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Top 11 Social Wall Tools for Events and Conferences [2024]

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Like entering into a glamourous corporate evening soiree with giant screens flaunting the fancy and joy-filled moments of the audience, all in real-time. Inject that extra dose of excitement and host such engaging events with social walls

But here’s the thing, there are so many Social Wall options out there, it’s tough to figure out which one fits your event best.

That’s where we step in. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 11 Social Wall tools. We’ve considered all sorts of events, from big corporate conferences to weddings and everything in between.

Our goal? To help you pick the ideal Social Wall tool to make your event stand out in the digital world. Let’s dive in and find the perfect match for your event’s success.

Here is a list of platforms we will explore and compare in this blog:

Things to Consider While Choosing a Social Wall Tool for Your Event 

Selecting the proper Social Wall tool for your event is not a one-size-fits-all task. It would be best to consider various factors to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for your attendees.

Let’s dive into the key elements you should keep in mind:

1. Aggregation

Your chosen Social Wall should excel at gathering content from various social media platforms. It should effortlessly collect tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook updates, and more, allowing you to create a comprehensive view of your event’s online buzz.

2. Moderation

Maintaining a positive and relevant atmosphere is essential. Look for a Social Wall tool with moderation features, enabling you to filter out unwanted or inappropriate content.

3. Display

A visually appealing presentation can significantly enhance the impact of your Social Wall. Choose a tool with customizable display options to match your event’s branding and aesthetics

4. Personalization

Every event has its unique style and message. Ensure your chosen Social Wall tool allows for personalization, allowing you to tailor the display to fit your event’s theme and objectives.

5. Integration with Event Gamification Apps

To boost attendee engagement, seek a Social Wall tool that smoothly integrates with event gamification features like QR code scanning, live polls, and leaderboards. This synergy transforms your event into an interactive experience, fostering participation and excitement among your audience.

6. Analytics

Understanding how your Social Wall is performing is crucial for event success. Look for a tool that provides analytics and insights into engagement levels, trending content, and user interaction.

7. Multiple themes

Events come in all shapes and sizes, each with its unique theme. A versatile Social Wall tool should offer multiple themes and templates to adapt to various event styles and moods.

Considering these factors, you can narrow your options and choose the Social Wall tool that best aligns with your event’s goals and vision.

Whether aggregating content, moderating discussions, personalizing the display, or tracking engagement, making an informed choice will ensure your event’s online presence is memorable and impactful.

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Top 11 social wall tools for events in 2024

Here are some top social wall tools for events that can help you show your brand’s social life.

1. Tagbox


Tagbox is a one-stop social media aggregator tool with an easy-to-use interface that can help narrate the brand’s social story. 

This tool collects valuable content such as UGC, reviews, visuals, carousels, and influencer collaboration from various influential social sources, moderating and customizing the content according to requirements. 

Accelerate your reach and interaction, and generate leads at events and conferences through digital touchpoints by moderating and filtering out irrelevancy and profanity. 

Be creative, choose the design, theme, and layout that fits best for you, and keep your viewers informed at events, websites, in-store screens, or hashtag campaigns with real-time updates.

Showcase your content on any screen anytime, from aggregating user-generated content like feedback and reviews live using SnapUp to tracking your content’s performance with robust analytics; Tagbox is your ultimate social wall tool.

2. The Wallrus

The Wallrus

Another social signage solution that helps brands showcase their content on any screen or projector for their gatherings to make them more attractive. 

Drive your attendees to participate and interact with Wallrus’ social wall as it allows users to stream ads, carefully curated content, and social media posts on social walls.

Share your notable pictures and aesthetic visuals from social media networks like Instagram and Twitter. Use their unique editing feature to match your vibe with their multiple themes and transform your events into entertainment-packed affairs.

3. Crowdscreen


Crowdscreen is among the top social wall tools that let you create multiple displays and upload custom backgrounds. 

This tool offers moderation and flexibility for any display after collecting posts from social media networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

Through this tool, brands can also empower attendees to share their posts directly without using social media channels, maintaining their privacy and making your event exclusive. Along with this audience can also upload their responses securely.

4. PresentersWall


Presenterswall is your ultimate event enhancement solution, designed to elevate attendee participation and interaction at your event.

