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Embed Instagram Feed On Website – 4 Methods in 2024

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Let’s make your website fresh and engaging using Instagram widget for website. Yes, you read that right when you embed Instagram feed on website you let users interact with engaging content available on Instagram. Hence, you can divert the engagement from Instagram to your website and influence users to perform an action.

Many people use Instagram to find new products. About 35% of Instagram users have purchased something after seeing it on the app. Also, 72% of customers believe that looking at pictures of products on Instagram makes them more likely to buy those products.

Integrate Instagram feed into website with a straightforward approach, and most importantly you can do it for free. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

Quick Guide to Embed Instagram Feed on Website!

1. Login or Sign up with Tagbox

2. Click on ‘Add Social Feeds’ in the dashboard

3. Select ‘Instagram’ as the source

4. Now, add feed by entering any one of these ‘Hashtag(#)’, ‘Handle(@)’, ‘Stories(@)’, etc.

5. Now, click on ‘Create feed’ to connect your Instagram business account

6. Your feed is now ready

7. Click on ‘Publish’ and select your Website-building platform

8. Lastly, copy the embed code and paste it into the backend. Easy Peasy, right?

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4 Methods to Embed Instagram Feed On Website

1. How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website with Social Media Aggregators

2. How to Embed Instagram Feed On Any CMS Platform

3. Embed Instagram Feed On the Website using a Plugin

4. Embed Instagram Feed using the Instagram Embeds Option

How to Embed Instagram Feed with Tagbox

To quickly embed Instagram feed on any website and captivate your audience, a UGC platforms like Tagbox is highly recommended. We offer a range of features that can help you grab visitors’ attention with multiple feeds and influence users to make a decision.

We have created a tutorial for you to collect, curate, and embed Instagram feeds on any website simply and easily without any technical expertise or complexity.

Step 1: Create an Instagram feed widget

embedding Instagram feed

Step 2: Select Your Use Case

  • After signing up you’ll see a screen where you can integrate Instagram feed on different destination. Here, choose Show Social Feeds on Web Pages.
Select use case of Instagram feed

Step 3: Select Your Network – Instagram

  • Select ‘Instagram’ as your source to collect Instagram posts.
select and include Instagram feed on website
  • Choose your feed type to collect those posts from Instagram.

What types of Instagram feeds can you embed?

  • List of Instagram feed type:
    • Hashtag (#) – Collects live Instagram hashtag feed on website.
    • Handles (@) – Collects Instagram posts from the business profile.
    • Stories – To embed Instagram Stories on the website.
    • Mentions (@) – Aggregate Instagram posts where your brand has been mentioned.
    • Tagged – Curate feeds where you have been tagged on Instagram.
    • Videos – Aggregate all-format Instagram videos on the website.
    • Reels – Check 🗹 the “Only Reels” option in the list below to embed Instagram reels on website.
    • Personal Account – Collect Instagram-uploaded posts from your personal account.
How to embed Instagram feed?
  • Choose your feed type and enter the input accordingly. Your Instagram Posts are now collected:

Step 3: Generate the Instagram feed embed code 

Once you get all your posts and are done with all the moderation and customization, follow the below-given steps to get the Instagram profile or page feeds embed code that you can use in your website code to embed Instagram feed on website.

  • Click on the Publish button on the widget editor screen.
Instagram widget layout
  • Select the “Embed On Webpage” option to embed an Instagram feed on website.
Embed Instagram widget
  • Now, choose your Website Building Platform like (HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.)
embed instagram feed free
  • Customize the height and width of your widget and copy the generated embed code. Now you have successfully generated & copied the “Instagram Feed Embed Code” for your website CMS. Follow the below-given steps to show your Instagram feed on your website builder.

Step 4: Add Instagram feed on website

  • Log in to your website and go to the backend or editor section of the page where you want to embed the Instagram widget.
  • Paste the copied Instagram embed code from the Taggbox Free Website Widget to the body of your page and publish/update the changes.
  • You will have successfully embedded Instagram feeds on the website.
instagram widget on website
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How to Embed Instagram Feed on Different CMS Website Builder?

