Good Reviews Examples: 30+ Industry-wise Templates

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Do you encourage your customers to write reviews for your product or service? If not, you should understand how important positive reviews are?

According to a recent survey conducted by BrightLocal, a staggering 87% of consumers read positive reviews examples before making a purchase decision!

  • Products with positive reviews are 200% more likely to be purchased than those with no reviews.
  • Businesses with an average rating of 4 stars or higher see 12 times more sales than those with an average rating of 3 stars or lower.

This compelling statistic underscores the pivotal role that positive reviews play in shaping the choices of modern-day consumers.

Positive reviews are a testament to the product or service in question and a reflection of the human connection fostered between the brand and the customer.

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Beyond mere numbers, let us delve into a detailed understanding –

positive reviews examples

What Do You Mean by Positive Review?

A positive review refers to a favorable evaluation or appraisal given by a user of a product, service, or experience. 

Positive reviews highlight the subject’s strengths, benefits, and positive aspects, helping potential buyers or users make informed decisions through user generated content

These reviews serving as good positive review examples can be found on various platforms such as e-commerce websites, social media, review websites, or testimonials shared by happy customers.

What Makes a Positive Review? 

5-star Review Example (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) amplify the impact of exceptional products and services on various industries. Happy customers eagerly share their experiences, providing valuable insights to potential buyers and bolstering businesses’ reputations. 

Positive Reviews Examples by Industries

Templets for Good Review Examples (Copy & Paste)

Travel & Tourism

We’ve put together a list of Hotel Review Examples you can copy and paste. It’s a faster method for those with hectic schedules.

restaurant reviews examples
  • “An unforgettable experience! The hotel’s breathtaking ocean-view rooms and top-notch service made our vacation a dream come true. The staff went above and beyond to cater to our needs, and the on-site activities kept us entertained throughout our stay. We can’t wait to return.”
  • We had a great time on the food tour with this company. Our guide knew all the best local places to eat, and the dishes were delicious. It was an unforgettable experience for food lovers like us.
  • Amazing Travel Agency! Must-See Places Covered The trip was well-planned, and we visited all the famous spots. The guides were friendly and told us interesting stories about the places we saw. Highly recommend this travel agency!
  • The hot air balloon ride was like a dream. We flew over a beautiful landscape at sunrise, and the view was breathtaking. It’s a must-do experience!
  • The beach resort was so peaceful, with beautiful gardens and luxurious amenities. The spa treatments were excellent, and the attention to detail made us feel pampered throughout our stay.

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Beverage & Food Reviews Examples

Some good review examples for the food & beverage industry are:

customer reviews examples
  • “The restaurant had a cozy atmosphere, and the staff welcomed us. The dishes were bursting with flavors, and they looked impressive. We want to go back for more!”
  • “Delightful pastries at the bakery! Each bite was heavenly, and they had a variety of treats for everyone’s taste. A must-visit for dessert lovers!”
  • “Amazing coffee at the cozy café! The baristas were passionate about their craft, and the place was perfect to relax and enjoy a cup of joe.”
  • “The fancy restaurant exceeded our expectations. The gourmet dishes were expertly prepared, and the service was attentive without being intrusive. A true culinary delight!”
  • “The food truck’s dishes were a treat to the mouth, from the spicy tacos to the mouthwatering empanadas. Each bite felt like a journey to the cuisine’s country of origin. A hidden gem for food lovers!”
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Cosmetic & Beauty Products

Let’s look at some performance review examples from the cosmetic industry.

good reviews examples
  • “This skincare product has transformed my skin. My complexion is now smoother and more radiant than ever. I can’t thank this brand enough for creating such an effective product.”
  • “My go-to makeup brand! The foundation blends seamlessly and gives me a natural, glowing look. It stays put all day, even in hot weather. I feel confident and beautiful whenever I wear it.”
  • “This hair serum has worked wonders on my frizzy hair. It tames the flyaways and leaves my locks shiny and manageable. I can’t imagine my haircare routine without it!”
  • “The perfect lipstick! The color is stunning, gliding smoothly without drying my lips. It lasts for hours, even after eating and drinking. I’m in love with this long-lasting formula.”
  • “This eye cream has reduced the appearance of my dark circles and puffiness significantly. It’s like a little miracle in a jar. I look more refreshed and youthful after using it regularly.”

