Digital signage in Financial Institute

Best Content Ideas And Benefits Of Using Digital Signage In Financial Institutions

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Financial institutions are always looking for new technologies that they can incorporate to improve customer experiences. When we look down upon the timeline, we find that banks were among the first to deploy digital signage.

Today, Financial Institutes want to evoke customers’ emotions. From a young couple driving a new car to an old couple relaxing in their retirement home- showcasing bank loan rates has moved from basic paper banners to captivating digital screens.

And, it all has happened with the power of content. But, in this evolving scenario, one thing that remains constant is digital signage as a crucial part of customer experiences.

The Impact Of Digital Signage

Digital signage as a tool offers brands the liberty to showcase dynamic displays to their audience. As a result, brands get to deliver better customer experiences. 

As a financial institute, you modify your premises, engage visitors, promote your services & products, simplify internal functions, and more with diverse digital signage content. 

You give a personalized visual appeal to your premises like never before. Still wondering why your financial institute needs digital signage? Here are some key benefits for you.

Why Does Your Financial Institute Need A Digital Signage?

Here are some key benefits of leveraging digital signage in your financial institutions.

Keep The Visitors Updated & Engaged

With digital signage, you can offer real-time updates to your financial institute visitors to keep them updated. You also showcase entertaining content to your audience, making digital signage the ideal infotainment tool and enhancing the customer engagement

Display Real-Time Updates

It opens up endless opportunities for you as a financial institute. Modify your digital screens and display what works best for your visitors to offer a smooth functioning.

Create Interactional Opportunities

Digital signage is more than just displaying infotainment content. For example, if you offer touchscreen digital signage at your financial institute’s premises, visitors can easily interact with it and perform basic tasks. 

They can easily book an appointment with a financial counselor, cash deposits, bill payments, and loan information. It’s also a great way to showcase new promotions like cashback on credit cards and incentives for a student debit card. It calls for a great opportunity to develop an environment where your customers are self-reliant and can perform their primary tasks , making it an ideal avenue for reaching individuals interested in financial products, including student loan leads.

Create Personalized Digital Signage Experiences

Digital signage is like a clean slate that you can fill in with your colors and visuals. Use this opportunity to display any content you want. It calls for a great opportunity for financial institutes to offer personalized experiences to their customers or visitors. 

You can ace the game of digital signage content and offer a personified digital screen experience. With endless options like weather updates, easy indoor navigations, instant updates, news updates, share & stock market news, and much more.

Improve Employee Experiences & Communication

Digital signage in financial institution improves the customer experience and enhances the internal communication between the bank and its employees. Digital signage results to be the perfect tool to bridge the communication gap between employees. This results to be an effective tool in the rapidly changing economic environment. 

Improve Internal Communication

Your employees have access to information at a glance. You can even leverage content from employee-centric platforms like Slack to offer a smoother work environment to the employees.

Go Eco-friendly & Save Paper

We all know how the world is going through a global warming crisis, calling for big industries to go eco-friendly. A lot of paperwork goes to a financial institution, resulting in wasted paper. There are times when banks use tons of paper for one-time use, and then it goes to waste.

Don’t be like other irresponsible institutions. Let digital signage be your new investment that can perfectly replace your financial institution’s bulletin board and other documents.

Digital Signage For Financial Institutes: Best Content Ideas

We bring you some robust digital signage content ideas for your financial institution that will help you offer stimulating & engaging client experiences.

Market Wall With Real-time Information

Offer an at-a-glance market wall experience to your financial institute visitors. For example, place the digital signage around waiting rooms, queues near the ATM, locker room, etc. 

You can display real-time information related to the stock market, currency rates, gold rates, etc. It is a great strategy to keep your customers updated with meaningful information. You can even add a stock market ticker below your digital signage screen to share quick information.

Showcase Branded & Promotional Content

Digital signage is a captivating tool. It ensures that each time a person comes across the screen, they will stop by to look at what’s up on display. So why not use this opportunity to promote your brand and services? 

Monetize your financial institute’s digital signage by showcasing promotional content. Like product updates such as reward points, new services such as a concierge, the latest offers and perks for loans, and new products such as a debit card for kids and rebate cards. Not just that, you can even offer promotional space to other brands and generate more revenue.

Offer Way-finding Maps

A financial institution is a busy space with departments spread across different areas of the premises. Not to mention how it is usually a packed place. So imagine going to a crowded place where everyone is busy. As they have to complete their everyday agendas, and you have to navigate around on your own. Sounds uneasy? 

Indoor Navigation Using Wayfinding digital Signage

Let digital signage make things easier for your bank visitors. Offer them indoor navigation with wayfinding through digital signage. Your visitors no longer have to feel tense. They can easily move around and reach where they want to.

Introduce Token System

As we mentioned, financial institutes are a crowded space. Visitors often have to wait in long queues to reach their destinations. As a result, they feel exhausted and often drift away without completing their task. The best solution for this has to be introducing a token system in your financial institute’s premises through digital signage.

Token System through Digital Signage

Each visitor can generate a unique token number that would depict that position in the queue. Your visitors no longer have to stand in long queues; they can sit around the lobby area or perform other tasks. Help them save time and make your premises less cluttered.

Digital Bulletin Boards

Gone are the days when you had to print out forms or notice every time there was a new notification at your financial institute. It takes a lot of time, energy, and paper waste. It is the new technology era, and nothing can be better than incorporating digital signage as a digital notice board.

Each time you have to share something new with the customers or visitors, you no longer have to rush to the copy machine; put it up on your digital notice board. Best part? It increases the visibility, so more people will read it. 

Display Google/Facebook Reviews

Nothing is more powerful than customers’ voices. It can drive maximum traffic to your financial institute and instill trust in your spectators. Your customers share their experience of your financial institute on review platforms like Google and Facebook. You can easily fetch them using a social wall tool like Taggbox Display and showcase them on the digital signage.

display reviews on screens

It will not only build trust but will also create social proof among your customers. They will get encouraged to give reviews for you, offering you more reviews to showcase on digital signage.

Display Employee-generated Content

When we talk about financial institutes, we must mention the employees. They are the backbone of every financial institute. Digital signage can help you offer a better work experience at your bank. In addition, you get to keep in touch with the staff and build strong relationships.

Showcase employee-generated content from platforms like Slack, Workplace, and more to ensure employee engagement. You can showcase this content on digital signage situated in employee-specific areas. Celebrate work anniversaries, company milestones, birthdays, achievements, and more by showcasing them on digital signage.

How Taggbox Display Enables Engaging Digital Signage Experiences

Taggbox Display is a comprehensive solution for users to offer content display solutions to their audiences in events, virtual platforms, digital signage, etc. It is the ideal platform to seamlessly showcase automated content. Like social media walls, noticeboards, visual galleries, news feeds, internal communications, customer reviews, and much more on digital signage.

Taggbox Display

Taggbox Display offers a 4-step easy process. Create engaging digital signage content by curating, customizing, scheduling & displaying the captivating digital signage content experience on any digital signage screen. 

Here are some of the most promising features by Taggbox Display Digital Signage Content Solution:

  • Studio: Play with content like videos, images, slideshows, weather updates, QR Codes, Quotes, etc.
  • Customization: Modify digital signage content with endless themes, layouts, fonts, colors, etc.
  • Collaboration: Flexible operations with collaborative inputs by different team members as per their role
  • Actionable Data Insights: Detailed analytics to track the performance of digital signage content