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How Taggbox Twitter Widget Works

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01Collect Content Twitter

#Hashtag - Discover & collect all the amazing & valuable UGC around any hashtag or multiple hashtags.

@Handle – Gather all your Tweets, or visual posts from your Twitter profile into a single feed.

@Mentions - Aggregate all the valuable and immensely relevant user-generated content for your brand

Geo Location - Collect Twitter feeds based on specific location

Lists - Aggregate the pre-curated content from most exciting and valuable Twitter accounts using Lists

Likes - Curate all your liked tweets into Twitter widget and embed them on your website

Advanced - Effortlessly fetch specific tweets using the advanced search engine

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02Design & Personalize

Moderate - Moderation (automatic or manual)allows you to restrict abusive & irrelevant content on your website’s Twitter feed widget to maintain premium content quality.

Customize – Creative customizations like different layouts, themes, design elements, colors, and more to make your feed attractive & engaging for website visitors.

Branding – Add your custom posts, Sponsored posts, highlight offers, integrate promotional announcement, add banner & ticker, CTA, etc. to maximize the widget performance & results.

embed Twitter feed widget on website

03Embed Twitter Widget On Website

Embed - A quick & simple process to just copy & paste the given code in your website to embed Twitter feed widget without any coding & complexity.

Real-Time Updates Automatic & instant content updates in real-time to your feed that lets you showcase fresh & unique content.

Taggbox Twitter Widget - Simple, Engaging, Responsive.

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Stand-Out Features For Performance Driven Twitter Widgets

Responsive yet powerful features to augment your website performance with the dynamic Twitter widgets

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Creative Themes

Choose your Twitter widget theme from vast options like News Card, Horizontal Slider, Gallery Theme, Square Photo, Modern Card, Classic Photo, and more that perfectly highlight the tweets & visual content to make it engaging & attractive for visitors.

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Fast & Responsive

A simple & lightweight design that makes your widget fast and responsive without affecting the content quality that leads to a seamless & interactive website user experience

Twitter Widget Html

Custom CSS

The availability of custom CSS is a powerful feature that lets you go beyond the boundaries of designing. So, design & modify the layout, color, style, & more without any restriction with an unrestrictive access

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Insightful Analytics

Track the performance of your Twitter feed widget through our insightful analytics feature. Use it to generate reports, measure KPIs and improve overall content performance

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Choose Layout

Widget Integrations

Embed Taggbox Twitter widget on website easily without any hassle on any of these website building platforms

  • Taggbox widget for html5
  • Taggbox widget for wordpress
  • Taggbox widget for squarespace
  • Taggbox widget for wix
  • Taggbox widget for shopify
  • Taggbox widget for magento
  • Taggbox widget for Blogger
  • Taggbox widget for weebly
  • Taggbox widget for woocommerce

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Twitter Widget?

Twitter Widget is a highly compatible tool to collect, curate, and display twitter on website. It is an easy-to-access tool that allows you to explore the users’ feed and embed them to your website with a single click. It collects and curates the feed using hashtags, and handles, and fetches all the content in a unified form. You can design and personalize your feed by moderating the content and customizing it with various themes, layout styles, design elements, fonts, colors, and much more according to the website’s needs.

How To Collect Twitter Feeds on Widget?

Taggbox Widget helps you collect Twitter feeds on widgets in a simple and easy way. First, you need to login into your Taggbox Widget account. The next step is to create the widget and choose Twitter as the source. You can use hashtags, handles, mentions and list to fetch the content. Click on the checkboxes to filter out the feeds as the widget curates feed on Twitter. The last step is to click on the Create Feed button and your feeds will be on your Widget.

How To Embed Twitter Widget On Website?

After curating, personalizing, customizing, and moderating Twitter feeds, you have an option to embed Twitter feed Widget on your website. Click on the Embed Widget button, in the left bottom corner of the editor screen, and select the CMS type i.e. your website building platform and copy the generated code. Lastly, paste the code on the backend page of your website, and you are good to go with the amazing Twitter feed Widget.

How to design and personalize your Twitter Widget?

Adding theme, background style, layout, design elements, colors, fonts, size, etc. is simply easy with the Taggbox Widget tool and does not require any technical expertise. All you need is to personalize the moderated feeds by clicking on the personalization option on the left sidebar. You will find various themes that can be used according to your website design. There are also options to add a background; you can change the color of the background or upload an image. Moreover, you can also add banners, change fonts, and set the size of Twitter feeds according to the targeted audience.

Is Twitter Widget Responsive?

Yes, Taggbox Twitter Widget is responsive and works on every device smoothly and efficiently. Taggbox Widget is designed to perfectly work on all types and sizes of screen, whether it is a computer, laptop, smartphones, tab, or any other screen size. Twitter feed Widget will not hamper the working of your website on any device; instead, it is easily accessible from any device and will increase the attractiveness of your website and engage customers on your website.

Is Twitter Widget Compatible With My Website Platform?

Yes, Taggbox Twitter feed Widget is compatible with all types of CMS platforms whether it is HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, Elementor, Woocommerce, etc. Also, you will get API access (with Pro Plan) to design Twitter feed Widget code based on your website design.

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