UGC reviews for cosmetic brands play a significant role in influencing purchase decisions. Many consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and positive reviews can push them to buy a product they might have been considering.

Home Decor

Let’s have a glance at some of the best good review examples.

examples of good reviews
  • “Stylish and cozy! The throw pillows I bought from this store added a touch of elegance to my living room. The quality is excellent, and the designs complement my decor perfectly.”
  • “Eye-catching wall art! The canvas print adds a pop of color to my bedroom. The artwork is of high quality, and the delivery was prompt and well-packaged. I’m impressed with the level of craftsmanship.”
  • “The vintage-inspired accent pieces I purchased here added character to my home. Each piece is carefully curated, and I love how they tell a story in my living space.”
  • “The scented candles I got from this shop create a calming ambiance in my home. The fragrances are delightful, and they burn evenly. They have become a part of my relaxation routine.”
  • “Excellent craftsmanship! The handwoven rug I bought is a statement piece and a work of art. The attention to detail and the quality of materials exceeded my expectations.”


best reviews examples
  • What an amazing museum! The displays were so well-curated, and I was truly impressed by the wealth of historical artifacts they had. A must-visit for anyone interested in history and culture.”
  • “I had a fantastic time at the museum. The interactive exhibits made learning fun, and the staff’s passion for sharing information was evident. It’s a perfect place for a family outing.”
  • “This museum exceeded my expectations. The art collection was breathtaking, and the way they presented each piece’s backstory added a unique touch. I left feeling enriched and grateful for the experience.”
  • “Visiting the museum was a delight. The attention to detail in recreating different eras was astounding. It was both educational and visually captivating. I can’t wait to bring my friends along next time.”
  • “I was thoroughly impressed by the museum’s dedication to showcasing local history. The guided tour was informative, and the blend of technology with traditional artifacts made it a memorable visit. I highly recommend it.”

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As a brand & business owner, you would love to look at some good review examples.

examples of reviews
  • “The semi-formal dress I purchased fits perfectly and enhances my personality. It’s versatile enough for both casual and formal occasions. I received so many compliments when I wore it.”
  • “Great quality and value! The T-shirts I bought from this brand are soft, durable, and affordable. They are now my go-to basics for everyday wear.”
  • “Timeless elegance! The formal suit I got from this store is well-tailored and exudes sophistication. At my event, I felt confident and polished, and the compliments kept pouring in.”
  • “The accessories I bought from this boutique are fashion-forward and elevate my outfits. They’re the perfect finishing touches to make a style statement.”
  • “Fashion for all sizes! The inclusive range of clothing in this store caters to all body types. The clothes are stylish, comfortable, and I appreciate the brand’s commitment to diversity and body positivity.”

Fashion Accessories

great reviews examples
  • “The statement necklace I purchased from this store is eye-catching and adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. I receive compliments every time I wear it.”
  • “The classic watch I got from this brand epitomizes sophistication. Its craftsmanship is exceptional and a timepiece I’ll cherish for years.”
  • “The handcrafted earrings I bought from this artisan brand are like wearable art. They’re not only beautiful but also reflect the creativity and skill of the designer.”
  • “Versatile and well-made! The leather handbag I invested in is both stylish and functional. It holds all my essentials and still looks chic, making it the perfect everyday bag.”
  • “Fashion-forward and sustainable! The eco-friendly materials used in the accessories from this brand align with my values. I can express my style while being mindful of the environment.”
  • These sunglasses are both stylish and functional. They protect my eyes while adding a trendy touch.”
  • “Love these sunglasses! Stylish and provide excellent sun protection. A perfect accessory for any outfit.”

