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QPS Employment Uses Taggbox: Goes Big On Event Engagement At Annual Event

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QPS Employment Group hosted its first in-person Annual Owners Meeting since 2020. The event was a big hit and part of the credit goes to Taggbox. 

Being their first in-person event in over 3 years, the organization wanted to leverage the employee-generated content to boost event excitement. Taggbox helped the client create a well-compiled social wall without having to use any social media platforms.

QPS Employment Group’s Annual Owners’ Meeting: Let’s Hear It!

QPS Employment Group is a staffing and employment agency based in Wisconsin. The company provides a range of services including temporary staffing, direct hire placement, and payroll services to businesses and individuals in need of staffing support. 

The company’s mission is to help companies find the talent they need to grow and succeed, while also helping individuals find meaningful and fulfilling employment opportunities. 

The organization reached out to Taggbox to help them display the much-regarded employee-generated content in an organized way as a part of their in-person event.

The Client’s Expectations

The organization’s ultimate motive was to increase engagement at its event. QPS Employment Group wanted to utilize employee-generated content in a way that enhances the experience of attendees by creating an interactive and dynamic environment, where attendees can see and share their social media posts on a central display.

“An event is only as successful as its guests are entertained, and after organizing an in-person event after 3 years, our ultimate goal was to create an unforgettable experience that exceeds our event attendees’ expectations.”

Jessica Calliari, Marketing Specialist, QPS Employment Group

Additionally, the client wanted to display the content without having to include any social media platform in the process.  

How Taggbox Made The Client Expectations Come True

QPS Employment Group used Taggbox to create an attractive social wall of employee-generated content aggregated by the QR upload feature (SnapUp) to showcase digital signages around the event venue simply without the help of any social media platform.

With Taggbox Display’s impressive Private Post feature, the client was able to create a social wall easily. 

The SnapUp by Taggbox enables users to upload visual content through a URL or QR Code to create a social wall. This feature is especially useful for users who want to skip the usage of social media channels entirely to collect content.

The efficiency of Taggbox as a tool also enabled the client to moderate and customize the social wall accordingly.

“Taggbox was able to help us collect and display UGC from our employees at our large, company-wide annual meeting. With the platform, we were able to have our employees be more involved with sharing their content from the day, as well as memories from the previous meetings as this was our first in-person event in 3 years.”

-Jessica Calliari, Marketing Specialist, QPS Employment Group

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The Final Outcome

Taggbox provided a tailored solution to help the brand achieve its desired goal. The ‘SnapUp’ allowed event attendees to freely upload their content without needing a public social media account. This enabled the client to collect 3x the amount of employee-generated content as well as attendee engagement during the event. 

What More Can You Achieve With Taggbox?

With the rise of events, the industry is expanding in various ways. Event hosts and organizers are constantly looking to try novel ways to boost event engagement. Taggbox, being an efficient social media aggregator and display tool, can be used to curate and display social media content from various social media platforms at events. 

Here are some ways Taggbox can help boost event engagement and achieve branding goals:

  • Encourage User-Generated Content: With Taggbox, brands can encourage attendees to post user-generated content by creating event-specific hashtags. Taggbox can then curate this content and display it on screens at the event, encouraging attendees to engage with the brand and each other.
  • Increase Social Media Reach: Taggbox can help increase social media reach and engagement as attendees are more likely to share their experiences if they know their content will be displayed, which can help spread the word about the event and the brand hosting it.
  • Enhance Event Experience: Taggbox can be used to create an immersive and interactive event experience. Displaying social media content from attendees can make them feel more involved and connected to the event, which can lead to a more positive experience.
  • Monitor Social Media Presence: Taggbox also provides real-time monitoring of social media activity related to the event. Brands can use this data to gauge the success of the event and make adjustments as necessary.

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