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What is a Social Wall?

social wall collection

A social wall is a collection of social media content that can be displayed on any digital platform. It helps brands to highlight their preferred social media content for their audience.

Social media content can be collected from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to create a Social Wall using hashtags, handles, or mention feeds. Social Walls often offer real-time updates, helping brands to keep their audience engaged with fresh content each time they interact.

Create Engaging Social Wall With Private & Social Content

Integrate a diverse range of content into your Social Wall like visual UGC, customer reviews, SnapUp, social posts, intra-communication threads, etc., from SnapUp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reviews, Slack, Yammer, RSS, etc.

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Activate Social Wall Easily

A UGC platform with seamless and quick process that turns social UGC into powerful User-generated content campaigns.


Collect the most authentic, engaging, and influential social content from more than 15 media networks without any hassle.

Collect UGC

Exhibit premium content to the audience by enabling advanced filtering & moderation options to make your social wall worth a while.

curate user-generated content

Enhance your social wall with endless customization options like themes, styles, and designs to offer vibrancy and visual appeal.

get ugc rights

Publish the social wall on multiple marketing touchpoints: webpages, digital displays, email campaigns, or social ads, and track its performance with detailed analytics.

user generated content platform

Advance Social Wall Insights

Filter out your most active audience and make them your brand’s voice.

Most Active Creators

Learn about your most active users from any campaign or social platform and connect with them easily.

Download Attendees Data

Directly export data in .CSV or PDF format and leverage it further for your marketing campaigns.

Connect with The Best Creators/Influencers

Recognise the most influential creators, generate networking opportunities, build communities and target brand growth with the insightful analytics derived.

Deliver Trust With Your Social Wall By Rightfully Acquiring UGC

Easily generate your UGC rights request, get approval from the content owner, & repurpose it in your UGC Social Wall campaigns, rightfully.

Your Social Wall Solution For Any Avenue

Display authentic content created by your audience to seamlessly highlight their live experiences with Taggbox.

Social Wall For Website Or Display

Effortless curate, design, & insert social walls into your virtual & hybrid events to offer interactive & unique experiences to event attendees.

Social Wall For Virtual & Hybrid Events

The Taggbox Social Wall for virtual & Hybrid Events allows brands to collect content like images, videos, text posts, etc. from over 15+ social platforms into a wall and easily integrate into virtual & hybrid event streamings. It helps improve real-time interaction, audience engagement, and delightful digital event experience.

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Social Wall For Website

Build User engagement and trust by embedding social media widget on website . Increase purchase and amplify your social commerce efforts by using our embed features to showcase the best content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more on your websites. Nonetheless, showcase your Hashtag campaigns too on your websites.

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Social Wall (Display) On Any Screen

Whether it's a Jumbotron, Projector screens, TV screens or Mobile Phone, Our social media wall for events is perfect to display on all screen types because of our responsive layouts. Hence, you can display the aggregated content of your trending feeds and hashtags using any given display theme of your choice through any screen.

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Shoppable Social Wall For Ecommerce

Shoppable Social Wall For Ecommerce

Turn your social media content & UGC into a shoppable social wall by tagging products and publish it on your eCommerce site or online store. Shoppable social walls help in increasing sales, building social proof, inspire customers, and deliver unique shopping experiences.

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Features That Make Social Wall Stand-Out

Taggbox Social Wall comes with many amazing features helping you to make the most out of your earned UGC

Multiple Themes
Multiple Themes

Taggbox offers you amazing themes options for your social wall for both event displays and websites. These themes enable you to present your feeds in a really engaging and beautiful manner to your users.

Design and Customize
Design and Customize

We give you the authority to freely choose the look for your social wall. You can most creatively experiment with colors fonts, backgrounds, etc. We offer you a range of customized design pattern and you can add specific icons/logos or customized messages.

Automatic Moderation
Automatic Moderation

With the moderation feature You can choose to discard certain users, words, tags etc. that you find unsuitable and it will never go live on your socialwall.


Enable users to seamlessly upload UGC directly on the social wall by scanning the QR code or using the URL on display without connecting to a social media platform.

Profanity Filter
Profanity Filter

Switching on the Profanity filter, allows the user to automatically block any sort of vulgar content. It uses our preset word database to filter out any embarrassing content and automatically discards it.


Track the performance of your social wall through our Analytics feature. Use it to generate reports and improve the user engagement.

Your Social Wall Solution For Any Avenue

Display authentic content created by your audience to seamlessly highlight their live experiences with Taggbox.

Where Can You Use It?

We go wherever you go. Be it an event, an in-store display, an API project, a hashtag campaign, or even on your website, our Social Wall is at your service.

