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How To Embed Google Reviews On Any Website For Free

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Did you know you could embed Google reviews on your website, which will not just engage the audience but also build consumer trust?

Before making a purchase, a potential consumer will almost always do some research about the company and its products. To obtain as much information as possible, they search for reviews and previous customers’ perspectives.

Consumers trust other consumers – This can be backed by the fact that 88% of customers rely on online reviews and direct recommendations as compared to the brand’s generated content.

Think about this – Whenever we try something new, it could be a salon, a pet shop, a restaurant, a boutique, or just the AC service guy, checking Google reviews is the foremost thing that comes to our mind. Isn’t it?

You can consider Google reviews as the reputation manager for your brand because, believe it or not, some positive reviews and professionally handled negative reviews can bring success to your business.

Incorporate Google reviews into your website with Google Reviews Widget.

Key Steps To Embed Google Reviews On Any Website

Even though it may sound like a technical process, embedding Google reviews does not require any coding skills or prior experience. It can be effortlessly completed by beginners using our Google reviews widget.

Taggbox Widget is a leading reviews platform that allows you to embed Google reviews effortlessly on your website. Users can also embed Yelp, Airbnb, and Facebook page reviews on the website. The tool offers customization, content moderation, analytics, and automatic content updates to make the widget impactful.

Here we have mentioned the quick and easy steps to add Google reviews to your website:

1. Create an Account using Taggbox Widget

2. Add Google Reviews with Google My Business Page

3. Customize and Moderate your Reviews

4. Copy the Google Reviews Embed code

5. Embed Google Reviews On Site

Step 1. Create an Account using Taggbox Widget

how to embed google reviews on website
  • After login, you will see the Dashboard. Now click on the “Add Social Feeds” option to collect and curate Google reviews in your widget.
add google reviews to website

Step 2. Add Google Reviews with Google My Business Page

  • Choose “Google” as the source from the different platforms that are displayed in the pop-up.
google reviews on website

Bonus: Add On-Site Reviews Upload Button using Taggbox
There are additional ways to obtain Google reviews apart from Google itself. Make the most out of your website visitors by enabling them to leave reviews directly on your website using the On-site upload feature offered by Taggbox.

  • A new pop-up will appear; choose Places to collect reviews from any desired location or My Places to fetch Google reviews from your own Google My Business profile for your website and click on the “Create Feed” option.
Google my business reviews
Enter the necessary information and provide access to continue fetching the reviews from Google

Step 3. Customize and Moderate your Reviews

Customize – You can customize your Google review by changing post style, showing information, social sharing options, custom posts, different banners, pop-ups, and background that aligns with the aesthetics of your brand and company.

Moderate – You can decide which reviews to show and restrict the unwanted. Also, you can highlight a review, Pin to the top, add CTA, or even edit the post.

More – You have the option of adding additional elements to the widget like filters, custom CSS, etc.

display google reviews on website

Step 4. Copy the Google Reviews Embed code

Once you have customized your reviews, the next step is to integrate Google reviews into website.

  • Click on the “Publish” button at the lower-left corner of the widget editor page.
show google reviews on website
  • Here select the “Embed On Webpage” option. Then a list of various website-building platforms will appear on the screen.
google reviews embed
  • Choose your preferred platform, such as HTML, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, etc. Adjust the height & width of your Google Reviews widget according to the section of the webpage where you want to embed it.
google reviews html code
Just Copy the HTML embed code!

Step 5. Embed Google Reviews On Site

  • Now Paste the generated HTML code onto your website and that’s it. You have successfully embedded Google reviews on the website.
embedded google
Later on, you can use our Analytics feature to track the overall performance of your website.

Taggbox Analytics – Gain audience insights through engagement and web analytics. You can see the total impressions, clicks, users, sentiment analysis, and many more details.

Tutorial: Embed Google Reviews On Your CMS Platform

Now that you know about the steps included to complete the embedding process seamlessly, you must be wondering about what steps to follow for your particular website builder.

Keep reading to find out how to embed Google reviews on your specific CMS platform.

how to add google reviews to your website

How To Embed Google Reviews On HTML Website?

Follow the simple steps to add Google reviews to HTML website:

1. Copied the Google reviews HTML code from the Taggbox widget editor.

2. Now login to your HTML website admin panel.

3. Open that page where you want to add Google reviews to the website.

4. Now paste the generated Google reviews embed code.

5. You have successfully embedded Google reviews on HTML website.

Explore More – Simple Step By Step Guide To Add Google Reviews To HTML

How To Display Google Reviews On WordPress Website?

embed google reviews wordpress

1. Choose WordPress as the website building platform and sign in to it

2. Go to the webpage where you want to embed the feeds

3. Click on the visual and text option on the website’s right side

4. Choose Text mode

5. Put the copied code in the website’s backend

6. To complete the procedure, select Update

Additionally – You can even use the Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin, a must-try plugin for all WordPress users across the globe to add Google review to the WordPress website.

google review plugin for website

Using this plugin, you can easily embed Google reviews on WordPress websites without any complex coding. The plugin will help you generate a simple shortcode that you can copy-paste on the section of the WordPress webpage where you want to embed it.

The customization, powerful moderation, analytics, auto-updates, and robust customer support features offered by this plugin make it the best choice for all WordPress users. Also, this plugin can be easily downloaded from the WordPress library.