Here are the step-by-step solutions for all popular website CMS platforms, so you need not worry about missing out. Explore Now!

How to embed Instagram feeds into HTML?

HTML is a well-organized website platform trusted widely by businesses and brands. It seems like you’re one of them. Want to give more to your website visitors so that they stay longer and increase your website’s dwell time?

instagram feed html

Well, here are some easy steps you can follow to embed Instagram feed on website HTML code:

  1. Log in to your HTML website and choose the landing page where you want to add an Instagram feed widget.
  2. Paste your copied “Instagram widget HTML code” into the page/blog/sidebar section.
  3. Apply the changes and Tada!! You will have successfully embedded Instagram widget on the HTML website.

How to insert Instagram feeds into WordPress?

WordPress is the perfect platform for designing futuristic web pages that have their uniqueness. If you are someone who likes giving unique content to your website visitor, then embedding Instagram posts can be the perfect solution for you.

embed instagram on wordpress

Here are some steps you can follow to embed Instagram feed on WordPress site:

  1. Log in to your WordPress website.
  2. Select and edit the web page where you want to embed Instagram feeds gallery.
  3. Select the Pages > Add New Page Section from the Dashboard in the 6.0 and above versions of the WordPress editor.
  4. Choose the (+) button, select the custom HTML option, paste your Instagram embed code, and apply changes to display the Instagram gallery on the website.

Check the full tutorial for all versions of WordPress to embed Instagram Feed On WordPress.

How to embed Instagram feeds on Squarespace?

Squarespace is a unique website builder and a preferred choice for businesses who aren’t afraid to experiment with all the templates Squarespace provides.

instagram feed on squarespace

Adding Instagram feeds to your Squarespace website will be the perfect visual aid for your website visitors and keep them hooked for longer. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Open a page or post editor and click “Add Block”.
  2. Select embed from the menu and click the </> icon in the URL field.
  3. Now paste your Instagram photo gallery embed code on that box and click set.
  4. Once done, click Apply to publish your changes.

Complete guide to add Instagram feed to Squarespace website.

How to add Instagram feeds to Wix website?

Wix is the foremost choice for businesses who prefer websites created entirely by them, as Wix gives users the freedom to design and develop their web pages the way they want.

instagram feed on wix

Here, follow these simple steps to embed Instagram feeds on Wix Website:

1. Embed Instagram Feed on Wix with the Classic Editor

  • For classic editor follow the below steps to embed an Instagram feed on Wix website.
  • Click on “+”.
  • Choose the “Embed a widget” option from the available list.
  • On the page, you have the option to adjust the height and width of your widget depending on the page layout.
  • Click “Enter code”.
  • Paste the embed code in the Wix Editor.
  • Tap “Update” and your Instagram feed will appear on your Editor page.
  • Click on the “Publish” button to finalize your changes.

Well, that’s it. Your Instagram feed is live on your Wix website.

2. Embedding an Instagram Feed on Wix with the ADI Editor

  • While working with the Wix ADI editor there are a few steps changed. Let’s look at them.
  • Click on the “+” icon.
  • Select the section where you wish to embed the Instagram feed.
  • Select “HTML Embed” on the left.
  • Choose from the in-built templates, and edit the default content there.
  • Click on the “select” button appearing next to HTML
  • Select the “website” option here instead of the Instagram feed embed code.
  • Add the preview URL of your feed, and adjust the width and height of your feed display.
  • Now, tap on the “Publish” button to make your feed functional on your Wix website.

How to embed Instagram feed on Weebly?

When you put visually appealing Instagram content on your Weebly website, you receive some astonishing visual marketing benefits for your eCommerce website.

embed instagram feed on shopify

Don’t look anywhere else, as we have put together a few simple steps to embed an Instagram post on your Weebly website effortlessly.

  1. Find the “Embed Code” element (in the menu on the left-hand side of your screen)
  2. Drag and drop the Embed Code element on the page where you want to attach feeds from Instagram to the Weebly website.
  3. Click on the HTML box and choose the Edit Custom HTML option.
  4. Paste the Instagram widget embed code to display the Instagram feeds Weebly Website.

