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Steps To Create Successful Social Media Wall For Your Upcoming Event

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The marketing ecosystem has come a long way and has evolved dynamically. From the times when brands used their stories to tell people about their presence, to the times when they use pictures to spread their essence, marketing trends have been rolling through ups and downs.

Nowadays events have emerged as the most popular social affair. With a huge number of people attending events every year, marketers have pushed their event strategies. Integration of the Social Media Wall in the events is one such success mantra that brands have adopted.

Using social media walls, brands can make the events more enticing and interesting by displaying users’ content and their social media feed. 

Here in this blog, we have discussed social media walls, why marketers use it, and how to create a successful social wall for events.

What Is Social Media Wall?

A Social Media wall is an incredible marketing tool with content from diverse platforms to entertain the audience and engage them throughout the event.

Simply defined, it is the feed that draws in social content from multiple platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, onto digital screens in real-time during the event.

Social media displays highlight all the interactive digital communications linked with your event on digital signage display by using a call-to-action to encourage people to post their images.

It is mostly curated using a unique #Hashtag from digital channels. Whenever a picture with the specific hashtag gets life, the social media wall automatically refreshes to display the freshly curated content to maximize the audience engagement.

The social media wall is an incredible tool to gear up your events and supercharge your audience count. But, this is not the only benefit of social walls. It has a lot more to serve the brands. 

Let us know how it impacts the events and why it is designated as one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies.

Why do Marketers Use Social Media Wall For Events?

A social media wall is the marketer’s gem for the events. It has changed the way brands/organizations interact with the audience during the event. Here are a few reasons why you should use this marketing strategy for your events.

1. Showcase Digital Impression

Social Media Walls display user-generated content during the event to increase the visual footprint of the audience. This makes the event more appealing and inviting. 

It makes the audience more desirous of posting new photos, experiences, and fun moments using the specified hashtag. People love to get featured on this social wall to get more attention. This makes the event more engaging and interactive.

2. Enhanced audience engagement

By getting displayed on the social media wall, the audience feels more connected with the event. A social wall is the aggregation of all fun experiences that the audience had with the product and during the event.

Showcasing user-generated content encourages the audience to participate in the event with eagerness and craze. This touches the emotions of the audience and makes them feel as if they are special for the brand.

3. Initiate the spark for the event

By engaging the audience of the events through social media wall displaying their content and online feeds, marketers create the buzz around the event. 

It also displays all the event-related information on the digital signage screen which invokes attendees’ desire to engage in the event and also to participate in future events i.e. it creates the list of audience count for the upcoming events as well.

4. Escalate growth and generate revenue

By displaying a social wall in the event, brands earn attention and love from the audience, which is the primary element for the event’s success. This provokes interest in the audience for future events.

With more crowds during the event, brands grow their audience reach and popularity. This in turn helps in the brand’s growth and generates revenue.

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How To Create a Social Media Wall

Displaying social walls at events such as weddings, parties, musical concerts, exhibitions, seminars, webinars, trade shows, etc. adds to attendees’ emotions a strong essence of engagement.

To create a successful social media wall for your upcoming event, the most elementary step is to have a social media presence that can be displayed during the event.

#1  Choose a unique hashtag for your event

The hashtag is the key component for social media aggregation on the digital display. Brands need to create a unique hashtag that can connect with the audience. The hashtag should be short and simple, easy to read and spell, and should infuse into the emotions of the audience.

Before designing a hashtag, brands should analyze the targeted audience. After knowing the sphere of the target audience, brands should choose a suitable hashtag following their social media activities and their interest zones.

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Hashtags are the ultimate marketing strategy to boost up the event even before it has started.

Before the events, brands can create a buzz around the event by advertising using the hashtag. 

Brands can use hashtags to display audience engagement during the event.

These curated hashtag stories and posts can now be displayed on the social wall during the event to gain audience attraction.

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#2 Curate social media content using hashtags and mentions

Once you have designed a suitable hashtag for the event, and have introduced it to the audience, it’s now the time to curate the user-generated content and display it on the wall.

