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A Suite Of Social Widgets For Diverse Use Cases

We have a hub of diverse widgets compatible with every digital channel to curate and display content from 15+ social media & digital platforms

Social feed widget

Social Feed Widgets

Collect valuable content from social media and publish it on your web pages to grow awareness, reach, following, user engagement, and more.

Hashtag feed widget for website

Hashtag Campaigns

Attract, engage and inspire users by running hashtag campaigns equipped with UGC across diverse digital channels to discover & aggregate more UGC.

Email campaign widget for website

Email Campaigns

Publish users’ content in your email marketing campaigns to boost the email click-through rate, grow engagement, and influence repurchase decisions.

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UGC Galleries

Showcase user-generated content galleries on various digital touchpoints to inspire & engage users, build trust, show user experience, and drive conversions.

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User Reviews Widget

Gather & display user reviews about your brand from Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to highlight sentiments, authenticity, and credibility.

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Social Stories

Create buzz, run short-time promotions, feature highlights, or even save the content by publishing social media stories on your digital touchpoints.

Aggregate With

  • instagram aggregator
  • twitter aggregator
  • facebook aggregator
  • tiktok aggregator
  • youtube aggregator
  • pinterest aggregator
  • google aggregator
  • vimeo aggregator
  • tummeler aggregator
  • yelp aggregator
  • airbnb aggregator
  • soundcloud aggregator
  • slack aggregator
  • yammer aggregator
  • giphy aggregator
  • vkontakte aggregator

Why Leverage User-generated Content?

Explore the key reasons why UGC might be the best content to accelerate your brand engagement & performance

Build Social Proof & Trust With UGC Feeds
Build Social Proof & Trust With UGC Feeds

Leverage user-generated content to build the brand's social proof, resulting in more UGC. Showcase UGC feeds of customer reviews, visual UGC galleries, hashtag campaigns, etc., to build trust, authenticity, credibility, and show real-life value.

Boost Website Engagement & Dwell Time
Boost Audience Engagement & Interaction

Display fresh, original, and engaging content from social media platforms to your digital channels that captivates your audience and engages them. With improved audience interaction, brands witness increased website dwell time, higher email click-through rates, better social media presence, and more.

Get Greater Brand Awareness & Social Following
Get Greater Brand Awareness & Social Following

The integration of social media with various digital touchpoints opens up opportunities to reach a wider audience. It leads to maximizing brand exposure, greater brand awareness, and possibilities for more conversions. You can also grow your social following by promoting your social feeds through widgets.

The Simple & Easy Process For Creating UGC Campaigns & Experiences


Discover & collect all the valuable UGC or branded content from diverse social media platforms using hashtags, profiles, channels, mentions, and more.

Collect UGC

Moderate content in your social feeds and display the most useful and premium content to your website visitors. Enable auto-moderation to remove the hassle of constant content filtering.

curutare UGC

Now finally embed your social media feed on your website in a span of minutes. Just copy and paste the given embed code on the webpage where your want to show the social feed.

UGC aggregator

In-built analytics for social media widget provides detailed insights into user behavior with the feed that can help you monitor performance & make optimizations accordingly.

make ugc shoppable using UGC platform

Best & Free Social Widgets For Brand Growth

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Why Taggbox Widget Is The Best Choice

The responsive yet creative widgets for UGC marketing campaigns fueled by these incredible features to augment your brand's performance.

Creative Feed Customizations
Creative Feed Customizations

Make your social feeds more engaging and creative with premium and responsive themes. Also, customize feed layout, design, pop-ups, card style, fonts, colors, or implement your design with custom CSS.

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Advanced Moderation & Filters

Always showcase the best content in your feeds by moderating and removing the unwanted non-useful content. Enable auto-moderation, profanity filters, or create custom moderation rules as per your needs.

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Responsive Design For Seamless Experience

The widgets on website are designed to be responsive & quick to help you deliver a seamless user experience and reduce bounce rate

On-site UGC Uploads
On-site UGC Uploads

Create a UGC hub on your website by allowing users to upload images, write reviews, and provide ratings instantly through the On-site UGC Uploads feature.

Taggbox Widget Integrations

Integrate or publish the Taggbox widgets easily without any hassle on any of these platforms

Client Success Story

Thousands of leading global brands are using Taggbox Widget to successfully achieve their goals

Website widget example
South Star Communities Build Trust With UGC Feeds

South Star Communities, a leading real estate firm from the USA used Taggbox to embed widget on their website homepage to display their projects. They displayed images and videos of their customers sharing their experiences with the firm and their happiness with the residentials built by the firm. This has helped to increase the trust factor among the website visitors and increased their sales conversion rate threefolds.

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