Spa & Salon

Wondering how to write a good review for a spa? Here are beauty salon reviews examples and templates that you can get inspiration from.

  • “Blissful experience! The massage at this spa provided much-needed relaxation to my mind and body. The therapist’s technique was impeccable, and the tranquil ambiance heightened the relaxation.”
  • “The hairstylist at this salon gave me a fresh new look that perfectly suits my face shape. I feel like a new person, and my hair looks healthier than ever.”
  • “Pampering at its best! The facial treatment I received was a treat for my skin. The products used were high quality, and my complexion was glowing after the session.”
  • “The manicurist at this salon is a true artist. The intricate designs on my nails look stunning, and the long-lasting polish exceeded my expectations.”
  • “A true retreat! The spa’s massage, facial, and sauna package left me feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. It was a perfect escape from the daily hustle and bustle.”

Flower Shop

positive reviews examples copy and paste
  • “Elegant floral arrangements! The bouquet I ordered for a special occasion was nothing short of stunning. The flowers were fresh, and the colors complemented each other beautifully.”
  • “Thoughtful customer service! The florist went above and beyond to create a personalized arrangement that conveyed exactly what I wanted to express. The recipient was delighted.”
  • “The flower shop delivered the bouquet on time and with care. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction were impressive.”
  • “The flower shop offers an extensive selection of blooms, from classic roses to exotic orchids. It’s my go-to place for any occasion that calls for flowers.”
  • “Lasting beauty! The potted plant I bought as a gift continues to thrive, adding a touch of nature to the recipient’s home. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.”

Gym & Fitness

gym reviews examples
  • “What an amazing museum! The displays were so well-curated, and I was truly impressed by the wealth of historical artifacts they had. A must-visit for anyone interested in history and culture.”
  • “I had a fantastic time at the museum. The interactive exhibits made learning fun, and the staff’s passion for sharing information was evident. It’s a perfect place for a family outing.”
  • “This museum exceeded my expectations. The art collection was breathtaking, and the way they presented each piece’s backstory added a unique touch. I left feeling enriched and grateful for the experience.”
  • “Visiting the museum was a delight. The attention to detail in recreating different eras was astounding. It was both educational and visually captivating. I can’t wait to bring my friends along next time.”
  • “I was thoroughly impressed by the museum’s dedication to showcasing local history. The guided tour was informative, and the blend of technology with traditional artifacts made it a memorable visit. I highly recommend it.”

Concert Reviews Examples

  • “The concert was absolutely amazing! The energy, music, and atmosphere were all top-notch. A night to remember!”
  • “A phenomenal performance that left me in awe. The artists’ passion and talent created an unforgettable evening.”
  • “Spectacular show! The artists’ stage presence and the incredible sound quality made it a 5-star experience.”
  • “I was blown away by the concert. The selection of songs, the crowd interaction – everything was perfect!”
  • “An outstanding performance that exceeded all expectations. This concert was worth every moment.”

Good Reviews Examples of Software

  • “This project management software has streamlined our workflow and improved collaboration. We can now track tasks, share files, and communicate effortlessly.”
  • “Intuitive and user-friendly! The accounting software is easy to navigate, even for someone with minimal tax accounting knowledge. It has simplified our financial processes significantly.”
  • “Excellent customer support! Whenever we faced an issue with the software, the support team responded promptly and resolved it efficiently. Their assistance made the transition smooth.”
  • “The data backup software has given us peace of mind, knowing that our critical data is safe and secure. It’s a vital tool for safeguarding our business.”
  • “The CRM software has grown with our business, accommodating our expanding customer base. Its flexibility and customization options make it a valuable asset.”