How to integrate Instagram feeds into the Shopify store?

Shopify is the perfect website for businesses looking for a seamless platform to create a free e-commerce website to reach a larger audience.

instagram feed shopify

Add Instagram feed on the Shopify store to engage your website visitors and increase conversion rates. 

  1. Click on Online Store under the Sales Channels section. You will see a drop-down list in the sidebar; select the Themes option
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will find an Action button on your current theme
  3. Click that Action Button and choose Edit code from the drop-down list.
  4. Select Layout/Templates/Section (Eg: For Homepage – Index. liquid) where you want to embed Instagram profiles or page feeds
  5. Paste the copied code of the Instagram post and click on Save.

How to embed an Instagram feed on Google sites?

Google sites have made website making easy for users. You only need to drag and drop the content to the location where it is needed; you don’t require a web developer, a website designer, or any other coder. You may create team webpages, public-facing websites, internal project centers, and much more.

instagram feed on google sites

Brands find it to be incredibly significant due to the numerous advantages and responsive feature that allows customers to access the Google site even with a smartphone. Now let’s see how you can embed Instagram feed on your Google sites.

  1. After you have created your feed, copy the code generated. 
  2. Open your Google Site Account and log in.
  3. Choose the page where you want to embed your Instagram Feed Widget on the right side. (Let’s suppose we can choose the Contact page.)
  4. Choose the INSERT tab and the > Embed Option on your dashboard.
  5.  When the pop-up box for embedding from the web appears, choose EMBED CODE, paste the embed code, and then click NEXT.
  6. The widget will now be displayed as a preview on Embed retrieved from the web pop-up form.
  7. Click the INSERT Button to Incorporate the Instagram Widget on your Google site web page.

Embed Instagram Feed On the Website using Plugin

This is an option for WordPress users who rely heavily on plugins to integrate engaging and amazing functionalities and features into their websites without much hassle or expertise.

instagram feed wordpress plugin

Taggbox has created a WordPress plugin to create and show Instagram feeds on the website directly through the plugin. Here’s how you can embed an Instagram feed on website using the plugin.

Entertain website visitors with a Instagram embed!

  • Log in to your WordPress account and navigate to the Dashboard. Click on Plugins and then on Add New Plugin.
  • Type “Taggbox” in the search box.
  • You will be able to see the Taggbox Widget plugin on your screen. Click on the Install option to download and activate it.
  • Log in or Sign up to the Taggbox account with your credentials. At this point, you can create a widget if you haven’t already. If you have already created a widget, the Copy the Instagram feed embed code at Publish section.
  • Now go to the editor section of the webpage where you want to embed your Instagram feed. Click on [+] to add a block.
  • Next, select Taggbox and paste the copied HTML embed code into the provided box.
  • Click on the Update/Publish button to finish the process.

Kudos! You will have successfully embedded an Instagram feed on website. 

Embed Instagram Feed On Website using Instagram (Manually)

It may come across as a surprise to you, but Instagram itself offers users to embed Instagram feed on their website. Instagram allows users to display content (for example Post, Video, Reel) on any channel like blogs, articles, landing pages, etc. For this to work, note that you have an open account, and ensure that your Embeds settings are turned on as well.

The only limitation is that you can only embed one post at a time, unlike other embedding tools that allow you to embed an entire Instagram visual gallery to your website.

So, if you want to embed an Instagram post on your website using iframe code, then follow these simple steps with ease:

embed instagram feed
  1. Open on the browser
  2. Go to the Instagram feed you want to embed on your website
  3. Click on the three dots (…) at the post’s top right corner
  4. Click on the Embed option to generate the HTML embed code
  5. Copy & Paste the iframe Instagram feed embed code into the editor of the webpage where you want to show Instagram feed on website
  6. For example, to embed Instagram Photo on WordPress page, click onn “Custom HTML” block, and paste in the embed code. That’s it!

An embedded post looks like this:

The options with Instagram’s embedding are limited. You can only insert one post at a time. It does not have any unique functionalities like customizations, content moderation, performance analytics, real-time content updates, interactive design, etc., to align with the website’s layout. Also you can only embed Instagram post from public account.

