Why you should Embed LinkedIn Feed on Website?

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We are living in an era of digital media. Today, social media platforms have become the ultimate source of information in our lives. If you begin to think of it you will realize that the magnificence of our general knowledge these days is mostly defined, looked for, and verified on the various social media platforms.

In consideration of this reality, we can determine that the buying decisions of people all over the world are a lot influenced by what they see on their digital screens, every day. Thus, for a brand which aims to engage its audience and to create a recall value among them; it tends to appear non-debatable to adhere to the most prominent social media marketing platforms.

Moreover, given the convenience of technology in the present times which allows a business to embed social media channels and widgets to the website itself; it only becomes essential for you to ensure that the aesthetics of your central virtual presence are up to date. Using a social media aggregator for collecting, curating and displaying user-generated content on the website is the most trusted digital marketing tip from most marketers today’s scenario!

Nevertheless, when it comes to embedding social media feeds to the website, brands often underestimate the presence of LinkedIn as incorporation on their website. Whereas, LinkedIn should be the most preferred social media platform for any player present in a dedicated business network. It is so because; LinkedIn acts as a hub of thought leadership and the platform for influential business.

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Benefits of Embedding LinkedIn Feed on Website

Therefore, there can be various gains to embed LinkedIn feed or posts on your business website using best widget for website. Here, we are quoting the most prominent of them all. Have a look!

1. Encourages communication with the audience and channelizes more traffic to the website

People of the internet are always seeking engaging content. Thus, it becomes a sound medium to redirect your potential customers to your website where they can get all the information to understand the brand in the most appropriate way.

LinkedIn Feed on Website

Embed LinkedIn feed on your website allows you to channelize your traffic from the social media channels to your website and vice versa. This provides your audience a valuable insight into your brand’s profile. Also, it offers your organic website visitors an easier way of staying updated with the upcoming trends and news of your industry. Thence, it leads to greater audience engagement which intend becomes extremely helpful for brands and businesses in the current scenario.

2. Lower Bounce Rate

Sponsored ads and extensive media spends can lead some visitors to your website. Nonetheless, do you suppose they would prefer being on the landing page for a long if the content offered to them is monotonous? No, indeed!

Lower bounce rate of website

Therefore, other than gathering additional visitors to your website, Informative, intriguing, and interactive LinkedIn post embeds will help in keeping your visitors active on the website for a comparatively longer duration.  Thus, it will reduce the bounce rate of your website. Ergo, as we know, the more time the visitors spend on the website the more they get to explore the brand/ business.

Hence, it can also turn out to be your way to encourage your site visitors to stay updated with all the recent activities and events concerned with your brand.

3. Builds connect and a mode of two way communication between the brand and the audience

On introducing a simplistic way of communication you create a scope for building an enhanced connects with the audience. People will be able to share their views and see themselves becoming a part of your communication through the Social Wall or Social hub. You can further encourage them to connect with your business on various other social platforms and to share your communication with their viewers.

Embed LinkedIn Feed

As a matter of fact, the more engaging experience and information you would provide to your visitors, the more trustworthy (as a brand) you would become for them. Also, their feedback and direct inputs shall escalate improvements in your business strategies too.

You can easily create a social hub and embed LinkedIn feed on your business website with Taggbox. Then, what are you waiting for?

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