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Embed into your Websites

Build User engagement and trust by embedding social media content into your websites. Increase purchase and amplify your social commerce efforts by using our embed features to showcase the best content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more on your websites. Nonetheless, showcase your Hashtag campaigns too on your websites.

Embed it in your websites
fit on any screen

Display social wall on Any Screen

Whether it’s a Jumbotron, Projector screens, TV screens or Mobile Phone, We ensure a perfect display on all screen types because of our responsive layouts. Hence, you can display the aggregated content of your trending feeds and hashtags using any given display theme of your choice through any screen.

Where can you use it?

web embed

Website Embed

Build trust and engagement with your audience. Drive more social purchase and increase revenues too. Embed Instagram and other social content on your website with a click of a button. Research has shown that the power of showing social content to your visitors immensely affects the user behavior.



Showcase stunning Twitter, Facebook and Instagram content generated by users during Concerts, Festivals, Conferences, Events or Musicals on big or small screens. Put up a social wall to display to your attendees the virtual movement,they have been generating being a part of your event and encourage them to share more.

Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag Campaigns

Running a Hashtag Campaign? Then, you would love our platform. Now showcase the power of your hashtag campaigns in your office or through the website. Display what is being talked with your hashtag, on your office screens or embed them in your official websites. Showcase curated content or just let it flow with all the content.

API Projects

API Projects

Our API solutions give you absolute control of the design and layout of the content for your websites or screen displays. This is the best way to integrate the social data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest etc on your apps too.

In-Store Displays

In-Store Displays

Display User Generated Photos and Content from Social Media to your visitors. Impress them with the positive content about your brand and play the selected posts regularly on your in-store or office displays. It is a proven method to increase trust with the visitors and thus, amplify your marketing.

Office Displays

Office Displays

Enhance engagement with your visitors and employees, put up a social wall within your office premises. Provide an interactive environment for your employees and visitors and summon them to freely talk and post about their experience with you. Filter what you want to show and what to hide.

Some of the Features

beautiful themes

Multiple Themes

At Taggbox, we provide you with our social wall with multiple theme options. From our bag of themes, you can find an appropriate wall theme for every occasion, whatsoever

Customize It

Design and Customize

We give you the authority to freely choose the look for your social wall. You can most creatively experiment with colors fonts, backgrounds,  etc.  We offer you a range of customized design pattern and you can add specific icons/logos or customized messages

Automatic Moderation

Automatic Moderation

With the moderation feature You can choose to discard certain users, words, tags etc. that you find unsuitable and it will never go live on your website or screens

Analytics for Instagram Wall


Check out see how your content is performing on social media by using our analytics feature.
Use it to generate reports and keep a track on performance. It gives you an in-depth insight to your campaign’s performance

Remote Control

Remote Control

Now, you can control and moderate the content from anywhere. Everything is in the cloud and you can control the things from any other laptop or mobile phone in seconds

Profanity Filter

Profanity Filter

Switching on the Profanity filter, allows the user to automatically block any sort of vulgar content. It uses our preset word database to filter out any embarrassing content and automatically discards it

How does it work?

Add the platforms

Add platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, RSS, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Tumblr and more. Add your Hashtags, Handles, Pages and fetch the content from the social platforms

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Customize Design

Customize the design

  •  Select from a variety of themes to suit your purpose
  •  Change the colors, font, background, add logos, message
  • Use theme settings to customize the look and feel

Moderate the content

Use our powerful moderation section and filter the unwanted content


  • Use Manual Moderation to filter the content on the go
  • Use Auto moderation to have pre-set rules for filtering. 
  • Profanity Filter to auto remove the unwanted content.
  • Control from our mobile apps
Display it Any Screen

Display it Anywhere

  • Display it on any Screen – Be it a Mobile Phone, TV or Big Jumbotrons.
  • Embed it in your website with our seamless integration on any platform

Filter Any Unwanted Content

 You will admire our moderation capabilities. No more mischievous content on your social media wall. Do Manual moderation, set automatic rules or use our inbuilt profanity filter to discard every unsuitable post


Integration with your favorite social media sources

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It is the perfect platform to showcase social feeds in my restaurant and website. It is super quick to setup and my team loves the extra features like ability to have announcements and profanity filter. It just gets better everyday.
Katie Homes
Restaurant Owner
I must say it is the easiest yet most powerful social wall platform. We have impressed our clients with custom designed social wall for their events. We love their support and keep deploying social media wall using your platform. Kudos to your team for making it a breeze for us.
Alan Jennings
Event Agency

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