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What Is A Hashtag Campaign?

Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags Campaigns are an excellent strategy for expanding your reach, tapping new audiences, and building a community around your brand. It is intended to gain social media attention, drive engagement, or drive traffic for a specific topic, product, or idea.

Hashtag campaigns are a way for businesses to grow an engaged audience. They play a significant role in improving user interactions and attention.

Build Immersive Experiences With Taggbox

Here's how to make it happen:


Seamlessly aggregate your hashtag campaigns' content and never miss out on any posts from your active hashtag campaign.


Filter-out the irrelevant content with the advanced moderation to maintain the quality of your hashtag campaign


Personalize the hashtag campaign to blend it with your brand colors with our endless customization options like themes, colors, fonts, etc.


Boost your hashtag campaign’s reach. Highly responsive, our hashtag campaign can be incorporated into any & every digital channel.


Acquire UGC Rightfully And Turn Users Into Brand Advocates

(Optional) Rightfully incorporate Hashtag Campaigns across marketing channels by acquiring UGC rights directly from the content owners

UGC Rights Management
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Unfold Robust Opportunities With Taggbox

Enhance Your Hashtag Campaigning Experience & Performance With Taggbox

Unfold Robust Opportunities
Create Social Proof

Incorporate hashtag campaigns across consumer touchpoints to instill social proof in your target audiences, increase the number of participants, improve your social media presence and create campaign awareness.

Boost Engagement

Inspire users & engage them with your hashtag campaigns across diverse channels, leading to profitable results & ROI. Increase customer engagement & acquire audience attention to gain more social followers & popularity.

Build Influencer Community

Let Taggbox help you find your best influencers. Discover the most influencial contributors of your hashtag campaigns, engage with them, and empower them to drive resourceful social content.

Performance Analytics

Track the performance of your hashtag campaigns with measurable insights. Connect with your most influencial contributors. Learn what works best for your audience with insights like user impressions, clicks, sentiments and more.

Explore Possibilities To Expand Your Hashtag Campaign

Achieve more from your hashtag campaign by publishing it across marketing channels

Web Pages

Embed your hashtag campaign feed on your website to make it visible to your digital audience and boost the performance of your website. The real-time hashtag feed will help you create stand-out experiences for your website audience.

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Email Campaigns

Create more impactful email campaigns for your brand by incorporating your hashtag campaign feed into those emailers. Your hashtag campaign will enhance email click-through rates, reduce cart abandonment, and reach more audiences.

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Social Ads

Turn social ads lucrative and inspirational for your target audience with the engaging hashtag campaign feed that performs. Make unique ad copies with the hashtag campaigns that bring max clicks, engagement, and conversions.

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Display on Digital Screen

Provide an unforgettable display experience to your audience by running your live hashtag campaign on the digital screen around your premises. Maximize audience participation in your hashtag campaign that boosts its reach to another level.

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The Stand-Out Taggbox Features

Enterprise Ready
Enterprise Ready

Taggbox delivers enterprise solutions with industrial-standard security and prime scalability. Complete legal GDPR compliance and any UGC rights regulations.

Campaign Customization
Campaign Customization

Rebrand hashtag campaign's content with creative customizations, themes, promotional elements, advanced content moderation, etc., to sync UGC hashtag campaigns with your brand goals

Strategic Onboarding
Strategic Onboarding

Personalized onboarding experience driven by the UGC hashtag campaign success experts to help brands get started, explore possibilities, and leverage UGC tools perfectly to maximize ROI.

Scalable Integrations
Scalable Integrations

Brand partnerships and platform integrations that offer tremendous scalability for brands to activate their valuable UGC across all channels seamlessly to drive results.

Actionable Data Insights
24/7 Client Support

24/7 customer support and technical assistance through different channels like email, chat, call, and video providing ultimate flexibility for clients to contact support anytime.

24/7 Client Support
Actionable Data Insights

Get audience behavior insights and campaign performance. Track clicks, views, user sentiments, content metrics, and more to optimize your campaign & maximize ROI with top UGC platform

Hashtag Campaign Stories with Taggbox

  • Etihad Arena Boost Visitor Engagement With Taggbox's Live Hashtag Wall

    Etihad Arena Boost Visitor Engagement With Taggbox's Live Hashtag Wall

    The Taggbox Social Wall (Display) enabled Etihad Arena to showcase UFC 267 fans’ excitement in the most creative way possible by curating a hashtag wall with #UFC267 & #etihadarena and displaying it on large-sized LCDs and Pillar Wraps. The large display of the hashtag wall encouraged attendees to create social media posts using #UFC267, and the hashtag wall on pillar wraps complimented the ambience of the Etihad Arena perfectly.

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  • ISOLATED Talks Created An Impactful Hashtag Campaign With Taggbox

    ISOLATED Talks Created An Impactful Hashtag Campaign With Taggbox

    ISOLATED Talks -a charity radio talk show to support mental health and well-being, used Taggbox Widget for their hashtag campaign #Sunday7Social, a fortnightly held online music listening event. They introduced hashtag campaigns to their first-of-its-kind schedule. Taggbox Widget helped ISOLATED Talks to aggregate, moderate, and embed user-generated content from #Sunday7Social relevant to the cause on their website to spark the audience’s interest and engagement.

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  • Pedigree Australia Boosts Hashtag Campaign Reach 3x With Taggbox

    Pedigree Australia Boosts Hashtag Campaign Reach 3x With Taggbox

    When Pedigree Australia embedded their hashtag campaign feed with #HOLLYWODselfie using Taggbox on their website, they got to create a social hub and showcase a live feed of dog selfies that participated in the hashtag campaign. The content was collected and curated via hashtag #HOLLYWODselfie from social media clicked by the Dog Selfie App. It helped the brand to maintain a continuous flow of conversations around the campaign and brand.

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