Like what you see? Create and embed Instagram feed on website for free!

Embed Your Instagram Feed on a Website Like a Pro

We showed how to add Instagram feeds to any website. If you want more options and cool features like customizing layouts, making your Instagram feeds shoppable with ‘CTA’ buttons, and more, you can try with these steps.

With Taggbox you have full authority over how you wish to showcase creative Instagram posts. Use various themes, customize the overall look and feel of your widget, or implement your creativity above the in-built features, anything is possible with Taggbox!

I. Multiple Themes

Our platform offers you various themes that help you curate attractive widgets. These themes help you showcase your widget in various formats depending on the website requirements.

showcase Instagram feed on website

A collection of free themes that are meant to engage users and boost conversions. Easily compatible, responsive, and fast-loading themes with a wide range of options.

II. Customization Options

With Taggbox, you can develop creative widgets with various features like background, banner, card style, CTA, SnapUp, etc. All these features are explained in detail below.

Instagram feed on website
  • Background: Make the widget background transparent to align with the website theme or make it custom.
  • Banner: Customize your own template by adding colors, text, and icons to your banner image, or you can upload your own image.
  • Card Style: Edit the card style of your Instagram feeds by customizing colors, text, icons, and other social sharing options with CTA Buttons.
  • CTA: Add the ‘Call-to-Action’ button to your Instagram posts to simplify users’ journeys and get them ahead of your sales funnel.
  • Theme Settings: Try different post settings with the Custom CSS feature to meet brand requirements.
  • SnapUp: Allow users to upload their images, feedback, and ratings to your on-site Instagram widget.
  • Custom CSS: Customize Instagram feeds layout and implement your favorite design with the Custom CSS option.

III. Features of the Instagram Feed widget by Taggbox

  • Lite Code- Load faster and embed content on website 
  • Easy Setup- No Coding Required. Simple 5 Step process 
  • Responsive Design– Adaptable layout as per your screen size
  • Content Moderation and Filtering- Easily moderate irrelevant content and showcase selected content on Instagram widget.
  • Automatic Updates– Keep your feed fresh with real time.update.
  • Built-in Analytics–  Gain insights of your embedded Instagram code like no. of views, impression etc.
  • Top creator & influencer– Discover the most active content creator and influencer of your brand.
Are you ready to embed Instagram feed on your brand website?

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What are the benefits of embedding an Instagram feed on a website?

Add an Instagram widget to your website to display content created by users. Show off your products using real and authentic Instagram web widgets.

  • Build Social Proof with UGC
  • Enhance Users’ Shopping Experience
  • Boost Instagram Followers from Website Visitors
  • Increase Engagement across Social Media
  • Improves Dwell Time across Website
  • Drive Conversions and Sale
why embed instagram feed on website

• Build Social Proof with UGC

Companies of all sizes and industries have realized the power of word-of-mouth and storytelling in their Influencers marketing plans. Instagram feed that involves users’ content on the website can help your brand come across as genuine and give visitors a snapshot of what your existing users have to say about your brand.

Social media content is raw and unfiltered, making it highly valuable. Embedding an Instagram feed on the website is a lucrative approach to flaunt social proof and attract more audiences.

• Enhance Users’ Shopping Experience

When you embed an Instagram feed on a website, it brings authenticity to your products. Especially when a D2C brand embeds a vibrant shoppable Instagram gallery on the website, it works as a trust-building factor for the brand as well as consumers, which results in an increased conversion rate.

The Taggbox’s UGC suite allows users to embed user-generated content on their websites or eCommerce stores. People seek reliable sources before making purchases online. The real-life customer experiences from Instagram become a deciding factor for probable purchasers to buy your products and boost your sales.

• Boost Instagram Followers from Website Visitors

By embedding Instagram feeds, you give access to your visitors to follow you on Instagram without leaving the website. While Instagram content leaves them longing for more, it also shares your informal and casual side, making them connect more.

More than that, including UGC on your website, makes them even more engaged and builds an emotional bond.

• Increase Engagement across Social Media

Instagram content has the art & science of attracting higher engagement rates while skillfully positioning the brand and its products, be it stories, statics, videos, or reels. Social media, as influential as it is, also comes with many complexities. 