This tool enables you to seamlessly present attendee inquiries and spotlight the outcomes derived from the amassed Q&A data, all beautifully showcased on interactive social walls.

Empower your audience to actively rate, vote, and effortlessly share their insights and reactions, all from the comfort of their mobile devices through our intuitive web app.

Furthermore, our tool grants you the power to curate the content that graces your digital screens, ensuring a tailored and captivating presentation that aligns perfectly with your event’s goals.


Livewall takes care of your hybrid and virtual event, lets you customize, handles everything from ticket sales to presentation, and grants you live stream content on their social wall.

This tool’s uniqueness is the ability to support gamification apps and social media content feeds. 

Cast ads, and video content, register and vote with, and boost your engagement on social platforms resulting in increasing sponsorships.

6. Curationwall

Collect and curate content from multiple social media channels, and easily brand and design your social wall with Curationwall. 

For your next event to succeed, this tool helps you aggregate content based on hashtags and curate it in real-time. 

Construct surveys and polls, and gather answers before, during, and after your event. Also, generate reports in printed form or statistics and measure your progress with its in-depth analytics.

7. Tagboard


If your social media content thrives on hashtags, then Tagboard is your tool. Aggregate your content from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook based on hashtags. 

Use its easy moderation feature with one click to eliminate irrelevant or unwanted content, interact with your audience at live events, and decide which posts you want to be displayed.

Customize your tagboard’s layout style according to your event’s venue and the screen’s size. Stay updated and keep featuring fresh content with its latest hashtag content fetching feature.

8. Eventifier


Let your customers and fans show their madness for your brand and display user-generated content on social walls at events. 

Like other tools in our list, Eventifier also collects social media feed from channels. 

You can gather content and repurpose it. Exhibit your company information, employees, fundraising campaigns, and more. 

Collect content, moderate, and create one dashboard of your social media content to flaunt on screens with responsive displays at your events and conferences.

9. Sprinklr


One great option for your next digital billboard display is the easy-to-use interface Sprinklr. Showcase your social media posts from various social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Promote your brand and connect with viewers based on trustworthy user-generated content. Some features offered by this tool are content collection, moderation, screening out content, multiple layouts, customizing the designs, and tracking progress. 

Sprinklr offers great adaptability whether you want to flaunt your content at restaurants or stadiums.

10. Everwall


Everwall is one of the top social wall tools that allow you to curate and display content from Twitter to make your event more engaging with real-time full and manual moderation feature to help you showcase relevant, fresh, and trending content. 

Not only that, but you can also customize themes to align your social media better for your event.

Keep your attendees informed, take their vote or engage them in leaderboard games with this in-person, virtual, and hybrid event tool which also provides robust analytics to measure the progress of your social walls.

11. Miappi


Miappi is another social wall tool that helps users collect from TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter and build connections with viewers based on user-generated content. 

Make your marketing authentic and worthy by scaling high-quality content and avoiding unwanted content being streamed on your social wall.

Some features of Miappi include real-time updates, unlimited brand feeds, and API access. 

This tool offers brands from various industries, from personal care and fashion, to travel to flaunt their content on the wall.

Evaluation of Pricing and Features for Social Media Walls

Social Media Wall toolPricing and PlanKey Features
TagboxStarting from $249/30DaysUnlimited embedding and display
Upto 5 Feeds
2 Walls
10+ platforms
5000 Tweets
Real-time updates
Chat Support
Unlimited Tweets
Securely Scalable
2 Collaborators
Moderation and profanity filter
Custom post and CSS Chat support
Visit price
TheWallrus$195/24hrNo ads
Themes library
Quick updates
Unlimited hashtags
Supports Instagram and Twitter
Visit page
Eventfier$199/yearCancel anytime
Full access to all features
Premium support
No credit card required
Visit page
Sprinklr$249 per month15+ channels including email
Review sites and social media
Visit page
Everwall$299 per day24hr Support
Dedicated account manager
Customized social wall
Visit page

Over to you

Whichever tool you choose, from Tagbox social wall to Curationwall, you’ll enhance your user experience by having them actively participate, expand engagements, and host impactful events and conferences with social walls. 

We wanted to be at the top of your thanking list, that’s why in this blog, we have shared some fantastic social wall tools in 2024 with their features and specialties for you to consider.  

It’s time for us to part ways and let you find the best fit for your next event success companion.

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