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Improve experiences, authenticity, and sales at every step of the customer journey by collecting, curating and showcasing ratings & reviews across marketing channels.

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Fetch Reviews From Diverse Review Platforms

Win customers' trust by collecting quality reviews & ratings from different review platforms.

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Drive Customer Journey With Inspiration

Leverage your customer experiences in every form with the best review platform

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Drive inspiration with product-specific reviews & ratings. Offer detailed product insights to prospects for them to understand the quality of your product from your customers' view-point. Inspire them with product use-cases of their peer consumers.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Bring your customers' opinions to the front and center and let them be your brand advocates by publishing customer testimonials on your brand channels. Adding client testimonials to your marketing campaigns turns your customers into your brand advocates.

Visual Reviews

Visual Reviews

Bring your brand to life with Visual Reviews. Offer an authentic and vibrant experience to your audience as they explore the visual reviews across every step of their customer journey. Improve your brand engagement rate with authentic reviews that perform.

Explore The Smarter Way Of Using Customer Reviews & Ratings

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The Taggbox Process

01Collect & Curate

Effortlessly collect the most authentic customer opinions from multiple review platforms and also from your website with SnapUps.

Collect & Curate
02Customize & Moderate

Filter irrelevant reviews & create visually appealing reviews templates to offer a premium audience experience.

Customize & Moderate
03Publish & Inspire

Publish reviews across brand touchpoints and inspire users throughout the customer journey.

Publish & Inspire
04Track & Analyse

Measure how the customer review and ratings perform among your audiences with detailed analytics.

Track & Analyse

Unlock The Benefits Of Review Platforms

The perfect platform to infuse the superpowers of your customers' voice into your marketing touchpoints.

Unlock The Benefits Of Review Platforms
Boost Credibility

Ratings & reviews are your customers’ honest opinions around your brand. Incorporate them in your brand campaings to bring transparency and build trust.

Instill Social Proof

Tap your brand’s bandwagon effect. Highlight your customer ratings & reviews and encourage more customers to give reviews for your brand.

Build Community

Turn your customers into brand advocates. Build your community of brand loyalists on your marketing touchpoints by showcasing reviews & ratings.

Boost Conversions

Improve your brand sales by helping your customers make fast & confident purchase decisions with reviews & ratings.

Harness The Power Of Customer Voice That Drives Growth

Endless feeds & apps to revamp your digital screen with stimulating & engaging content ideal to every industry

Web Page

Web Page

Boost website credibility and performance by embedding customer reviews on your web pages. Drive inspiration, trust & conversions.



Drive smarter & confident purchase decisions by leveraging customer ratings and reviews on your online store.

Digital Screens

Digital Screens

Grab the attention of your audience with content that performs. Highlight reviews & ratings on digital screens.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Reduce cart abandonment & inspire potential customers with customers’ real-life stories with ratings & reviews in email campaigns.

Social Ads

Social Ads

Harness the power of your customer reviews & ratings in your social ad copies. Draw 3x more clicks, engagement, & conversions.

Print Media

Print Media

Scale the impact of your print promotions with customer reviews & ratings. Amplify customers' voice beyond digital on the print.

The Complete Taggbox Experience

Enterprise Ready
Enterprise Ready

Taggbox delivers enterprise solutions with industrial-standard security and prime scalability. Complete legal GDPR compliance and any UGC rights regulations.

Campaign Customization
Campaign Customization

Rebrand users’ reviews & ratings with creative customizations, themes, promotional elements, advanced content moderation, etc., to sync UGC campaigns with brand goals with UGC tools

Strategic Onboarding
Strategic Onboarding

Personalized onboarding experience driven by the UGC campaign success experts to help brands get started, explore possibilities, and leverage reviews & ratings perfectly to maximize ROI.

Scalable Integrations
Scalable Integrations

Brand partnerships and platform integrations that offer tremendous scalability for brands to activate their valuable reviews & ratings across all channels seamlessly to drive results.

Actionable Data Insights
24/7 Client Support

24/7 customer support and technical assistance through different channels like email, chat, call, and video providing ultimate flexibility for clients to contact support anytime.

24/7 Client Support
Actionable Data Insights

Get audience behavior insights and campaign performance. Track clicks, views, user sentiments, content metrics, and more to optimize your campaign & maximize ROI with top UGC platform.

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  • Bert P.


    Taggbox helped me and my website look awesome....they are nothing short of magical.

    Taking all platforms and aggregating everyone in the world using similar content to showcase on my website.

  • Amanda S.

    Editor and Content Developer

    I've already been recommending Taggbox to colleagues! It was the best platform for my needs.

    The customer service was stellar (ie within 10 minutes of emailing, as well as their online meeting walkthrough of the product.

  • Abdulwahab A.


    Best Social Media Aggregation Tool To Track User Generated Contents Using Tags.

    The dashboard is neat and user friendly, you can easily set it up and navigate. I recommend this to any business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Reviews Platform?

A review platform can be defined as a tool that can help brands collect, curate and embed reviews from different sources like Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp, Airbnb, etc.

Why is Taggbox the best online reviews platform?

Taggbox is a review management platform that enables users to collect, curate, and display reviews effectively, and quickly across multiple marketing touchpoints. It has become every marketer's go-to tool due to its set of promising features like -

  • Aggregate reviews from all the major review platforms
  • Enable users to leave reviews directly on the website using SnapUp
  • Customize it to give a personalized touch
  • Monetize the content before publishing
  • Keep track of its performance by insightful analytics feature
  • Real time review updates

What are the benefits of collecting more reviews?

Some of the key benefits of collecting reviews are mentioned below -

  • Helps drive more purchases by displaying social proof
  • Drive-in more authenticity to your brand
  • Understand your audience and its requirements better
  • Perfect for decision making
  • Better brand-customer relationship
  • Overall increased brand awareness and recognition

How do you collect reviews by eliminating review platforms?

The SnapUp feature allows website visitors to directly post their reviews on the business website. It can be a text-based review or in the form of an image or video.

Can I aggregate all my customer reviews in one place?

Yes, you can! After publishing reviews on your preferred medium, you can check its performance using the insights feature offered by Taggbox customer reviews platform. It helps you get detailed insights and data like overall engagement, total impressions, and much more.

What are some best ways to collect customer reviews?

Here are some tested methods of collecting customer feedback. Let’s see!

  • By sending personalized emails
  • Using SnapUp review upload feature
  • Through feedback/survey forms after purchase
  • Organizing giveaways on social media
  • Running hashtag campaigns

How to moderate & customize the reviews to engage maximum leads?

Using the best review platform like Taggbox, you can customize the reviews and make them more eye-catching using options like themes, layouts, fonts, colors, etc.

Additionally, the tool offers a content moderation panel that helps users get rid of any unnecessary or irrelevant content before making it live.

Can Reviews help me rank higher on Google?

Yes! Simply put, reviews drive more authority and trustworthiness in your content which sends a powerful signal to the search engines. The more the reviews, the higher will be your ranking on the Search engine ranking page.

How can I deal with negative reviews using Taggbox?

Taggbox understands the significance of brand value. Sometimes,people can spread hate unnecessarily, tarnishing your reputation. Therefore, it offers a profanity filter and moderation feature that can help you eliminate abusive reviews before publishing. This will help in maintaining premium quality content always.

Is it necessary to respond to reviews?

Yes, it is! Communicating with your customers is key to build brand trust and to ensure perfect customer experience. Moreover, sometimes it helps to change the negative sentiments of your customers into positive ones, getting higher ratings for your brand.

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