Positive Reviews Examples for Company

company reviews examples
  • “A true partner in success! The marketing agency has been instrumental in boosting our online presence. Their strategies have driven traffic to our website and increased our sales.”
  • “The design agency’s team delivered a brand identity that perfectly captures our company’s essence. Their artistic vision sets us apart from competitors.”
  • “Efficient and professional! The PR agency handled our media outreach with the utmost competence. They secured valuable press coverage, enhancing our brand’s visibility.”
  • “Result-oriented Branding agency! Our website’s search rankings have skyrocketed since partnering with this agency. Their data-driven approach has yielded impressive organic growth.”
  • “The advertising agency delivered our campaign on time and within budget. Their prompt communication and attention to detail were commendable.”

More Reviews | More Revenue

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Where Can You Find Good Reviews?

Review platforms, like influencers, have become integral parts of the modern consumer landscape as they help out users by showcasing positive review examples. They empower customers to share their opinions openly and aid others in making well-informed decisions.


Google is a go to place to find good reviews from customers. People can easily share their thoughts on your Google My Business page. You’ve probably looked at these reviews for places like restaurants, cafes, and services like plumbing.

For local businesses, having Google Reviews is really important. They make your business more visible online and help you show up higher when people search. Also, replying to these reviews is a good way to talk to your customers. It shows you care about what they think and can help with any issues they have.

Brands & businesses can embed Google reviews on their website to significantly boost their reputation and visibility.

google reviews examples

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With billions of active users, Facebook is a social media giant that serves as a hub for personal connections and business interactions. 

Many businesses maintain official Facebook pages, where they can engage with their audience, share updates, and respond to customer inquiries. 

The facebook reviews feature, enabling customers to leave feedback and rate their experiences.
Positive review examples on Facebook, similar to user-generated content, can help businesses build credibility and trust among potential customers by showcasing Facebook review on website.

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Social Media

Businesses get important feedback from customers on social media by talking to them and asking for reviews. Being active on social media helps improve the company’s online reputation and get more customers.

One way to get reviews on social media is to ask customers to share their experience with your business. You can also ask them to use special hashtags and tag your brand in their posts. This way, more people will see it and you’ll get more feedback about your products.

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Website Reviews and Quotes

Many businesses incorporate customer reviews directly using best website widgets or dedicated sections. 

Visitors to a company’s website can explore these sections, which showcase authentic reviews and testimonials from previous customers. 

These reviews highlight positive experiences, helping potential customers build trust in the brand and its offerings.

reviews examples

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Bloggers frequently share their personal experiences and opinions about various products and services on their blogs. 

To find reviews, individuals can search for specific products or services followed by terms like “review” or “experience” on search engines. 

Dedicated review websites also compile blog posts and articles featuring reviews on a wide range of topics, making it easier for readers to access diverse opinions.


Yelp is a platform dedicated to business reviews, making it a go-to source for collecting reviews on local businesses, restaurants, services, and more. 

Users can download the Yelp app or visit the website, search for a specific business or category, and read detailed reviews from previous customers. 

Yelp provides ratings, photos, and user-generated content to help people assess the online reputation and quality of a business.

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yelp review importance


When searching for accommodations or travel experiences on Airbnb, users can access reviews left by previous guests. 

These reviews offer valuable insights into the cleanliness, amenities, and overall experiences of staying at a particular place. 

Guests rate their stays and often leave written feedback, enabling potential guests to make well-informed decisions about their bookings.

Embedding Airbnb reviews on a website enhances credibility and trust, providing potential guests with authentic insights into the property’s quality and guest experiences.”

Other Reviews website where you can find Good Review Examples?


Trustpilot is a globally recognized review platform that covers a diverse range of businesses and industries. 

Unlike some other platforms, Trustpilot operates as an open review platform, allowing customers to share their experiences freely as customer review examples. 

The platform encourages businesses to respond to reviews, fostering a sense of transparency and accountability. 

Positive reviews on Trustpilot can significantly impact a company’s reputation and credibility, as they can help attract new customers and build trust among existing ones.


