Etihad Arena Social Wall case Study

Etihad Arena Boost Visitor Engagement With Taggbox Display Social Wall

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It all began with the UFC 267 organized at the Etihad Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The Etihad Arena leveraged the engaging Taggbox Display Social Wall to their space through large size LCDs and Pillar Wraps.

Taggbox Display helped Etihad Arena- the amphitheater to evoke the visitors’ emotions, instill social proof, create audience engagement, entertain the spectators, and ultimately upscale the social media presence.

Feeling intrigued to know how Taggbox Display made it all happen? Let’s find out.

Etihad Arena: An Indoor Amphitheater For Global Events

Etihad Arena is an indoor arena set on the vibrant waterfront at Yas Bay, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The venue opened in January 2021, holds the capacity of over 18000 guests, and is recognized as Middle East’s largest indoor multi-purpose venue. 

Etihad Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Photo source: Etihad Arena

The most promising factor of Etihad Arena is that the ambiance is incredibly versatile. You could be hosting a large-scale event like UFC, or private functions like corporate parties and community celebrations- Etihad Arena manages to accommodate everything.

Etihad Arena recently hosted the UFC 267 on October 30th, 2021, and incorporated the social media wall by Taggbox Display. UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Competition is an American mixed martial arts company that organizes fighting events featuring international high-level fighters. 

Etihad Arena’s Ultimate Goal

Etihad Arena’s target was to make the venue more engaging for the guests and encourage them to post updates on their social networks. 

While Etihad Arena and UFC are already global giants with an amazing international audience, they receive a lot of fans-generated content, with fans sharing their excitement around the event; their goal was to multiply this number. 

They wanted to utilize this attendee-generated content at their event and derive more results from this. That’s when Taggbox Display came for the rescue.

How Taggbox Display Made It Possible

Whenever there is a sporting event like UFC 267, fans start sharing their excitement on social media, the excitement remains high until the event ends. Taggbox Display helped to redirect this excitement into a marketing strategy with its engaging Social media wall. 

The Taggbox Display Social Wall enabled Etihad Arena to showcase UFC 267 fans’ excitement in the most creative way possible by curating the social media wall via #UFC267 & #etihadarena and displaying it on large-sized LCDs and Pillar Wraps.

What caught the attendees’ eye was the ticker below the social media wall that comes with a call to action, encouraging attendees to create social media posts using #UFC267 and the social media wall on pillar wraps that complimented the ambiance of the Etihad Arena perfectly.

Taggbox Display Social wall in Etihad Arena
Photo source: Etihad Arena

The Outcome

Taggbox Display helped Etihad Arena amp up the fans’ excitement and magnified the event’s success. The social wall instilled social proof in the event attendees, kept them on their toes, and encouraged content creation to its utmost extent. 

Etihad Arena received an estimated 84,140 social media interactions and 1054 user-generated content collected within two days. 

With the results like maximized social media presence and ever-growing audience engagement, what merely started as a plan to use Taggbox Display Social Wall for a single event- UFC 267, has led Etihad Arena to use this solution for all their global events.

Taggbox Display Social wall continues to be a highlight at Etihad Arena for events like the USA-based Harlem Globetrotters, Italian award show- Accademia Teatro Alla Scala, UK-based comic Michael Mcintyre’s show, and many more global events.

Taggbox Display In Etihad Arena’s Words

When we got the opportunity to speak to the commercial manager at Etihad Arena about their experience with Taggbox Display Social Wall, his response yet again proved that Taggbox Display’s services are promising. 

In the words of Nauman Muhammad, Commercial Manager, Etihad Arena: 

When asked about what features & functionalities by Taggbox Display the organizers liked the most:

We asked Nauman to give ratings out of five as per his experience with Taggbox Display and this was his response:

Taggbox Display Review by Etihad Arena

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Possibilities Taggbox Display Creates For Brands

Taggbox Display is a dynamic tool that offers premium social media wall solutions for live events, digital signages, and virtual/hybrid events. 

We commits towards brand solutions like maximized brand awareness, ROI, and audience engagement. The idea is to facilitate a seamless solution to leverage social media content beyond social media across dynamic screens in the most engaging way.

Our product enables users to aggregate content from 15+ social media platforms, moderate & customize the content through an automated process ensuring that clients present the most valuable and premium quality content to their audience. 

Taggbox Display comes with a bag full of action-driven features curated, keeping in mind the creativity, quality, and an unforgettable audience experience. Not to mention Taggbox Display’s in-built Studio that allows users to mix varied content using several infotainment apps that informs, inspire, and engage the audience.

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