How To Embed Social Wall in Popular Virtual Event Platforms

For quite a long time, virtual events have been marking their territory in the marketing world. The coming year of 2021 will force marketers to frequently organize virtual events to stay connected with their potential audience. Speaking of the VIRTUAL EVENTS, the ‘Social Wall’ has emerged as one of the most effective ways to engage the […]

10 minute read

Steps To Create Successful Social Media Wall For Your Upcoming Event

The marketing ecosystem has come a long way and has evolved dynamically. From the times when brands used their stories to tell people about their presence, to the times when they use pictures to spread their essence, marketing trends have been rolling through ups and downs. Nowadays events have emerged as the most popular social […]

10 minute read

Leverage Social Media For Your Retail Store To Drive More Sales

Brick-and-mortar or retail stores are struggling to attract and increase sales when the comfort of online shopping is easily accessible to the customers.  But retailers can successfully face this challenge with the power of social media, digital signage, and buoyant social media aggregator to leverage maximum results for their retail stores.  Wondering “How”? Displaying authentic, […]

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