From Impressions, comments, and shares, to reach and likes, engagement on social media posts impacts your campaigns. Embedding your Instagram feed on the website can increase your posts’ engagement with ease.

You can also run Instagram promotion ads for events like Black Friday to gain more exposure. The end goal is to generate awareness in the moments where you are most likely to be profitable. In other words, spend where and when you get the best return.

• Improves Dwell Time across Website

Every brand looks for opportunities and premium content to improve its website’s average session duration. The attention-grabbing and highly engaging Instagram feed can do the trick and ultimately improve your rankings in SERPs.

You can bring visually appealing Instagram content to your website, and the visitors can engage with it and explore the content without leaving your website. It automatically improves your website’s dwell time, and the live Instagram feed also encourages them to revisit again to check if you have something new to offer.

• Drive Conversions and Sale

Instagram content featuring user reviews, product usage tutorials, or just a plain mention – is a goldmine for your brand. When brought on the website, it can successfully entice your prospective customer’s attention and boost confident purchases.

According to stats, 86% of the users claim they’d purchase, try, or recommend a product if Instagram’s content is marked as ‘worthy of sharing.’

Your users are everywhere, but especially on Instagram. You can effortlessly ensure brand growth by resourcing what they say on your website.

Best Practices for Embedding Instagram Feeds on Website

bnefits of embedding Instagram feed o n your website

✔ Make sure that your Instagram account is set to public

This is important because if your account is private, the Instagram API won’t be able to access your feed, and your Instagram feed won’t appear on your website.

✔ Prefer multiple Instagram feeds on a single page

Instead of embedding one Instagram feed on a page, consider embedding multiple feeds with single-line embed codes to give your website visitors a variety of content to engage with. For example, you could have a feed that displays your latest handle posts, a feed that displays posts with a certain hashtag, and a feed that displays posts from other users who have tagged your brand.

✔ Choose the right size and layout for your Instagram feed

Consider the layout of your website and choose a size and layout that complements it. You can choose from different options, including a grid, slideshow, and carousel. Additionally, ensure the embedded feed size fits well within your website’s design.

✔ Optimize load times for Instagram feed on the website

Heavy codes disrupt the load time of your web pages. To optimize and get an ideal load time, it’s best to use platforms like Taggbox that give provide lite codes instead of iframe embed codes. Lite code supports web core vitals, which automatically improves your website page speed.

✔ Keep the Instagram feed updated with fresh content

Finally, make sure to keep your Instagram feed updated with fresh content. With real-time updates, you can showcase new content within seconds if posted online. This will keep your website visitors engaged and inspire them to post similar content and simultaneously follow you on Instagram.

Examples of Instagram Feeds on Real-World Websites

1. Instagram Hashtag Feed

We’re confident you’ll agree that an Instagram post would be incomplete without a hashtag. In this sense, hashtags are beneficial because they assist in categorizing the material and make postings more apparent and noticeable.

One of the best ways to boost user engagement and encourage sales is by embedding Instagram hashtag feeds into the website. Also, since hashtag feeds on websites are typically created by users, they help develop social proof for your business.

If your hashtag campaign was successful, you could use an Instagram aggregator to find content that uses that particular hashtag and share it with your followers.

Examples of Instagram Feeds

A quite impression Instagram hashtag campaign #CapturingInspiration by Oppo. The company decided to compile content from its official Instagram hashtag and incorporate it on its website to boost website engagement. By doing so, the brand was able to increase awareness around the campaign by showcasing strong social proof with users’ content, which leads to more conversions.

Let more users see what’s buzzing with your #hashtag. Embed hashtag feed on your website now!

2. Instagram Slider Feed

With users’ attention spans of only 8 seconds, it must be attractively designed and visually appealing to keep their interest while displaying an Instagram feed on your website.

Example of Instagram Feeds

Instagram slider feed widget immediately inherits the design of your current theme, allowing your visitors to quickly scroll through your posts, ensuring that your feed maintains your company’s visual identity.

