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What Is A Hospital Social Wall?

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A Hospital Social Wall is a responsive tool that allows you to collect your preferred social content and patient testimonials from multiple social and review platforms and through the SnapUp feature.

You can easily display the hospital social wall in your hospital lobby, reception, waiting area, patients' rooms, and any hospital events. The social wall enables you to bring the element of social into your everyday life, improving the visitors' experience and helping you stand out.

Curate Engaging Social Wall With Private & Social Content

Offer the care your patients need, the attention your staff deserves, and something extraordinary to your premises with the engaging social wall curated with 20+ sources like social platforms, review platforms, and the SnapUp feature.

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The Social Wall Process

Here is how you can work your way through the engaging Social Wall

01Discover & Collect

Discover the best content around your hospital from 20 social platforms and collect them to seamlessly add them to your hospital social wall.

Discover & Collect
02Moderate & Curate

Moderate the content you have collected for your social wall to filter out unwanted posts and curate a premium quality social wall that attracts.

Moderate & Curate
03Design & Personalize

Be the creator of your social wall, explore multiple themes, & choose backgrounds, banners, colors, fonts, etc., to create a beautiful social wall.

Design & Personalize
04Display At Scale

Boundlessly display your social wall on any screen, venue, or virtually. The responsive social wall lets you showcase it through a display URL.

Display At Scale
04Measure & Analyse

Boundlessly display your social wall on any screen, venue, or virtually. The responsive social wall lets you showcase it through a display URL.

Measure & Analyse
The Ultimate Social Wall For All Your Engagement Needs

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Why Have A Social Wall At Your Hospital?

The benefits of leveraging social wall at your hospital.

Why Have A Social Wall At Your Hospital
Improve The Hospital Experience

Bring Social Wall as a positive distraction to your hospital premises to engage your patients and visitors and offer them a less anxious and worthwhile experience.

Have Better Social Visibility

Social Wall allows you to promote your social content. Displaying it around your hospital premises or events can grab the visitor's attention and improve visibility.

Build Trust Among Patients

Highlight the positive experiences of your patients with a social wall. Collect and display UGC like visual UGC, reviews & testimonials to build trust & reliability.

Improve Internal Communications

Enhance your hospital's workflow by improving the employee-communication. Showcase Slack and Workplace communication on your social wall to encourage interactions.

Unique Features For A Premium Social Wall

Endless Themes
Endless Themes

Explore multiple theme options by Taggbox to curate a hospital social wall that performs. Themes like Hue Card, Mashup, Polaroid, etc., enable you to provide a memorable display experience to your patients and visitors.

Personalization Features
Personalization Features

Customize your social wall however you want to. You can most creatively play with colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. We offer you a range of unique themes, and you can add icons/logos or personalized messages on banners.

Automatic Moderation
Automatic Moderation

With the moderation feature, you can discard certain users, words, tags, etc., that you find unsuitable and only keep the content you want to make live on your social wall.


Allow your hospital visitors to boundlessly upload UGC directly on the social wall by scanning the QR code on display without using a social media platform.

Profanity Filters
Profanity Filters

Switch the Profanity Filter on your Social Wall and automatically block offensive content. It uses our preset word database to filter out embarrassing content and discards it in real time.

Performance Analytics
Performance Analytics

The analytics feature displays how your Social Wall content performs and how your audience responds to it. In addition, you can use it to generate reports and track your content performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Display on Hospital Social Wall?

When it comes to hospitals, the social wall has many options. For example, you can showcase patients’ testimonials on the social wall to boost credibility, showcase your account’s posts to improve social visibility, add engagement by curating videos from platforms like Vimeo and YouTube to ease up the hospital’s anxious environment, and more.

Can I Display Google Reviews on Hospital Social Media Wall?

Yes, Social Wall lets you connect your Google My Place account to your social wall and seamlessly curate all your Google reviews in one place. In addition, you can filter out the irrelevant reviews through moderation and choose the ones you want to highlight on the social wall.

Can Hospital Visitors Direct Post Their Reviews on Social Wall?

Yes, hospital visitors can direct post their reviews on the Social Wall with the SnapUp feature that enables your hospital visitors to scan the QR Code and directly share their reviews from their devices without the need for any review platform.

How to Highlight Important Announcements on Social Media Wall?

Use the announcement feature from the in-built Studio to make any announcement among your hospital visitors while the live streaming social wall.

How to Make Hospital Waiting Area More Engaging?

You can make the hospital waiting area more engaging by showcasing the engaging Social Wall in the waiting area. Share your hospital’s social.

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