Taggbox Raydiant Partnership

Taggbox Display partners Raydiant – A Collaboration For Endless Possibilities

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Budding brands and marketers are continuously digging to find means and ways to grow their business and maximize their profits. The hunt came to a pause when they came across an impeccable solution that served the purpose just right! 

We are talking about the integration between social media walls and digital signages. A social media wall works brilliantly to display engaging content from multiple social media networks, however, what is the point if it does not reach the right set of audiences? 

Digital signages have come up as the ultimate solution to tackle this situation. It allows the users to display details like weather forecasts, news updates time and highly engaging social walls

Considering the benefits and possibilities of this integration, Taggbox Display has joined hands with Raydiant to help marketers extend their reach to a greater audience and engage + convert them seamlessly. 

Continue reading this post till the end to get an insight into this partnership and everything it has to offer.

What Does Taggbox Display Offer? 

Taggbox Display is a promising and award-winning platform that offers comprehensive solutions to its users to curate and display social media walls. Apart from the regular branded content, the users can also aggregate User-Generated Content from over 15+ social media networks.

Taggbox Digital Signage

The users can display the content as a social media wall on various touch points like digital signages, TV, virtual events, live events, etc. 

It is a one-of-a-kind strategy to keep the audience hooked, drive more credibility and get a higher return on investment.   

Well, that’s not just about it! Taggbox Display offers an extensive range of features to increase the efficiency and impact of the social walls. The users can choose from a wide array of customization options like themes, layouts, templates, fonts, colors, etc. 

The users can monitor the content before making it live and later analyze it using the advanced analytics feature to keep the performance of the social wall in check. 

The newly introduced Taggbox Display studio lets the users add various infotainment apps to take the effectiveness of the social media wall to a whole new level! 

What Does Raydiant Offer?

Raydiant is a leading digital signage platform founded in April 2017 with an ambition to create a high-impact experience for its customers. The platform helps various sectors to increase their customer engagement and to build a better brand-customer relationship.

Raydiant Digital Signage

Raydiant is all set to take the engagement level much higher, powered by social media walls. It has already partnered with big names like Twitter, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc., and now with Taggbox Display. 

Raydiant users can integrate various infotainment apps on the screens like calendars, clocks, videos from YouTube, weather updates, news, QR codes & nested playlists. 

The setting up process is as simple as plugging the Raydiant hardware into your TV and, you will be good to go! 

Be it for enhancing in-store experiences or for improving employee engagement at the workplace, Raydiant brings in the much-needed spark to a mundane environment with the strong presence of digital signages. 

What’s more? Their recently introduced product called Second Screen, which brings together companies and their teams in this new remote working culture! 

Raydiant has a 24X7 back support team if the users come across any issue while using the platform. 

What Can You Expect From This Partnership? 

Upscale Brand Reach & Engagement 

Let’s face it! Audience engagement is a big concern for brands and finding the appropriate ways to do the needful can be a daunting task. Integrating social media walls on digital signage can grasp the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. 

It is a no-brainer that people love scrolling through their social media feeds. In fact, on average, a social media user spends more than 2 hours daily checking out what’s happening in the social media landscape! 

Displaying stunning visuals and moving content from your social media handle is a great way to make your audience open their phones and check out your profile on social media leading to an increased reach and more engagement. 

Build Social Proof Of The Brand 

Gone are the days when potential customers used to fall for promotional campaigns and marketing gimmicks. Modern-day customers are much wiser than you know and, hence, displaying the validation of your existing customers can be your best bet. 

With a user base of over 3.6 billion active users, social media has become a giant pool of User-Generated Content, i.e.,- the content created by the existing users of a brand. It helps potential buyers in their purchase journey. More than 90% of potential customers go through a brand’s User-Generated Content before finalizing a brand or a product!

Aggregating the content in a customized social media wall and displaying it on digital signage can help you show your brand’s social proof. As a result, you will be able to gain the trust and confidence of your customers. 

Run Successful Hashtag Campaigns 

In today’s social media marketing era, Hashtag campaigns have become a conventional weapon in every marketer’s marketing arsenal. As interesting as it may sound, it can be tedious to ensure maximum participation from your audience. 

This partnership plays a substantial part here as well. Creating a social wall comprising the posts posted by your audience using the specific hashtag and displaying it on digital signage would excite others to participate. The logic here is simple. People love following trends and would be naturally attracted and compelled to go with the crowd. 

Step By Step Guide To Display Taggbox Display Social Wall With Raydiant Digital Signage 

how to display taggbox display social wall using raydiant digital signage
  • Next, you will reach the dashboard of Taggbox Display. To start the process, click on Start Now
  • From the pop-up menu bar, Choose your preferred content aggregation source. You can select from over 15+ social media networks
  • Once you have chosen your aggregation source, you need to choose your connection type as per your preference
  • Fill in your credentials and customize the feeds using the options as you want them to look
  • Then click on the create feed option. Now you will be able to see a preview of what your social media wall would look like
  • Click on the Display icon present on the bottom left corner of the page
  • Go to the Library Section and Click on “Create”.
  • Then click on “Taggbox Display”.
  • Paste your copied display code and click on “done”.
  • And that’s it. You have successfully added the Taggbox Display social wall to the Raydiant digital signage. 

In case you face any trouble or issue in any of the steps, contact us at [email protected] for assistance. 

Closing Address 

Even though we can go on and on about this incredible partnership, but would highly recommend you explore on ground how this truly is a collaboration that offers endless possibilities! 

You are now aware of everything about Taggbox Display and Raydiant as two individual platforms. And also how merging them can enable brands and marketers to create and display dynamic content to leverage the mentioned advantages and much more.

Go on now, climb the ladder of success by incorporating this partnership into your marketing efforts!