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Real Estate is a core industry and it runs mostly on word of mouth. Hence, building public trust and a good social image is really important. Employing social media for that purpose is a smart move to fulfill that purpose. SouthStar Communities effectively used social media to build their positive brand image and showcase the public trust people have on them and Taggbox was more than happy to be a part of SouthStar communities journey of improving their user experience.

About SouthStar Communities

SouthStar Communities

SouthStar Communities is a real estate development company. For nearly 20 years, SouthStar Communities has been shaping communities by acquiring, investing in and managing healthy residential communities across the US. At the core of it’s business and idea, lies the sole purpose of transforming the land into something more.

Started with a vision and guided by a unique piece of land and an understanding of how people would want to interact with the land and each other, now SouthStar Communities stands proudly as a major real estate development company which received not one or two, but seven Summit Awards from the Greater San Antonio Builders Association including the Grand Award-Developer. Besides being awarded prestigiously, SouthStar communities projects have also been named as the best sellers in respective communities.

How Taggbox came into play?

For SouthStar Communities, being a real estate development company, it was the need of the hour to develop a brand image and along with that build social trust among it’s customers. User generated content has always been the preferable choice to display social proof and build credibility among customers. So, that is what SouthStar Communities did.

Taggbox Scial hub

SouthStar Communities used Taggbox to display a live hashtag feed on the homepage of it’s website to showcase the user experiences of their real estate projects. The social wall fetched posts from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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The social hub displayed social posts where one can see the residential projects of SouthStar Communities with happy users, surreal natural beauty around the homes, beautiful decors, and interiors. The social hub kind of displayed the social proof of the quality of services and projects of SouthStar Communities. This gave widespread social acceptance and also helped them flourish their word of mouth marketing.

Benefits of Displaying UGC on a Social Hub

A Social Media Hub is the best way to display user-generated content derived from various social media channels on your website. Here are some benefits of displaying user-generated content through a social hub on your websites.

UGC Stats

1. Increases User Engagement

Displaying user experience and feedback improves user engagement on your website. Visitors tend to stay longer and engage with the social feeds being displayed on the social hub.

2. Real-time Interaction

Social media hubs have the functionality of displaying aggregated social media content in real-time. It serves as an advantage for social media campaigns run by brands which require quick response and chats.

3. Lower Bounce Rates

User-generated feeds grab the attention of the visitors of your website and make them stay longer going through social media feeds of user experience and feedbacks displayed on the social hub.

4. Best Way to Display User-generated Content

A social hub either on the homepage of your website or on a particular dedicated page is the best way to display user-generated content and build brand image.

5. Leverages Sales and Revenue

User-generated content is preferred by most of the customers before making any purchase decision. In such a scenario, giving them what they want, i.e. social proof, through a social hub helps you leverage your sales and revenue.

6. Builds Social Trust

The user experience, the testimonials, and their feedbacks, when they are served as social proofs of the quality of your services and products, then it helps to build social trust regarding your brand among your customers.

Something about Taggbox

Taggbox is a social network aggregator tool which fetches social posts from major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. It lets you create beautiful customizable social media walls with a wide variety of themes and background options. It comes with flexible pricing plans suited to everyone’s requirements and needs.

In case you want to give it a try, you can take a free 14-day trial.

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