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How To Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website

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Instagram has become the most preferred social media marketing platform because of its dynamic post features like filters, editing tools, geo-tagging, hashtags, etc. Engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 higher than Twitter.

Instagram’s content is captivating. Brands use this marketing potential of the platform by embedding the Instagram feed on Squarespace websites. Moreover, the award-winning web designs, exquisite portfolios & templates Squarespace offers to its users perfectly compliments the vibrant Instagram feed.

But the question is, what benefits do brands witness by embedding Instagram posts?

Why Add Instagram Feed To Squarespace Website?

By embedding an Instagram Post on Squarespace website, you can attract more customers and can make your website look authentic with user-generated content. This user-generated content acts as social proof to the brand and thus increases conversion rates.

squarespace instagram feed

Moreover, the exciting images and videos of Instagram help in increasing the website’s vibrancy, and thus make it more dynamic and responsive. It also enhances the audience’s interaction with the brand by increasing product visibility and fabricating the hub of the eye-catching visual gallery.

Therefore, embedding Instagram feed escalates user engagement and drives sales. Now, after learning about the benefits of Instagram’s aggregation, let us dive into the next section of the blog that has a descriptive tutorial on how to embed Instagram feed on website.

Steps To Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website

Embedding Instagram Widget on Squarespace website can be done in two parts-

1. Add the Instagram feed to your Taggbox Widget account.

2. Embed Instagram feed on Squarespace website

Adding Instagram Feed to Squarespace

1. Create your Taggbox Widget account or log in to your existing account.

embed Instagram on squarespace

2. After logging in to Taggbox Widget account you will land on Taggbox Widget dashboard.

squarespace add instagram feed

3. Now click on “Add Social Feeds” option to add Instagram feed to your widget.

instagram feed on squarespace

4. A pop-up will appear. Choose Instagram as your source of the platform.

how to add Instagram feed to Squarespace

5. You can fetch the feed using Hashtags (#), mentions (@), handles, and tagged posts. Once you have entered the desired sources, click on ‘create the feed.’

add instagram feed to squarespace
  • Handles (@)– Collects Instagram posts from the business profile handle. Enter your Instagram user handle (username).
  • Hashtags(#)– Collects live hashtag feeds from Instagram.
  • Mentions Collect Instagram feeds where you have been mentioned.
  • Videos(IGTV) – Aggregate videos through Instagram.
  • Tagged Collect Instagram feeds where you have been tagged.

6. Provide the log-in credentials for Instagram and sign in. The connection has been created, and within a few moments, posts will appear on the editor.

embed instagram post squarespace

You can now customize your personalized feed and moderate the relevant content to display.

Add Instagram Feed On Squarespace

Embed Free | No Credit Card Required

Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website

Once you have added your feed to your Taggbox Widget account, the next step is to generate the code for the embed process. Follow the below steps to get the code. 

1. Click on the Publish button at the lower-left corner of the page.

Instagram to website

2. From the new pop-up that appears, choose “Squarespace” as your website building platform.

instagram feed on website html

3. Set the width and height according to your choice and click on “Get Code.”

embed instagram video on squarespace

4. Copy the code from the box. You can also have a preview of your Widget by clicking on the preview.

squarespace instagram feed

5. From the backend page of your Squarespace website, open the post editor page.

6. Click on “Add block.” Select embed from the drop-down menu and click on the code icon (</>) in the URL field.  

embed instagram feed squarespace

7. Paste your embed code on the box and click Set.

embed instagram feed on squarespace

8. Click Apply to make changes to your website.

You now have an embedded Instagram post on your Squarespace website.

Free Option to Embed Instagram Post On Squarespace Website

1. Embed Through Instagram Itself

Using the Instagram app, you can easily add your feed to the website for free. It includes a simple procedure that goes as follows-

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Select the post that you want to embed.
  • Click on the three dots option on the upper right corner of the post.
  • Choose the ‘embed’ option, and the code will be generated.
  • Copy the code and paste it on the backend page of your Squarespace website.

But the drawback that follows with this procedure is that you can only embed one post at a time. Also, it does not possess any functionalities, such as customization, moderation, performance analytics, and live updates.

2. Embed Using Squarespace Instagram Block

Squarespace allows you to display Instagram posts on your site using Instagram blocks. It showcases your posts on the website without manually adding them to the gallery, rather it provides live updates on the site by syncing Instagram blocks with your Instagram account.

Here is the rundown of the steps to add Instagram block to your website.

  • Open the page editor and click an insert point.
  • In the block menu, select “Instagram”. Click and drag the block to move it to the desired location.
  • Click the “Connected Account” option in the block editor. From the drop-down menu, select your connected Instagram account or click on ‘New Account’ to connect a different one.
  • Using the ‘Items to display’ slider select the number of images to display. You can select the number upto 20.
  • Click on ‘Design tab’ to customize your display.
  • Click “Apply” to save changes.

But the drawback that follows with this procedure is that Instagram does not support the filtration of posts in Instagram blocks by Hashtags and Search terms. Also, it allows you to add a maximum of only 20 images at a time.

The solution to this is Taggbox’s Website Widget. It has not only bowled over this limitation but also has a lot to serve you with the best. 

Suggestions To Display Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website

Now since you know what Instagram Feed is, why you should add Instagram feed on Squarespace, and how to embed it, let us go beyond and gather some ideas for where to display it on your website.

  • Home page

It is the landing page of your website that attracts visitors. It is the default main web page of your website that shows the summary of your business. It’s worthy to display your Instagram feed Widget on the homepage of your website as it is a great way for the visitor to learn about your business.

  • About page

This page allows the visitor to dive into the deep layers of your business and explore more about it. Displaying your Instagram feed gallery on this page is an even better option to have a great impact on your visitors. It will enhance the appearance of the page and will show a variety of images about your business and its products rather than a few chosen ones.

  • Blog posts

Another amazing way to display your feed is at the end of your blog posts. This will initiate a call-to-action after the visitor has completed reading your blog. Clicks on this action will help the brands to increase the number of followers on Instagram, and Instagram being a marketing channel for the brands, a huge number of followers will boost engagement and growth.

  • Website footer

The bottom section of the webpage but an excellent option to display your feed. It is because the website footer will appear automatically on every page of your website. So no matter on which page the visitor is navigating to, he will always have a chance to see your feed.

Check out how brands are showcasing IG feed on their website – Examples of Instagram Feed

Why Designate Taggbox As Your Go To Widget Tool?

Taggbox is an amazing social media aggregator tool that provides you with a user-friendly interface and delivers interesting features that make your Instagram post more interactive.

  • It helps in customization of the feed by changing themes, backgrounds, layouts, color, fonts, post styles, content highlights, and much more.
  • Powerful moderation panel and profanity filter allow you to choose the most relevant content that you want to display on your website.
  • It also analyzes your performance using its analytics feature, which displays total impressions, clicks, users, etc., and helps you gain user insights and growth.

  • Moreover, the real-time update feature helps you display fresh and unique content to your visitors.
  • Compatible with various website-building platforms. E.g., WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, HTML, Shopify, etc.


In this age of digital marketing, social media, especially Instagram, plays an important role. Integrating this Instagram with your website is a perfect idea to expand your market reach and engagement. 

With the help of Taggbox Widget, you can build trust by displaying your live Instagram photo feed on the website and hence boost conversions and sales.

Encourage Audience Interaction and Boost Sales

Embed your Instagram feed on website now

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