By displaying UGC on the wall, brands can make the audience the brand ambassador of the events. This helps the brands with cost-effective event promotion with social proof and trustworthy content.

Brands can display live feeds using Hashtags, can moderate and filter the most relevant content to display, and customize it to make the wall look more vibrant. 

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Brands can also curate social media content using @Mentions and page posts. In simple words, it means aggregating all the posts from a single feed  using a specific handle and mentions. 

Tagged content is a form of User-Generated content in which people upload their images by tagging the brand/company. It can be displayed to showcase brands credibility and popularity among the crowd.

Also, brands can display the audience’s questions and queries about the events or products, their experience with the product, and their reviews. By answering them during the event, brands can boost up audience interaction with the event.

#3. Display it on digital screen

The curated content is now brushed up with customization and moderation, and now the next step is to display it on screens.

Marketers can display this social wall at various places in the venue. They choose strategic locations to place social walls, especially the places where more audience is likely to gather. For example- entry gate, hotel reception, walking passage, washrooms, food court. 

This helps the audience not to miss any part of the event even when they are not present physically at the front. This boosts audience engagement and makes them feel connected throughout the event.

Now the question that arises is, which tool can be assigned to design your creative social wall with a lasting impact on the audiences?

The solution to this is “Taggbox”. Brands leverage this tool to enrich their marketing strategy and escalate growth and success for the events.

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Why Taggbox?

Taggbox Display” is an amazing tool that offers a wide range of features and helps the brands to create an engaging social wall for their events to increase engagement, create experiences and attract sponsors at events by displaying UGC.

Here are some of the features offered by Taggbox.

DIsplay Studio

Display exciting and creative content such as images and videos along with your social media walls to make your wall look more attractive and exquisite.

Display Studio

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Unlock more direct UGC uploading options for your audience by eliminating social media with the SnapUp. Build trust among your audiences by giving them a SnapUp to share UGC for your brand.

Customizations and themes

Taggbox allows you to choose from a variety of themes along with font, background image, layout, styles, banners, promotional message, etc, and lets you customize your wall according to your audience sphere.

Moderation panel

This feature of Taggbox allows you to discard the irrelevant content and images with the profanity filter to enhance the quality of displayed content.

Instant updates

Taggbox offers the feature of Real-time updates to display fresh content on your social wall with live updates for every changing minute.

Easy setup

To create your social wall using Taggbox, all you need is a Taggbox account. It offers an extremely easy and simple setup procedure with centralized management functionality.

Dedicated support

It provides robust customer support for the brands to have a hassle-free social wall setup, and even during the event to have an organized display.

Taggbox Support

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Some Successful Events That Used Taggbox Display To Boost Engagement

1. All About Music

A music industry networking and knowledge sharing conference presented by Youtube in August 2019 in Mumbai.

Taggbox Instagram Wall for Events for Youtube Music

Taggbox was used to set up a social media wall at the conference that displayed live hashtag feed using #AllAboutMusic2019. The social wall displayed user-generated content with unique and fresh real-time updates to gain extended exposure and awareness.

2. Epic Events NY

Epic Events is an event management company that provides visual experiences to enhance social events. It deployed Taggbox Display to boost engagement in the event organized by a corporate company at Times Square, New York.

Taggbox Display at The Event

Taggbox curated all the images taken at the photo booth and displayed it over 12 screens to make the event more exciting.

3. Sunburn Music Festival

Sunburn is the biggest EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival that takes place in Asia every year.

Sunburn Socialwall

Taggbox provided the social wall for the attendees to connect using social media platforms. The experience was shared by all the attendees using “Share your pics with #SunburnArena” on social media channels. Taggbox displayed all these experiences on the big screen using live hashtag display and customized the feed to make it look more attractive.

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In this social media eccentric world, even events have changed the way of engaging the audience. Effective integration of user-generated content with top social wall tools during events has helped the brands to gain audience attention.

Brands have started leveraging social media walls for the event’s success and popularity. This has helped the brands to boost audience attraction towards the events. It’s a great way to strengthen brand-user relationships which further generates high revenue for the brand.