Veste is a clothing brand that embedded its Instagram feed on the website as a slider. This carousel form motivated users to engage with their Instagram content while browsing the website.

Since your website visitors may now take their time reading your information, an Instagram carousel feed is a fantastic approach to increase user engagement.

Let visitors scroll their way to inspiration, start adding slider feeds to keep ‘em engaged.

3. Instagram Story Feed Widget

The main characteristics of this story theme are highly original and intriguing, yet the functionalities are close to themes that already exist.

With this theme, businesses can build shoppable social experiences or display their Instagram content on the website as stories or highlights (just like on Instagram and Facebook).

embedded instagram stories

These Instagram stories can be integrated anywhere on the website, such as the main page, footer, gallery page, etc., and can last forever. You can use this one-of-a-kind, responsive theme to create a stunning website that will look great on any size screen.

This theme is most suitable for your reels and videos as it gives out the impression of watching stories and engages users more.

You can display numerous social media feeds on the website in addition to Instagram content in the form of stories.

People are engaging on Instagram stories by the second, get the story feed on your website now!

4. Instagram Single Post Widget

Brands can now make use of this theme to improve the website’s visual UGC feed. This theme enables you to present the curated UGC and other social networking platform content on the website in an eye-catching manner.

single instagram post feed

This theme’s features are equal to those of the current themes. Nonetheless, significant adjustments have been made to the theme’s appearance to give the website’s Instagram feed widget a captivating display.

The theme enables you to raise user interaction by presenting the visual content in an original but assertive manner. The theme is also quite responsive and keeps the content scrolling automatically for diverse visual possibilities.

Think of your best Instagram posts, now imagine it on your website. Get it for real with Taggbox!

5. Instagram Grid View

The grid layout below is a typical example when discussing showing Instagram feeds on websites.

embedded instagram grid widget

It’s a terrific way to promote your Instagram posts by grouping them into little square-sized thumbnails. 

By arranging posts in a grid-like format, users can create a visually stunning and cohesive feed that reflects their brand or personal style. 

This theme allows users to showcase their creativity and attention to detail, as each post must be carefully curated and placed to maintain the desired pattern or layout.

Unlike other Instagram themes that may rely on filters or presets, the Grid View Theme emphasizes post arrangement and negative space to create a striking visual impact.

This theme is also highly customizable, as users can experiment with different patterns, color schemes, and post formats to achieve their desired look. 

Spaceman is a brand that deployed authentic users’ content on their website using the grid layout and perfectly incorporated Instagram photos on their dedicated web page. They collected content from #SpaceMan and displayed images of users wearing their most liked products on their page.

Create and display multiple visuals using our responsive Grid View theme. Look no further!

6. Instagram Sidebar Widget

Another terrific Instagram feed-on website example is your Instagram sidebar widget.

Why? It’s simple. All your website’s pages can access your Instagram feed as long as the sidebar is active because you linked it there.

instagram sidebar widget

So, the more people that visit your homepage, the more interested parties will view your live Instagram feed.

Also, the likelihood that someone will follow you on Instagram increases the more people see your Instagram feed. They can then interact with your Instagram feed that is embedded without ever leaving your website.

For example, Vans has been embedding its Instagram feed on its sidebar using this theme to get users’ attention throughout their website journey. They ran a campaign where users personalized their Vans and posted their creativity online. 

This generated massive UGC and boosted their sales, as people were keen on personalizing their shoes to become trendsetters. Not only this, but they also showcased massive content and created perfect visual collages to make their web pages even more engaging.

Start embedding Instagram feed on your website sidebar and grab attention like never before.

The theme is visual-focused, where you can curate & display Instagram’s gorgeous photographs, fascinating movies, entertaining snippets, etc., directly on your website.

embedded instagram gallery

The Instagram gallery theme allows you to boost your website user engagement by showing visual material.

Because Instagram users are increasingly consuming more visual material, this theme was specifically created to capitalize on it. Billions of users daily access & upload billions of images & videos on Instagram.

It is a highly responsive theme made to rapidly display amazing visual content on every screen size and device, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Check – Instagram Feed on Website Examples You Can Copy

Need a responsive theme to display visual content? Try the gallery theme to entice your users in a blink.

