Digital Signage Content Ideas

Digital Signage Content Ideas 2024

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Digital Signage Displays are incredible tools that have been attracting immense focus in the marketing world to skyrocket user engagement and communication. Keeping that in mind we are sharing the best digital signage content ideas for every industry!

Though they are highly effective in grabbing the audience’s attention at the first sight yet what keeps the audience engaging with the display screen is the content that it displays. Hence, displaying the best quality and highly relevant digital signage content is a must.

Displaying engaging content on Digital Signage Displays helps you boost user engagement, enhance impulse purchases, provide higher growth, and greater satisfaction.

Use Social Walls for In-Store Displays, Hotels, Restuarants, Events and Much More

Digital Signage Content Ideas For Every Industry

Digital Signage Displays are a great tool to display industry-specific news, comprehensive announcements, user-generated content like reviews and testimonials, social media posts, emergency information, product description, live hashtag feeds and so much more.

Here, we share with you some really amazing and incredibly awesome ideas that will give your business an edge over your competitors.

Come, let’s delve into!

#1 Promotions And Campaigns Digital Signage Content

Use Case: Retail, Restaurants & Hotels, Resorts,  Salons & Spa, etc.

Are you running an in-store promotion or a display out of home advertising campaign? Then a Digital Signage Display is the best way to communicate it to your in-store customers.

You may display the offer codes and guidelines for participating in the campaign. You may also display the submitted entries from your social media campaign, the profiles of the winners, and what did they win!

digital signage content ideas

This helps to generate excitement in the minds of the viewers and encourage them to participate in the promotional campaigns. This helps to boost customer engagement with your business.

Digital Signage helps you display a strong combination of words, images, and videos, thereby strongly influencing the purchase decision of your customers.

#2 Social Walls For Digital Signage Content

Use Case: Events, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Restaurants, etc.

Social Media Walls display user-generated content from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others aggregated through channels like hashtags, mentions, tagged, lists, favorites, and others.

It shows real-time content in the most customizable format. It is not just beautiful and attractive content, it is engaging too. Using a UGC platform like Taggbox is a great way to display your social media popularity to your audience.

Social media digital signages are also a great way to build social trust as it displays user-generated content which is like a direct recommendation from your loyal customers to the aspiring in-store customers of your product quality and brand credibility.

Also, you get to choose what you want to display and filter out the irrelevant content. You can also track the event engagement with your social posts using the Analytics feature that comes along with the Social Walls.

#3 Motivational Quotes

Use Case: Offices, Gyms, Educational Institutes, etc.

Spreading positivity and inspiration is always a welcomed idea.  Displaying motivational quotes as digital signage content can help you boost the morale of your employees in offices, students in educational institutions, and trainees in a gym.

These could be scheduled at uniform intervals of time to maintain variety and dynamic character of the Digital Signage.

content ideas for digital signage

The internet is full of motivational quotes but it is always appreciable if it is relevant to your industry. You could also display these motivational quotes as banners and ticker along with other content as the major focus.

#4 Restaurant Menu Cards

Use Case: Restaurants & Hotels

Customers love creative and innovative services being delivered at restaurants and cafe shops. You could be one of those restaurants that present its menu cards to the users in a different way.

Display the menu card on your Digital Signage Displays in the most customizable manner. Or add a little flavor to your presentation skills by adding an animated image of the dish being displayed on the menu card over Digital Signage Displays.

A steaming cup of coffee or a delicious chicken serving itself on the screen could be funny and interesting simultaneously. You could display recipes of certain dishes too.

#5 Directory Boards

Use Case: Resorts, Hotels, Real-Estate, Schools, Offices, etc.

Displaying Directory boards on Digital Signage is a great alternative to traditional heavily lodged directory journals. Directory board is easily accessible and available to all on the display screen.

It is a great help to a new person in town in need to contact authorities or related institutes.  Displaying Directory boards helps you to inform your customers of the important contact information they should be aware of as soon as they enter your lobby.

digital signage content trends

In the hospitality industry like resorts and hotels, it assumes great importance given the relevancy of it for the tourists who are new to the surroundings.

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#6 Calendar, Appointments, and Schedule

Use Case: Events, Offices, Meetings, Conferences, hospitals, clinics etc.

Displaying calendars on your Digital Signage Display Screens helps your employees and work team to manage their time better. Digital Signage is a great tool to display calendars and track the progress of the whole team on the spot.

In a busy work schedule of the corporate work environment, people often forget to check their calendar simply because they don’t have the time to do so. 

digital signage content

Using online scheduling software to display official calendars, target calendars, etc on digital signage display screens keeps the whole team on the same page thereby allowing you to deliver better results as a team in an organized manner.

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#7 Map Of The Facility

Use Case: Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Offices, etc.

Displaying the map of your facility on the digital signage screen will help your customers to have a hassle-free experience at your venue. It is a great alternative to traditional printed maps and provides easy accessibility with a 3D display of the maps.

Wayfinding Maps

Displaying way finders and maps of your nearby locations on digital signage screens is a good idea to give your customers an interactive experience with minimal confusion.

#8 Customer Testimonials

Use Case: Hotels, Restaurants, Salons, Retail Stores, Resorts, Spa, etc.

