What is a Social Media Hub and why use it for Website and Event?

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Marketing trends have been on a roller coaster ride in this emerging world of digitalization. Some are a perfect blend of diverse strategies, while some have proved to be disastrous for the brands.  

One such successful trend is to connect your social audience with your professional base. Marketers ought to embed social media content on their websites to enhance their performance.

Infusing this idea into your marketing strategy can help the brands supercharge their business. The most dynamic way of doing so is by creating a Social Media hub. 

Here in this blog, we have given a detailed description of the social media hub and why marketers use it.

What is Social Media Hub?

A social media hub or simply a social hub is a digital tool that collects content from various social networks and displays it all together.

A social media hub aggregates content with multiple social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more, as it becomes difficult for a brand to control its posts on every social network. The brand becomes socially scattered.

Social hubs provide a social snapshot of the activities of a brand from every single social channel. Brands that are socially active consider social media hub for their content aggregation and simplification.

Social hubs allow brand followers to follow/like/join each of the social networks directly from the social media hub. Followers and brands can have instant access to all social media streams and activities together in one place.

social network hub

Also, consider how painful, time, and energy-consuming is the task of using social media channels individually. Updating posts on each channel, responding to follower queries, providing feedback, giving updates, and a whole lot more is required to be done for each and every social channel.

Social network hubs provide followers, potential customers, and the brand itself with a new dimension towards social marketing. On a broad note, everyone can experience cross-platform streams embedded on a social hub at an event easily.

Now since we know what a social media hub is, lets us unfold the benefits of using it for websites and events.

Why Brands Use Social Media Hub?

Walking down in this era of digital media, brands have witnessed the impact of social media on the audiences. According to statistics, 45% of the world’s population are daily active social media users. 

Big companies and brands have realized the importance of social hubs to fascinate more visitors and convert them into potential customers. This has changed the way brands connect with customers to grow their market reach.

Social media hubs help brands to invite more customers with vibrant and appealing images and videos. This is a perfect tool to magnify growth and intensify the brand’s performance. 

Social Media Hub For Virtual Events

Not only live in-person events, but virtual events too can display social media feed without disturbing the flow of the event. 

Same like any other live events, marketers desire enhanced audience engagement with full interactive sessions for their virtual events also. To satisfy the urge of the event marketers and companies, social media hub tools provide an option to display social media aggregated feed in virtual events.

To maintain high-quality communication, audiences from different corners of the world can connect with the speakers and with each other easily and smoothly by using hashtags to post their content on social media.

This content is then moderated and curated in the form of single feed which is then displayed on the screen during virtual events. This increases the spark of the event and allows audiences to have an amazing experience with superlative features of a social media hub for creating customized and personalized real-time social media feed.

Let us have a look as to why this strategy is an asset for marketers these days.

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Social Media Hub: An Asset For Marketers

A social media hub is the most convenient way to showcase your social media content into the aggregated form on a single screen.

It renders ample benefits to the brands and is an advantageous strategy towards success. Here are some of the advantages of integrating social media hub on the website and at events.

1. Increase User Engagement

Social media display hubs aggregate social media content and display them all together at a single place. This increases the visibility of social channels and engages the users onto a single screen. 

Social hub increases the frequency of the brand’s interaction with its followers. It helps the brands to attract more traffic from social media platforms to the website

social media hub website

Instead of channelizing through various different channels, it allows the users to socialize on a single screen. This also helps the brands to increase the number of followers on each platform and thus expanding its marketing sphere.

Users can simply tweet, post, like, share, subscribe all in one place.

This boosts user engagement on the website and also customer interaction with the brand.

2. Real-Time Interaction

Social media hubs, just like social media walls, have the functionality of displaying aggregated content in real-time.

This functionality serves as an advantage because conversations, chats, and response to feedback/reviews required for social media campaigns conducted by brands need to be quick with real-time updates. 

social media hub

Also, this feature is highly beneficial to boost engagement in events where all the live-action and fun can be displayed on the digital signage in real-time.

3. Content Moderation with Social Hubs

Social media hub software provides brands with the much-needed filter for content moderation i.e., filtering out the irrelevant content from the curated feed.

Social media platforms can get ugly as followers, and general users may post inappropriate content to the brand’s social media feed in the form of ill-fitted and disproportionate pictures or videos.

They may even share derogatory comments that can degrade a brand’s image. 

social brand hub

Some tools give brands the authority to sweep out such insignificant content and showcase the most relevant content. UGC moderation filter for social hubs is a great feature that helps brands to maintain its dignity in the marketing ecosystem.

4. Leverage Sales and Revenue

Social hubs are great when it comes to swelling up the sales of an organization. Displaying User-Generated content converts potential customers into real customers and enhances the brand’s credibility and reliability.

This further helps in improving the overall brand value and brand image in the social sphere is a task the social media hubs do impeccably.

By displaying interactive visual content, brands can attract more customers and provoke them to influence their purchase decisions. This, in turn, provides brands with increased sales and revenues.

If you want to create a social media hub for website, then you can go with Taggbox. Taggbox is a social media aggregator and UGC platform that empowers brands to simplify their social strategies in a cost-effective way.

Taggbox: A Tool To Design Your Social Hub

Taggbox is an incredible tool that provides extraordinary features for the brands to create an interesting and attractive social media hub.

There are different tools included in the Taggbox that are suitable for different platforms.

Taggbox Widget – To create Social Media Hub for Websites.

Taggbox Display – To create Social Media Hub for Events.

Here is the brief description of the features offered by Taggbox.

Customization options of the tool help the brands to personalize the feed and customize it as per the targeted audience by changing the font style, layout of the feed, background images, display patterns, colors, themes, etc.

Also, the Moderation Panel of the tool, along with the profanity filter, gives the brand the authority to discard the inappropriate content and display the exquisite and relevant content to maintain the brand’s integrity.

Moreover, this tool also analyzes the brand’s performance with its Analytics feature that tracks the growth of the brand.

Real-time updates help the brands to showcase fresh and unique content every time a new post pops up on social media.

Also, during events, it helps the brands to curate the fresh content and display it on the screen every time audiences post their experiences using hashtags.

Apart from these features, Taggbox also provides compatibility with multiple website building platforms and provides easy setup with dedicated and responsive customer support.

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Brands can create engaging and enticing social media hubs and embed it on websites or display it on screen at events to exert influence on a large scale audience.

Social hubs for websites are similar in their functionalities and features to social media walls. Social media hubs are useful tools that brands can make use of efficiently to reduce their costs, bring their social identity and interaction together under one roof, and simplify their social media strategies.

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