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What Is Sports Social Wall?

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A social wall is a dynamic live tool that allows brands to display different content from multiple social & review platforms in a suitable way. As a result, you get to engage your audience, create a sense of community, improve social presence and entertain the spectators.

The goal is to provide the audience with something so eye-catching and attention-grabbing that they remain on their toes throughout the sports event.

Create Engaging Social Wall With Private & Social Content

Curate your engaging social wall with 20+ content sources. Each source opens up a new possibility for you to create a unique social wall that helps you to stand out among the competitors and create unforgettable experiences for your audience.

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5 Steps To The Ideal Sports Social Wall

Here are a few easy steps you can follow to create a social wall that helps you stand out.

01Discover & Collect

Explore content from over 20+ social & review platforms and seamlessly collect the most engaging posts for your sports audience.

Discover & Collect
02Moderate & Curate

Filter out all the irrelevant content you don't want to present to your audience & choose the one you like to maintain the quality of your social wall.

Moderate & Curate
03Design & Personalize

Create a unique social wall that blends well with your sports brand's theme. Explore customization options like themes, colours, fonts, backgrounds, etc.

Design & Personalize
04Display At Scale

Display your responsive sports Social Wall wherever you like. Stadiums, Arenas, Jumbotrons, large hoardings, dynamic displays, etc., with a display URL.

Display At Scale
04Measure & Analyse

Track the performance of social wall at your sports event. Understand fans' sentiments, explore word cloud, discover your most influential contributors, etc.

Measure & Analyse
Create A G.O.A.T Experience For Your Audience With The Sports Social Wall.

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Benefits Of Using The Social Wall In Sporting Events

Here are the top reasons why you must incorporate the Social Wall at your sporting event.

Why Have A Social Wall At Your Hospital
Offer Engaging Sports Experience

Engage the excited fans at your sports events. Showcase fan-generated content, players' content and more on the social wall and keep the audience on their toes.

Create Sense Of Fandom

Create a sense of fandom among your sports events' audience with the social wall. Curate a social wall with fan-created content to highlight fan excitement.

Boost Sports Brand Awareness

Sporting events open opportunities for brands to increase visibility among audiences. Let the social wall highlight your branded content to improve brand awareness.

Generate More Revenue Opportunities

Promote sporting events on the social wall to boost ticket sales, provide promotion space to brands to open up new revenue opportunities, highlight sponsors, etc.

Bend It Like The Stand-Out Social Wall Features

Endless Themes
Endless Themes

Explore the endless themes offered by Social Wall and repaint the social wall in your sporting brand colours to make it more attractive and engaging for the audience. Discover themes like Hue Card, Polaroid, Mashup and more.

Personalization & Moderation
Personalization Features

Social Wall is a DIY tool. Be it the background of your wall, the colours, the fonts or the banner image, customize it all per your brand's needs to offer your sporting event attendees a memorable Social Wall experience.

Automatic Moderation

Filter out all the irrelevant content you don't want to showcase on your sports social wall with the auto-moderation feature. Choose from options like language, region, post type, and the status of your UGC rights request.


Let your audience express their fandom on the social wall without social media. They can scan the QR code on the social wall & directly upload their love for their favourite players from their devices with SnapUp.

Profanity Filters
Profanity Filters

Utilize the Profanity Filter on your Social Wall and automatically block offensive content. It uses our preset word database to filter out embarrassing content and discards it in real-time.

Performance Analytics
Performance Analytics

Track & analyse the performance of the social wall at your sporting event. Modify the social wall to display what works best for your audience. Discover your most influential contributors and understand audience sentiments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Display Social Media Wall During Any Sports Event?

Yes, the social wall is a responsive tool that can be integrated into any screen size. So be it your large stadium screens, jumbotrons, or small LED around the premises.

How to Display Social Content Using Taggbox Social Wall (Display)?

Taggbox Display enables brands to collect social content from 20 social platforms. Once you have collected the content and used the moderation and customisation features to curate the content into a social wall, you can simply click the display button. In addition, you will be able to generate a wall URL that you can use to display the social content wherever you like.

Can Audience Direct Post on Social Wall?

Yes, Taggbox Social Wall (Display) comes with the SnapUp feature. Once you enable the feature, a QR code will appear on your social wall display. Your audience can scan the QR code and directly upload content from their device without a social media channel.

Can I Display Real-Time Tweets on Social Wall?

Yes, you can easily display real-time tweets on your social wall, as the Taggbox display offers real-time update features that show live social content on the social wall.

Can I Create a Free Social Media Wall for My Sports Event?

Yes, you can create a free social wall for your sports event. Taggbox display offers a 14-day free trial to its users with limited features, and it also comes with a default Taggbox Branding.

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