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Tiktok Videos Widget

01Collect Videos From TikTok

Personal Account - Bring together content from your profile into a widget & showcase them on your website effortlessly.

URL – Fetch videos seamlessly by using the TikTok video link

Free TikTok Widget

02Design & Personalize

Moderate - the aggregated content to showcase only premium quality, brand appropriate videos to fetch easy attention.

Customize – the feed to enhance its appeal and align it with your brand's aesthetics to charm and hold the audience's engagement.

Branding – Add custom posts, highlight offers, integrate promotional announcement, add banner & ticker, CTA, etc., to maximize the widget's performance & results

Embed TikTok Widget

03Embed TikTok Widget On Website

Embed - Embed your TikTok widget on the website seamlesssly with a simple copy and paste process without being a tech-savvy.

Real-Time Updates - Get real-time updates on content to showcase fresh, unique and compelling content generated on your profile instantly, in minutes.

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Additional Features To Empower Your TikTok Widget

Stand-out from the competition by empowering your widget with Taggbox's high-end features!

TikTok Widgets

Aesthetic Themes

Choose your TikTok website widget theme from an array of options like Horizontal Slider, Gallery Theme, Square Photo, Modern Card, Classic Photo, and more that can perfectly highlight the visual content and make it worth-a-while.

TikTok Widget for Website

Fast & Responsive

Simple designs that make your widget fast and responsive without affecting the content quality, ensuring a seamless & interactive users' experience.

Custom TikTok

Custom CSS

The availability of custom CSS is a powerful feature that lets you go beyond the boundaries of designing. Customize the layout, color, and style amongst other things without any restrictions.

TikTok Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Track the performance of your TikTok widget feed through the detailed analytics available. Leverage them to generate reports, measure KPIs and improve overall performance.

Showcase Engaging Videos Without Facing Legal Consequences

(Optional) Repurpose TikTok content without landing into legal troubles by obtaining UGC rights. Just generate your UGC rights request, get approval and publish purposeful content without any hassles!

TikTok Rights Management

Integrate Widget Seemlessly With Your Tech-Stack

Integrate Taggbox TikTok widget for website easily without any hassle on website building platforms.

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  • Taggbox widget for wix
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  • Taggbox widget for weebly
  • Taggbox widget for woocommerce

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a TikTok widget?

    A Tik Tok widget comprises all the highly engaging and super entertaining videos from TikTok in a collective, well-customized format. It can be embedded on your brand’s website to increase its overall performance and improve the content quality of your website.

    How do I add the TikTok widget to my website?

    You can easily add a TikTok widget to your website using a tool like the Taggbox Widget. The process is extremely simple and can be completed in a few taps and clicks if the instructions are followed properly.

    Where can I integrate my TikTok feed widget embed code?

    You can choose from options like HTML, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, etc. Copy the generated code and paste it onto the backend of your website’s webpage. Be it on the sidebar, blogs, footer, header, or any other section where you want to embed the Tik Tok widget. Save the changes and done!

    Can I customize my TikTok widgets?

    Of course, you can! Customizing the TikTok widgets before publishing is a necessary step as it helps you give a personalized touch to the widget.

    Taggbox widget comes with a wide range of customization options that can help you make your TikTok widgets more attractive. You can select your preferred choice from options like custom CSS features, banners, layouts, fonts, icons, colors, etc.

    How to embed a responsive TikTok widget?

    The process is simple and Taggbox Widget makes it even simpler! The entire procedure can be completed in three easy steps - collecting, curating, and embedding your TikTok widget on your preferred webpage.

    Then, you can choose from our wide range of responsive themes that are tastefully designed to suit your preference and your website's requirements. Users enjoy the option to play their TikTok videos from the widget itself.

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