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Why Partner With Tagbox

Tagbox is a leading UGC tool with cutting-edge technology and effective features. Allowing users to embed and display content from over 15 channels including, Instagram, X(Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., Tagbox is the best social media aggregator. With the high demand we see for social media distribution and aggregation, you can bring a myriad of clients to Tagbox widget as well as display, and get 20% recurring commission on each one."

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Industry-Leading Commissions

Earn a 20% recurring commission for each customer referral at Tagbox. No joining fees required.

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90 - Days Cookie Duration

Our long-term cookie duration gives you an opportunity to claim a client who joined because of you even after 90 days of clicking on your link.

UGC Marketing Suite
Promotion Made Easy

We provide curated templates/links to save your time. We also create banners you can use to generate leads.

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Publisher Incentive Opportunities

We offer incentives based on your performance in every quarter as a bonus for the amazing work you do.

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Dedicated Management Team

Having any doubts or queries? Get in touch with our team solely dedicated to our affiliate program.

UGC Marketing Suite
Hassle-free Monthly Payment (30th)

Never worry about payment delays. Get your monthly commission on the 30th of every month automatically.

Products We Offer

Here are the products we offer to our customers. You can choose to promote any of these products as per the market and the demand.

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UGC Suite

UGC Suite is an all-in-one tool you can use to Display content from various platforms on your website, email campaigns, events, and other marketing fronts.

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Use the Tagbox Widget to embed User Generated Content from over 15 different social media and review platforms like Instagram, X, YouTube, etc. on a website

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Social Walls

Social Wall is a tool specifically created for brands wanting to showcase the User-Generated Content. This content is displayed on digital screens in events

How Does It Work

Here are the products we offer to our customers. You can choose to promote any of these products as per the market and the demand.

How it work

It is a complete product that you can use to showcase content from various platforms on your website, email campaigns, events, and many more marketing fronts.

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For every customer you bring, you get a recurring 20% commission for a year.

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Ways to Promote

Unlock Growth Possibilities
Share a Blog

We will provide you links that you can add to your blogs. You can also mention our primary features to let your readers know about us

Client Experience
Host a Webinar

You can also host webinars and use the curated decks that we will provide to explain potential customers more about our products.

Comprehend As You Expand
Email Newsletter

Another effective way for promotion is creating an Email campaign to reach out to more people working in the similar domain as our ICP.

Earn More Revenue
Social Engagement

You can also use our banners different social media platforms to showcase our substantial work we have done and its visible results

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an Affiliate Partner?

To become an affiliate partner you must sign up with us. The registration process is 100% free.

Are there any restrictions on how I can promote?

To know more about our do's and don'ts, have a look at our terms and conditions.

How can I track my commission?

The tool we use to run allows us to track your how many clients we got because of the you