Displaying what your customers are saying about you is the best marketing technique a brand can use. It helps the brand to display the authenticity of its products and deliver the most trustworthy marketing content to its customers.

display google reviews on screens

Brands can display these testimonials on digital signage screens and can boost their customer’s engagement. This is a great tool to showcase the internet’s word-of-mouth marketing that adds to the reliability and credibility of the brand.

It is an excellent way to attract more customers and influence their decisions. With this display, brands can build trusted relationships with their customers and can boost their conversion rates and sales. 

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#9 Employee Spotlights & Team Photos

Use Case: Offices, Events, Schools

Recognizing the performance skills of the employee and showcasing them to all the employees and the clients innovatively is a great way to boost interactivity and internal communications. 

Employee Spotlights

It increases the morale of the employee and enhances the openness within the organization. It also boosts confidence in the employees and provokes them to work even harder.

Also, displaying team photos on digital signage screens helps the organization to display the enthusiasm of its employees and its work culture in an attractive way.

#10 Travel Related Information

Use Case: Airports, Railway Stations, Hotels, Luxury Lodges, etc. 

People are in a hurry when they are about to catch a flight to take off for a new journey. Let them know the departure schedule of current flights, baggage claim area direction, local transportations, important tips for a better journey, etc. 

Travel Related Information

Your customers like to get the information in a most comprehensive way, so displaying such travel information via digital signage helps them to easily learn about the in-minute details of local transportations, weather reports, breaking news to the country they are traveling in, travel-related guide, safety measures, etc. 

Based on your customer travel details, update the digital signage content ideas accordingly to offer a better and optimum experience to your customers.

#11 Company Sales & Stats Dashboard

Use Case: Corporates, Offices, Firms, etc. 

Transparency in corporate communication is a major key to the success of every organization, hence results in a delighted and cheerful team of co-workers. 

Company Stats

Generally, most of the companies’ sales data lie behind the CMS which is not accessible to your working team. Due to this your team members never know about the exact data of sales they achieve with their efforts. 

Showcasing your company’s sales and customer data will bring your employees and top-management goals on the same pitch. Employees are able to better understand the customer’s behavior and learn about how far & near are to achieve the actual figures. 

#12 Industry Related Trends & News

Use Case: Hospitality, Travel, Food, Fashion, etc. 

A successful industry is one that stays updated with the latest trends, changes, and modifications introduced within the industry. 

Industry News

No matter if you belong to the hospitality, marketing, sales, food, clothing, fashion, travel, etc. industry type, it is crucial to let you and your team members stay updated with the industry trends, news, and countries-specific updates for an effective corporate strategy. 

What is better than digital signage to flash industry-related news that is also interesting, captivating, and comprehensive to read for everyone. 

#13 Sponsors Wall

Use Case: Events, Concerts, Sports, & Games

Building affinity with your partners and sponsors is always through public recognition. Big boards and posters are old-school methods to introduce your event sponsors. 

Sponsor Post

However, a digital signage display is a great tool to creatively display information about the sponsors during the events like conferences, music concerts, sports, etc. to engage your audience with the sponsors. 

A dedicated Sponsors Wall can be created to display on the huge digital signage screens that will definitely catch the attention of audiences and do the promotions of your event sponsors

Taggbox Display offers you to create Sponsored Posts that amalgamate with the Social Media Wall easily. It is one of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your sponsors in non-promotive content. 

#14 Digital Notice Boards

Use Case: Hotels, Cafes, Schools, etc.

Digital signage can be a perfect substitute for old, wooden, chalk hand-written notice boards. People usually find reading information from the pinning papers on the traditional notice boards. It is also an ineffective method to tell your customers about the special deals, exclusive offers, emergency notices, and other crucial information to your audiences. 

Notice Board

Instead of decorating the traditional notice boards every time, channelize your efforts to create content on the digital signage to deliver important information which is quick, manageable, and effective. 

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#15 Internal Communication

Use Case: Corporate, Hotel, Travel, School, etc. 

Smooth internal communication is a crucial need of every organization, regardless of what industry they belong to. In order to convey the messages to team members, effective means of communication should be incorporated by the organization. 

Internal Communication

Emails, SMS, notice boards, intra-communication tools, and apps, etc. are becoming ineffective as they consume the time of the receiver. Whereas digital signage can be an effective solution for your internal communication. 

It does not hamper the productivity of your employees as they can read the information at any time when they gaze over the screen. In this way, they do not get any notification sounds on their PC when they are occupied with some important work. 

Digital Signage X Taggbox Display Studio

We are glad to offer the profound Social Wall experience to our users, now we have decided to take it a step further. 

With Taggbox Studio, we have introduced our complete content management tool for Digital Signage that will help to create, manage, and display a wide variety of content on the digital signage screens. 

Social Wall With YouTube

Taggbox Studio is a digital signage content management platform to easily create & manage content like sponsored posts, digital menu boards, notice boards, play video, etc. 

The intelligible interface of Taggbox Studio assists you to effortlessly manage the wide range of content for different purposes without any need for technical expertise.  

Along with Social Wall, now you can also create other content, enhance the layout of digital signage, integrate content from other sources, moderate, and many more display any kind of content for your Digital Signage Display Screens. 

Take Away

These were some of the best digital signage content ideas for almost every industry. If you are hosting an event or want social user-generated content to be displayed at the digital signage, schedule a demo with our expert today!

Display Social Media Walls on Digital Signage Screen

So, start displaying the most relevant and engaging content on your digital signage display screens and enjoy the boosted revenues and retention rate for your business.