Website Embed

Website Embed

Embed the engaging Social Wall on your website with a click of a button. Research has shown that the power of showcasing social content to your visitors immensely affects user behavior. Build trust and engagement with your audience. Drive more social purchases and increase revenues.



Showcase stunning Twitter, Facebook and Instagram UGC during Concerts, Festivals, Conferences, Events, weddings or Musicals on big or small screens. Display the social wall to exhibit the content that users or attendees have been creating and sharing on social media using about your event & its experience.

In-store Displays

In-store Displays

Display user-generated photos and content with the live social wall for your visitors. Impress them with positive content about your brand and play the selected posts regularly on your in-store or office displays. It is a proven method to increase trust with the visitors and thus, amplify your marketing!



Create and publish your social media shoppable wall. Curate the user-generated content that features your brand products, tag products to the UGC posts, and display this Shoppable social wall on your website. Turn the shopping experience of your customers into an inspiring & delightful journey.

Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag Campaigns

Running a Hashtag Campaign? Then, you would love our platform. Now showcase the power of your hashtag campaigns in your office or through the website. Display what is being talked about with your hashtag using the engaging Social Wall on your office screens or embed them in your official websites. Showcase curated content or just let it flow with all the content.

API Projects

API Projects

Taggbox API solutions give you absolute control of the campaign design and layout of the Social Wall content for your websites or screen displays. It is the best way to integrate the social media content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, etc with utmost creative freedom & scalability.

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    Warner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For Website

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    Facebook's Pride Social Wall

    On the occasion of Gay Pride Week, Facebook Isreal launched a social media campaign to empower the conversations around Pride Week... View Full Case Study

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    Jack Astor's Increased Customer Attraction With Social Wall

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Social Wall (Display) in Live, Virtual and Hybrid Events?

To display a social wall in your live, virtual, & hybrid events you need a social media aggregator tool that supports the integration of social walls into every event like Taggbox Social Wall (Display). Start creating social media feeds, customize & moderate it, add banners & designs (optional). That’s it, you can display this social media wall in every type of event.

How to create a Social Feed with Hashtag, handle and mentions?

To create social feeds login to your Taggbox account, click on Create Feed and select the social media channel. Depending on the channel, you need to put a relevant and correct hashtag, handle, or mention ( only one feed at a time) inside the box. All the related social posts will appear on your screen.

How to create a Social Wall with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Posts?

To create a Social Wall by integrating social media posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Collect feeds from these multiple sources using hashtags, mentions, handles, tags, etc., one at a time. All feeds will appear on screen from your selected social media sources in a unified screen altogether.

How to Display Tweets on Big screens?

To display Tweets on Big screens, like projector, Jomborton, or event walls,use Taggbox display. It offers your various options to display Tweets on different sizes of screen. As you collected Tweets with Taggbox Twitter Wall, you will have the option of the Display button. Here you will find various options like projector, TV, digital signage. Also, you can use it for wireless or wire connection to display live Twitter walls.

How to Social Wall (Display) on Big Screens?

You can easily Social Wall (Display) on Big Screens like Jumbotron, TV, Digital Signage, or any other large digital screen with a single click. Taggbox Social Wall (Display) offers you various options to display live social walls on any screen. You can do so by wireless or with wire connection, generating a code, or displaying a social wall using Amazon Fire TV Stick for seamless integration.

Can I Embed Social Wall on Website?

Yes, you can easily embed a social wall on your website. Simply collect social feeds from 10+ platforms , curate them as per your need, and embed easily on any website building platform. It's the most proficient way to build brand trust, boost conversions, improve website engagement, and much more!

How Much Does a Social Wall cost?

Taggbox has created its pricing plans to cater to every business needs. We have plans unique for every user.
Kindly refer to the link to understand the Taggbox pricing:

How to Create a Social wall without using social networks?

Taggbox offers you the SnapUp feature. It enables your audience to upload posts on the Social Wall directly from their devices without connecting to any social media network, making it much easier for you to create a social wall eliminating the social networks.

How to create a Private Event Social wall?

The SnapUp feature gives your event audience the freedom to share experiences with you directly, eliminating the need for any social media platform. Event organizers can offer a scannable QR code with the social wall, enabling the audience to privately share content without connecting their socials, helping you seamlessly create a private event social wall.

Is Taggbox Providing a Free Social wall?

You can avail of the 14-days free trial by Taggbox as you create your account for all its products. Not only that, but Taggbox also offers a free forever plan to its users that they can always switch to from their paid plan. The free plan has limited features, and the social wall comes with minimal Taggbox branding, but it helps users to save their social wall data.

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