How to Display Live Leaderboard with Social Wall

How about we tell you that Taggbox has come up with another Gamification element: A leaderboard that displays ranks of your top-performing contributors or influencers to deliver maximum engagement and gives your audience something new to interact with.

After creating your social wall follow these steps to set up your Leaderboard.

Step 1. Click on Studio Apps to add a “Leaderboard”. 

Taggbox Display Studio

Step 2. Select the Leaderboard App for your social wall.

Display Studio Apps

Step 3. Customize your leaderboard as per your preference.

Step 4. Now click on the “Save” button to finalize your edits. 

Your Leaderboard is ready to display along with your social wall. 

Hit the “Display” button on the bottom left sidebar and you are all set.

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