When it comes to travel and hospitality, TripAdvisor reigns supreme. Travelers can share their experiences, rate accommodations, restaurants, and tourist attractions, and provide valuable travel tips and photos. 

The platform’s user-generated content helps other travelers plan their trips effectively, avoid pitfalls, and make the most of their journeys. 

Good review examples on TripAdvisor can be a boon for hotels, restaurants, and attractions, leading to increased bookings and footfall due to improved visibility and trustworthiness.


G2 is a specialized review platform that caters to the technology industry, particularly software products and solutions. It boasts a vast database of software offerings, and what sets G2 apart is its user-driven approach. 

Verified users can leave detailed reviews and ratings for the software they have used as customer review examples, providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

G2’s proprietary Grid® scoring system focuses on customer satisfaction and market presence to offer an easily comparable overview of various software solutions. 

Businesses and individuals can confidently explore and select software based on real customer feedback, making G2 a valuable resource in the tech world regarding customer review examples.


Similar to G2, TrustRadius focuses on software reviews, with a strong emphasis on in-depth and authentic user experiences. 

TrustRadius verifies reviewers to ensure credibility, and its reviews provide comprehensive insights into the usability, performance, and customer support of different software products. 

The platform employs a TrustScore, which considers review recency and quality, to determine a product’s trustworthiness. 

With detailed analysis and genuine feedback, TrustRadius empowers potential buyers to make informed decisions about software purchases through positive review examples.


As part of the Gartner Digital Markets network, Capterra specializes in software reviews and comparisons. 

It offers various software solutions across various categories, from OKR management tools to customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

Users can leave reviews and ratings based on their experiences with specific software applications. These customer review examples provide valuable insights to other businesses or individuals seeking the right software solution to meet their unique needs. 

Capterra’s platform offers software providers a chance to showcase their products, receive user feedback, and enhance their offerings to better cater to customer requirements.


Glassdoor is a go-to platform for job seekers and employees. It provides company reviews, salary information, interview experiences, and insights into the work culture of various organizations. 

Employees can anonymously share their views, detailing their workplace’s positive and negative aspects. 

Job seekers can use this information to understand a company’s environment and values better, aiding them in making well-informed decisions about their career prospects. 

For businesses, employee reviews examples on Glassdoor can be a potent tool for employer branding, attracting top talent, and showcasing a positive work culture.

Why Should You Not Miss Out On Positive Reviews Examples?

Positive reviews play a crucial role in today’s digital age, where consumers heavily rely on the experiences and opinions of others before making purchase decisions. 

Serving as social proof, positive reviews build trust and credibility for a business, especially in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

When potential customers come across a stream of positive feedback from satisfied buyers, it creates a sense of reassurance, encouraging them to feel more confident in choosing the product or service.

Moreover, good review examples act as magnets, attracting potential customers to explore a business further. As consumers read about the positive experiences of others, they become intrigued and curious about what the brand has to offer. 

This heightened interest often leads to increased website visits, inquiries, and sales conversion rates.

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Collecting reviews offer social proof, builds trust, attracts new customers, enhances brand reputation, provides feedback for improvement, and fosters customer loyalty.

To get more reviews, encourage customers to leave feedback through follow-up emails, incentivize reviews with rewards or discounts, make the review process simple and accessible, and engage with customers on social media platforms.

In a positive review, share specific details about your positive experience, highlight what you liked about the product or service, and mention how it benefited or met your expectations.

  • "Outstanding service! The staff was attentive and helpful, making my experience exceptional.
  • "The product exceeded my expectations! It's well-made, durable, and worth every penny.
  • An amazing dining experience! The food was delicious, and the ambiance was delightful.
  • "The customer support was fantastic! They quickly resolved my issue and were very friendly.
  • The tour was incredible! The guide was knowledgeable, and we visited breathtaking spots.

A good review is specific, honest, and detailed. It highlights both positive aspects and areas for improvement. It provides helpful insights for potential customers and demonstrates the reviewer's genuine experience and satisfaction.