article on customization to learn more about the taggbox personalize feature.

Embed Your Social Wall on vFairs Virtual Event Platform

To Embed your Taggbox social Wall into vFairs Follow these steps

Step 1: Click on the Display option at the bottom of the sidebar

Switch to Virtual event

Follow the given instructions to Get your embed code to publish social Wall in vFairs virtual events.

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Now log in to your vfairs virtual events account.

vfairs virtual events

Now you can post this embed code in a suitable area of vFairs virtual events. Some examples are
A) Exhibition hall
B) Waiting Area
C) Lobby
D) Networking zone etc.
You can also display social Wall with a live stream with Wirecast, Obs studio, or other streaming tools and upload live stream in vFairs virtual events.

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