How Parookaville Boosts Engagement With Live Social Wall For Music Events

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Just imagine for a moment, it’s the pre-pandemic era where people were excited about going to music festivals and concerts along with thousands of strangers from all over the world?

It is the best yet long-lost feeling which sounds scary nowadays.  Isn’t it?

Pandemic has put a stop of all of these activities given the restrictions, lockdowns, social distancing, and whatnot. 

Parookaville, a world-popular music festival from Germany found its way around the pandemic and took place in Germany in the month of July. But how did they do it amid all these restrictions & how they allowed thousands of people to attend & engage?

Well! Taggbox proved to be immensely helpful in achieving the success of the Parookaville event this month. Let’s find out how.

About Parookaville Music Festival

“PAROOKAVILLE is Germany’s biggest Electronic Music Festival. But it’s not a conventional music festival! Instead, it’s a crazy city that awakens once a year as the world’s most festive place.” 

Since its inception in 2015 PAROOKAVILLE has been sold-out year after year as a hugely successful show concept in Germany’s Lower Rhine region. The first PAROOKAVILLE back in 2015 debuted with 25,000 “Citizens” occupying the former military site at Weeze Airport.

In mid-July 2021 PAROOKAVILLE will once again open the gates to a new world for 210,000 electro and dance fans. Over the course of three full show days featuring more than 300 artists and twelve stages a real city, even with its own different city districts, is set to emerge for a long weekend of dance celebration.

A Music Festival Amid Pandemic?

You read about this amazing music event how it has been popular since its inceptions and how it will be there next year. But what about this year?

Yes, the event took place in a real environment this year but in a different way. Obviously, as the large gatherings are not allowed so they kept the event audience to minimum. 

But they have thousands of followers and fans globally and you can’t just ignore them or not invite them. 

So, to allow their global audience to take part in the event and get the music festival experience, they went ahead with live streaming their live event from Germany on their different social profiles. 

This was an engaging way to attract the audience but the challenge was still to engage the audience and provide them a more exciting and fulfilling experience (digitally). This is where Taggbox’s social wall for music events came in. 

“A Social wall is a feed of content that has been collected from different social media platforms and displayed on digital screens or websites as a social content wall around a theme or topic or brand.”

How Parookaville Integrated With Taggbox

Parookaville stated that one of their stakeholders suggested Taggbox as a perfect solution for the event to boost its engagement, showcase emotions, engaging user-generated content, and highlight audience experience. 

This positive word of mouth by a stakeholder-led to Parookaville’s integration with Taggbox to get its Social Wall For Music Events.

Taggbox as a UGC platform became the perfect solution for Parookaville to discover, collect, and display some amazing and valuable UGC from Instagram to their website and in the event. 

With this integration, Parookaville found a great tool to engage and entertain their digital audience for the 2020 edition of the music festival. 

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How Taggbox Display For Music Events Helped Parookaville?

Since most of the audience was watching & experiencing music performances from the comfort of their home. It was necessary to engage them and allow interaction with the event, share their past experiences, and interact with strangers. 

So, Parookaville installed the Taggbox Display for music events which allowed them discover, curate, and display the best content from their audiences around the world be it from past year or the latest content about the event on their festival site. 

This made the event a lot more interesting and exciting for the audience who could share their photos and videos with event hashtags on social media and get featured in the social wall at Parookaville. 

The social wall from Taggbox displayed some amazing posts featuring the audiences and their experiences of the event. 

The interactive and customization possibilities with easy integration to signage and website made the experience much more seamless & engaging for our client Parookaville. 

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The Possibilities With Taggbox Social Wall For Music Events?

Like Parookaville used the Taggbox Display, there are many more possibilities for other music concerts & festivals with Taggbox to make their events more engaging, exciting, and intriguing for the audience. 

Taggbox Display helps such music events in the following ways:

  • Expand the reach and awareness of your event to new channels and audiences
  • Attract new demographics and audiences through engaging content
  • Allow audience to engage and interact with your event & the artists in real-time
  • Enable positive event experience sharing among the audience
  • Leverage the event content to promote your events on website & social media platforms
  • Use it as a reward & recognition platform by displaying audience images & videos on big screens & website
  • Build brand (event) trust, credibility, and positive image through UGC wall

There are many more benefits and possibilities that you can explore with Taggbox as the social wall offers you to collect content from over 20 platforms using different elements. 

Also, you can enable advanced content filtering, creative social wall customization & personalization, adding banners, easy setup, seamless integration with devices, and much more to create your own amazing music event social wall. 

The Client Feedback For Taggbox

The following is client rating provided by the Parookaville for their experience of Taggbox Display on different metrics:


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