Benefits Of Embedding Social Media Feeds On Website

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If you are new to the concept of why, embed social media feed on website, or not sure what it is, then we have a perfect article to explain it and how you can do it for your website.

In this digital age, more and more brands are moving towards online storefronts i.e., website & social media, to drive their business growth as the massive global audience is immensely invested in digital media. 

But social media & websites are 2 different marketing channels where social media has been extremely successful & beneficial for brands, whereas websites have faced quite a lot of challenges to achieve results. 

To improve your website performance and returns, you can integrate social media with your website through social media feeds as it is an excellent solution to use these channels and drive growth & success.

What Are Social Media Feeds?

A social media feed is a feed of content that has been collected from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. that you can embed on your website. 

The content that you collect from social media can be branded content or user-generated content or the content from influencers & experts. The social media feed content is collected using hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, keywords, pages, channels, and many more. 

all social media feeds in one place
Example of all social media feeds in one place

Now that you know what social media feeds are, here are some of the reasons why you should embed social media feeds on websites. 

Benefits of Embedding Social Media Feed On Website

1. Grow Your Brand Reach With Social Content Feed

There are many social media platforms, with each one having their distinctive benefits & audiences, so it is essential to have an active presence on all these platforms.

Social media feeds will help you in aggregating all these social profiles & their content into a single feed to combine the power of different platforms in one place. 

social media feeds in one place

This will also help in cross-channelizing traffic between different platforms using your website as a bridge. It will lead to an increase in your brand reach and awareness to new audiences. 

You will also get exposure to new audiences that can lead to the growth of your following on different social profiles. You can leverage this to magnify your social impact & empower social media strategies.

2. Leverage UGC To Build Trust & Credibility

Nowadays, it has become crucial for brands to focus on building trust & credibility among the audience, especially on digital mediums like websites. 

As there is a huge portion of the audience that have brand distrust, unreliability, and security concerns. To counter this challenge, user-generated content is the perfect solution as it is an immensely trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content among consumers. 

social media example

Using your social media feed, you can leverage all the relevant and valuable user-generated content around your brand from social media and display UGC on your website to showcase credibility, build trust, and enhance reliability for your brand. 

You can display user experience content, their reviews, brand advocacy i.e., positive content they share about your brand/products, and much more. 

Having UGC on your website as social media feed will help you drive conversions as over 90% of the people trust UGC while making online purchase decisions.

3. Increase User Engagement & Dwell Time

User engagement for a website can be understood as the most important aspect to measure its effectiveness and performance as the more users stay on your website, the better its performance is. 

To engage users on the website, you need to have exciting, engaging, educational, and entertaining content your website and social media feed can help you get that content on your website and that too creatively. 

customer engagement strategy

Social media content is known to be engaging, and bringing that content on your website will encourage & entice users to engage with the social feed and stay longer on your website, especially if it is visual content or user-generated content as that is more relevant & relatable to the users. 

This enhanced user engagement will also increase the dwell time on your website. The higher dwell time will help you reduce your bounce rate and will benefit your search engine optimization strategy to drive better results from search engines. 

Also, the social media feed with engaging content with increased user engagement will attract the users back to the website leading to higher return visits.

4. Enhance Website Vibrancy & Design

Besides the design elements, content is the most important aspect that makes it interesting & vibrant. That is why social media platforms see great user interest & engagement as people love the content & the way it is presented on these social platforms. 

Social media feed helps you to display the appealing social media content on your website, and you can make the customizations to the feed to align it with your website/business theme and the design elements. 

social media feed on website example

Also, when you enable real-time updates to the feed so it will maintain a flow of fresh & unique content from social platforms. So, all these things will help you make your website more visually appealing, vibrant, and presentable to the users. 

5. Amplify User Experience & Conversions

Nowadays, user experience is a massive influencer of their trust & engagement with a website/brand. 

Thus, when you add social media feed to the website, users get to see unique content from diverse social media into a single feed that amplifies their browsing experience. 

Also, when the users will have trust and reliability in your website/business and will engage with the website content more, it automatically increases your chances of conversions. 

social media gallery on website

As trust & engagement are positively correlated to conversions & sales visitors tend to spend 90% more time on pages that feature UGC galleries and displaying such content on product pages increases the chances of conversions by 60%. 

So, social media feeds can prove to be of great help to users in shaping their investment decisions on your website. 

Taggbox Widget – Best Solution To Add Social Media Feeds

Taggbox widget is a best social media aggregator and UGC Platform. It is a product from the suite of Taggbox that helps you collect and curate content from social media platforms into a social feed and embed it easily on your website. 

Here are the best reasons why you should use free website widgets to create & embed your social media feed:

  • Diverse customization possibilities like themes, layout, designs, font & color, size & styles, etc. 
  • Content moderation (automated & manual) to remove irrelevant content and display the best content from social media
  • One solution to integrate all social media platforms into one feed
  • Add your custom content like branding, promotional offers, announcements, highlights, posts, etc. 
  • Real-time content updates to your social media feed
  • In-built complete UGC rights management for leveraging user-generated content, if needed
  • Easy integration with different website platforms like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. 
  • Responsive and lightweight feed design to embed it without any worry. 
  • Insightful analytics to help you measure the performance of your social media feed

Get Started Now

Social media is a hub of opportunities for any brand if you leverage it perfectly, so embedding social media feeds on the website can hugely help you grab these opportunities. 

When you embed social media feed on the website, it activates the social content to bring those afore-mentioned and many more benefits to drive your website performance and increase returns on investment.

Get started now by creating your social media feed and embedding it on your website. 

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