How Can You Add Google Reviews To Wix Website?

embed google reviews on wix
  • Log into your Wix account after choosing it as your CMS platform
  • Select + from the menu bar’s left side 
  • Click on More
  • From Embeds, choose HTML iFrames
  • Put the produced code in the field marked ‘Code’
  • By selecting the Apply option, you may save the changes

How To Embed Google Reviews On Squarespace Website?

add google reviews to squarespace
  • Once you have logged in to your Squarespace website, select Edit
  • Then, on the pop-up window on the right side, click the /> code
  • Copy and paste the generated embed code
  • Select Done from the menu in the top left corner
  • Voila! You would have incorporated the widget successfully!

How To Add Google Reviews To Shopify Website?

embed google reviews on shopify
  • Start by signing into your account after choosing Shopify as your platform
  • Under the Sales Channel option, click the online store
  • Choose Themes from the drop-down menu
  • Choose Action
  • From the menu, select Edit code
  • Choose the webpage or section where you want Google reviews to appear
  • Then, save the modifications by pasting the embed code

Benefits of Adding Google Reviews to your Business Website

1. Build Consumer Trust & Reliability

The first and foremost benefit of embedding reviews on a website is that it helps in building trust and reliability for the brand among the consumers which can help in driving conversions.

google reviews on website examples
An Example Of Building Trust & Credibility Through Rating & Reviews On Website

Over 90% of people tend to trust user-generated content, i.e., user reviews, to make their online purchase decisions.

Reviews being the authentic content that is shared by the real customers based on their real experiences with a brand leads to showing realistic information about the quality & performance of a brand.

2. Showcase Advocacy & Create Desirability

Positive word-of-mouth is still the key influencer that shapes the purchase decisions for consumers and conversions for the brand. Google reviews act as brand advocacy, i.e., a seal of trust & credibility given by the customers.

google reviews html widget
Brand Advocacy By Customers For Campervan Rentals

Brand advocacy can be understood as when the existing customers of a business or a brand take the credibility and responsibility of the brand’s products and services for quality, value, and worthiness.

3. Brand Awareness & Reach Creation

Reach and awareness building is a major success metric as more awareness is positively correlated with increasing website traffic, user engagement, and conversion rate.

embed google rating on website

Google reviews are shared by the users, so these users’ networks also come to know about the brand which helps build awareness to a wider audience with positive exposure & higher reach.

4. Improve SEO Ranking & Increase CTR Of Search Results

Google reviews are the magic ingredient that scales up your SEO ranking and gives Google positive feedback about your brand and its services. Healthy reviews about your brand will impact your position in the web search results.

“16% of Google Local Search Ranking Factors Accounts to Review Signals.

According to the Whitespark’s local search ranking factors survey.

Also, the star ratings used by Google increase the CTR of your search results. The more the ratings, the higher will be the click rates. It, therefore, increases customer interaction with the brand and engages them in the long run.

5. Boost Conversion Rate & Sales

The facts say that 92% of the users are likely to purchase after reading trusted reviews, or consumers are willing to spend over 30% on businesses with excellent reviews, and 82% of the users tend to read reviews before making online purchases.

embed google business reviews on website

As we discussed that most users look for trustable & authentic information that can help them in making their purchase decisions, so Google reviews are that valuable information to drive your conversions.

6. Initiates A Feedback Cycle

“What goes around, comes around.” If you provide your customers with a good and trustworthy experience, then they would be willing to share it with a larger audience. In fact, 86% of customers would consider writing reviews for the business.

Google reviews on your website can encourage other customers to invest in your brand and write a review for you as well. This will help you strengthen your brand goals and build strong customer relationships.

integrate google reviews into website

Where To Show Google Reviews On Website?

By now, you must be having a thorough understanding of how essential Google reviews are and what benefits they can bring to your business if you display them on your website.

But the question is, how to make the reviews visible for the website visitors and make sure they will get influenced?

Mentioned below are some sections of your website that when incorporated with the Google review widget can help you gain maximum results.

  • Showcase the positive Google reviews on your homepage, blogs, footer section, sidebars, or any other page that will create a positive impact on the visitors;
  • Display reviews that are descriptive and help create conversations with the audience on the about page so that they get a better understanding of your brand;
  • If you are an eCommerce, you can choose the product-specific reviews and embed them on the product’s page; customers will get influenced by the real-life experiences.


Google reviews are essential for the expansion of your business. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses enables you to market and work on your weaknesses.

Making a positive first impression on your visitors is as simple as putting these reviews on your website utilizing the Google review widget. You may keep website visitors interested and build your reputation by displaying reviews. 

The website is the crucial channel for any business that needs to be effective, informative and engaging for the consumers, & Google reviews are a perfect solution. We are at the end of this post and you got to know everything about Google reviews, their significance, the embedding process, and how this strategy can help your business.

So, get started now to leverage the user reviews to magnify your business growth, revenue generation, and success possibilities using Taggbox Widget.

Give Taggbox a Try – it’s free for 14 days!

Build a Responsive & Powerful Reviews Widget for your Website


There are two main ways in which you can easily embed Google Reviews on your website.

  1. Using a Google review widget tool like Taggbox Widget
  2. Using a WordPress plugin

Unfortunately no. Google does not offer the option to directly embed reviews anymore. You would need to use the Google Business Profile API or a Google Reviews Widget. Successfully using the API requires technical expertise, so it’s not recommended for beginners.

If you have created your website using Wix, you can easily embed Google reviews in your preferred website section by following the steps mentioned above.

Yes, you can! Unnecessary nasty reviews can blow up your brand’s reputation. Taggbox Widget offers a content moderation panel that can be used to eliminate any unwanted reviews from your Google reviews widget.

It is crucial for every brand to place Google reviews strategically to garner maximum exposure. Websites are the perfect mediums for embedding Google reviews. However, the users can also include them in retargeting ads and emailers to enhance their marketing efforts.

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