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All Social Media Feeds In One Place

Take your social media feeds to a new level with Taggbox Widget. Aggregate content from diverse social channels for your website to gain an unlimited flow of user-generated content.

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  • twitter aggregator
  • facebook aggregator
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  • vkontakte aggregator

An Exceptional Social Media Feed Experience

Turn social media content into your brand’s powerful Social Media Feed experience for your website visitors driven by inspiration & engagement.

social media feed on website

01Collect Social Media Feeds

Easily discover all the relevant & valuable users’ generated social feeds from social platforms. Add your Hashtags, Social Handles, Profiles, Pages, and fetch the social feeds from platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube, and more.

social feeds

02Curate And Design

Curate your social media feeds, moderate the content quality, and amazingly design your social feed. Customize your social media feed widgets with creative layouts, fonts, backgrounds, and logos, and much more to give an interactive user experience and embed social feeds easily on any website building platform.

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03Embed On Web Pages

Embed social media feed on the web pages to build user trust, engagement, and grow your conversions. Display the best user-generated content from social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more on your website. It is easy to embed and highly responsive for any screen size.

Embed Social Media Feeds On Website & Deliver Content At Scale

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Features That Boosts Your Social Media Feed's Performance

We come with a suite of premium features to help you showcase, curate, design, and embed attractive & dynamic social media feeds into your website.

UGC Uploads
On-site UGC Uploads

Enable your brand users to directly share/upload their visuals featuring products/services, reviews, and ratings about the brand instantly through the website using the On-site UGC Uploads feature.

Themes & Customizations
Themes & Customizations

A gallery of creative themes suitable for every occasion, whatsoever. Also, customize your social media feed with attractive design patterns, font colors, backgrounds along with brand logo, banner, and more.

Powerful Moderation
Powerful Moderation

Eliminate negative or Offensive content, tags and users with our powerful moderation feature and show your valuable content to visitor in real-time

Highlight Offers
Highlights Offers & CTAs

Add Custom posts, offers, announcements, Call-to-action buttons, etc. to highlight special updates to your visitors on social media UGC feed. Use these to promote content & improve user engagement.

Insightful Analytics
Insightful Analytics

Track the performance of your social media feed through our powerful analytics feature. Use it to generate reports and improve the user engagement.

UGC Rights Management
UGC Rights Management

Get Rightful Authorization directly from Users to Repurpose their Content For Your Brand Campaigns. A solution to empower your brand's marketing strategies with the all-powerful user-generated content.

Gain UGC Content Rights From Multiple Social Channels

(Optional) Seamlessly generate your UGC rights request, get approval from the content owner, & repurpose your social media feed in your UGC campaigns.

UGC Rights Management

Social Media Feed Examples: Our Success Stories

See how our valuable & globally popular clients have used social media feeds on their website to promote & grow their brand.

Social media feed widget

Audi Deutschland as the main sponsor of the international film festival Berlinale showed an inclination towards digital trend and chose Taggbox as a platform to increase it’s reach across digital channels. They embedded social media feeds on their website to showcase images and videos uploaded across various social media channels with the hashtag #AudiBerlinale. The campaign turned out to be a huge success with the charismatic results of the social media widget.

social media feed widget for website
Warner Bros

Warner Bros has embedded Taggbox powered Social Hub into the website of the game “Mortal Kombat”. They use the social feed widget to showcase user engagement by extracting feeds from Instagram and Twitter. They successfully use the wall to promote their hashtag campaign #mkkollective . This has in return increased the word of mouth marketing for the campaign and has delivered great results.

social media feed widget
South Star Communities

South Star Communities, a leading real estate firm of the United States has embedded a Taggbox powered social feed widget on the homepage of their website. They use the social media widget to showcase their projects which have successfully completed and currently running. They displayed images and videos of their customers sharing their experiences with the firm and their happiness with the residentials built by the firm. This has helped to increase the trust factor among the visitors of the website and increased their sales conversion rate threefolds.

What Our Customers Say

Solutions that have empowered thousands of events globally

Taggbox proved to be the best & the simplest solution for this massive event. It is a great tool to have in your tool belt. In our company’s experience, it helps us create another element of fun and wow factor for social events. We loved Taggbox, and so do our clients.

Ismail Humet

Owner, Epic Events NY

Right from content curation to displaying it on our signages, Taggbox has helped us immensely to create & distribute our campaigns effectively & efficiently.

Ryan Hawkins

Media Director

We are working with Taggbox from more than 2 years for our different activations all over the world and I must say we never got disappointed with their delivery. Keep up the good work.

Chris Ellen

Marketing Manager

15% increase in conversions with 33% higher user engagement. User-generated content is doing it for us.

Kathy Fostern

VP, Marketing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Social Media Feed?

    A social media feed is a collection of feeds collected from social media and curated in an organized manner. Further, it can be embedded on any website as a social media widget for marketing purposes.

    How Do I Create A Social Media Feed?

    Taggbox Widget offers a social media aggregator tool to fetch content from diverse social channels. Further, it comes with advanced moderation & customization options to filter out irrelevant content and create visually appealing social media feed widgets. By following a few easy steps, Taggbox widget enables users to create an engaging social media feed, ready to embed on your website.

    How To Embed Social Media Feed On A Website?

    Taggbox Widget enables users to seamlessly embed social media feeds on the website. You can easily fetch content from your preferred social media platform, curate it into a feed, generate an embed code, and paste it on the backend of your website, where you want to display the social media feed widget. Taggbox Widget offers easy integration options to any and every popular website CMS. Read More

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