Bonus: Measuring the Success of Embedded Instagram Feed

Without data, you’re blind. If you want to improve anything, you must measure it first.

Once you understand the process of embedding an Instagram feed on your website, it’s time to measure the performance of your Instagram widget. To do that, we provide you with Taggbox’s insightful analytics feature within the tool.

As rightly said by Peter Drucker ❝ What gets measured gets managed.❞

There are thousands of metrics but you need to limit yourself to 3-5 KPIs that actually matter while measuring the success of any social media widgets. It’s tempting to build yourself a dashboard containing every piece of information you need to measure and Taggbox exactly just does that to make things easy for you.

measure instagram success
  1. If your goal is to build brand awareness, you can track the likes, reach, and impressions of your embedded feed. 
  2. If you’re looking to drive conversions, you can measure the number of sales and leads generated through the feed.
  3. And if you want to increase your followers, you can track the growth of your audience over time.

Have a look at these metrics that you can track using Taggbox:

  • Posts – The total amount of posts that were collected in your feed.
  • Engagement – The total number of post likes, clicks, and comments.
  • Impressions – These are the overall views that your Instagram feed receives.
  • No. of Clicks – Number of visitors who clicked on your feed. 
  • No. of Users – Total users who interacted with your widget on the website.
  • Reach – The total number of users your Instagram feed went to is known as “reach”.

Taggbox, the ultimate performance analytics tool, offers a world of possibilities to help you unlock the full potential of your Instagram marketing strategy. 

With a wide range of metrics at your fingertips, including hashtag analysis, sentiment analysis, and in-depth audience insights like no. of visits, clicks, likes, impressions, etc., you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how your brand website is performing while using the Instagram feed widget.

But that’s not all. With Taggbox, you can also identify the most active users posting about your brand and engaging with your campaigns and turn them into brand influencers. This means you can also harness the power of user-generated content to drive sales and business growth with our performance analytics.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to get to work. By analyzing every insight and tailoring your Instagram marketing campaigns based on your analysis, you can ensure the success of your next campaign and continually adjust your future Instagram marketing efforts.

With Taggbox, the sky’s the limit when optimizing your Instagram strategy and achieving your goals.

Over to you

Without a doubt Instagram is one great marketing tool- From audience to boost your sales to user-generated content for building trustworthy relationships you get it all here. 

As this platform is constantly changing, your business needs to adapt quickly to these changes. This way, you can improve your customers’ website experience in a more efficient manner.

By embedding your Instagram feed on website you can increase conversions by making your brand look credible. 

With Taggbox you can embed multiple feeds on one single page with quick uploads and even track the performance in term of engagement and sales. 


To embed an entire Instagram feed widget, you can use the Taggbox Widget tool that will help you collect, curate, and present content on the website using a unique hashtag(#), handle(@), videos, reels, stories, mentions, tagged, etc. You can simply embed the generated Instagram feed embed code into your website pages.

Embed Instagram refers to the idea that users can generate an embed code for any Instagram feeds and copy and paste it on the backend section of their website where they want to show Instagram feeds.

Taggbox Widget offers a seamless solution to integrate an Instagram widget on website using the HTML code. Once you have curated a Widget using Taggbox, you need to select your CMS platform from available options on the dashboard. Then, It will generate a unique HTML code that you can copy and paste on the backend of your website where you want the Instagram feeds to appear.

Yes, Taggbox has an exclusive plugin for WordPress sites that you can find on the WordPress dashboard by searching "Taggbox" from the plugin section. Once you add a plugin to your WordPress dashboard, it will help you easily add Instagram feed widget to your WordPress website.

You can show Instagram feeds on multiple pages of your website. Be it on the footer, the sidebar, the header, homepage, blogs, or any desired web page. You just need to copy and paste the embed code on the backend of your website where you want your Instagram feeds to appear.

Yes, Taggbox offers you a custom post feature to add specific posts with just a few clicks. Log in to Taggbox account > Go to Apps & More > Select “Custom Post” > Add the Post URL > Click “Create Post” button. Your particular post from your feed will display automatically.