User-Generated Content : UGC Meaning in 2024

Do you think User-Generated Content (UGC) is a new term for you? Let’s see about that. Have you ever scrolled over a mouthwatering recipe on Instagram, tried it, and then showed off your masterpiece on your story? Chances are, you’ve unknowingly dipped your toes into the world of User Generated Content (UGC). It’s basically a […]

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USA Cycling Gains Momentum With Taggbox Hashtag-Powered UGC Wall

Sports communities embody the very essence of creating impactful experiences for participants. These communities provide a nurturing and supportive environment where individuals can pursue their athletic goals, grow their skills, and forge meaningful connections.  Within such communities, the progress made by others can have a profound ripple effect, inspiring and motivating more people to keep […]

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User-Generated Content(UGC) Stats And Facts – 2024

With the growing trust issues between brands and customers, building a bridge that connects each other is crucial during this tough competition.  It is important for brands to focus on what the customers are looking for and demanding from brands & businesses. Do you know what builds customer trust with your brand? The answer is […]

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Introducing ‘Taggbox Virtual Events’

Virtual events started as an unpopular alternative to offline events but now they have become the future of events especially if we talk about the next few years. Given the rise of virtual events, there has been an emergence in the digital tools & technologies providing creative & intelligible solutions to make the virtual events […]

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How To Embed Instagram Feed Widget On Website

Since its inception, Instagram has been claimed to be a very powerful and effective marketing platform for businesses looking to gain organic reach and visibility for their products and services. Now just imagine how great the impact would be if you embed an Instagram Widget on website! With 500 million active daily users, Instagram presents […]

9 minute read

Repurpose Online Content For Offline Marketing Using Digital Signage

The digital marketing industry is at its peak with endless online marketing campaigns and strategies to captivate prospects. Aggressive content creation, social listening, email campaigning, lead generation, you name it, and it’s happening all across the internet. That’s one thing, but no one can forget the good old offline marketing days when driving audiences to […]

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[Product Update]Taggbox Widget’s All-new Feature: SnapUp

Inspiring users to voice their opinion and share their experiences is no easier than ever. Taggbox Widget has just released the most cutting-edge feature for you – SnapUp.  This feature gives your audience freedom over their visual user review and feedback. It also eliminates any social media hindrances and simply allows users to share authentic […]

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Embed VKontakte Feeds On Website | The Ultimate Guide

We live in a world so digitally knitted that even meals are ordered keeping ‘what will look best on Instagram?’ in mind, and sure nobody wants to miss checking what kins and peers are up to! Walking back in 2006 when Facebook and Twitter became available for users across the globe, connecting to long-lost friends, […]

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What’s New With Taggbox: Product Updates

Taggbox is a brand that values customers’ voices. We believe in serving users with the best by building brand engagement, trust, advocacy, sales, and more.  Keeping all that in mind, we have brought to you some of the freshly brewed feature additions to Taggbox that can enhance your UGC journey.  So, pave the way for […]

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