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Oxfam’s Noble Initiative With Taggbox: Turkey & Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief

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As we navigate through an increasingly interconnected world, it’s important to recognize the global issues we face and take action to make a positive impact – and one powerful way to do so is through charity.

Oxfam is a charitable organization with its unique initiative ‘Second-Hand Style’ for charity. This year, the organization made an appearance at the renowned fashion saga – London Fashion Week and decided to donate its profits from the fashion event to the relief fundraiser for Turkey and Syria amidst the disastrous earthquakes. 

The organization reached out to Taggbox to help them create a compelling Social Wall from the event’s hashtags #FashionFightingPoverty23 & #FoundInOxfam to make their event more engaging and to raise awareness about the ongoing Turkey-Syria earthquake disaster and the organization’s appeal to donate to the fundraiser. 

Oxfam’s Charitable Initiative “Second-Hand Style”: Know More! 

Oxfam is a charitable organization focussing on eradicating global poverty. It was founded in 1942 and has been working tirelessly to alleviate poverty through various noble means. 

One of the greatest initiatives by Oxfam is ‘Second-Hand Style’ for charity. The initiative first started 75 years ago and has been active since. 

This initiative has been a part of the organization’s trail of noble initiatives. With “Second-Hand Style” or “Second-Hand-Fashion” the organization is continually working to promote sustainable buying practices and generating donations to eradicate poverty.

This year, the organization was a part of the popular London Fashion Week and decided to donate its profits from the fashion event to the relief fundraiser for Turkey and Syria amidst the earthquakes. 

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Revealing The Client’s Vision

The organization’s motive was to boost engagement throughout the event and create awareness among the audience about their charitable initiative, they also wanted to boost audience involvement by promoting their event’s designated hashtags #FashionFightingPoverty23 & #FoundInOxfam.

Moreover, the organization wanted to use content collected from the hashtags and display it compellingly on digital screens during the fashion event. Additionally, they also wanted a way to upload content without the use of social media.

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Making The Expectations Come True 

Oxfam used Taggbox to create a live social wall of the event’s hashtag content, displayed it on digital screens during the event, and successfully raised awareness about their appeal to contribute to the Turkey and Syria earthquakes. 

In our client’s words:

With Taggbox’s user-friendly features, the organization was able to achieve its motive to display audiences’ content on big screens and clearly express their initiative “Second-Hand Style” as a charitable cause to generate donations from their achieved profits as well as collect external donations.

#FashionFightingPoverty23 Social Wall

The organization ticked all its checkboxes of requirements such as:

  • Having a studio for non-social media content.
  • Creating a well-curated social wall with the flexibility to moderate the content.
  • Customization feature to design the wall as per the company’s branding.

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What Did Oxfam Achieve?

Taggbox supported Oxfam to create a difference and voice out about the apprehensive situation in the earthquake-affected countries – Turkey & Syria. Taggbox allows users to customize the design of their live feed to match their branding and event theme. This can help create a more professional and cohesive look for any event.

Taggbox x Oxfam: UGC Campaign For Fundraiser

Oxfam did the same. They created an immersive feed with various branding characteristics, such as the brand’s logo, and non-social media posts and applied the content moderation feature to its best use. Throughout the event, the brand experienced a boost in the number of content on the event’s hashtags. 

Let’s hear more from the client:

Discover the Endless Possibilities of Taggbox!

Lately, the popularity and effectiveness of events have increased massively. Especially events with a cause. This includes fundraising events as they provide a way for people to support a cause they care about, connect with others who share their interests and make a difference in their community and the world.

Taggbox is an impressive social media aggregator and display tool that can be used to showcase user-generated content from various social media platforms in real-time at events. 

 Here are some advantages of hosting a fundraising event with Taggbox Display:

  1. Increased Engagement: Taggbox can help you increase engagement at your fundraising event. You can post your appeals about the fundraiser on big screens. This can help create a more interactive and immersive experience for your attendees and express your cause and initiative more clearly. 
  1. Community Building: With Taggbox, you can create a more engaging and community-focused experience for attendees. Fundraising events are initiative-centric, by incorporating a social wall into your fundraising event, you can encourage attendees to share their experiences and interact with one another in real-time leading to increased donations and long-term support.
  1. Promote Sponsors: Without sponsors, many fundraising events would not be financially feasible. With the help of a social wall, you can showcase sponsors, donors, and other supporters of the event, providing them with increased visibility and recognition. This can help to foster long-term relationships with these stakeholders and encourage continued support for future events.
  1. Boost Donations: Taggbox can help boost donations by highlighting fundraising campaigns and initiatives. By displaying real-time updates on donations, attendees can see the progress being made toward the fundraising goal. This can motivate people to donate more, and it also provides transparency and accountability for the event organizers.

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