The Ultimate User-Generated Video Content Guide

Modern-day customers, millennials, in particular, value their frame of time and love voicing their opinions. As a result, almost every brand has customers willing to go on camera and advocate for them, especially if they have had a positive experience.  In fact, among the millennial generation, user-generated video content is trusted 50% more than information […]

10 minute read

Enhance Email Performance With User-Generated Content

The digital landscape is perpetually advancing. In the last couple of decades, it has moved places with multiple channels opening up and making a thud. But, email marketing still remains one of the most potent channels for marketers across industries.  According to statistics, 9 out of 10 marketers use email marketing to distribute content organically. […]

8 minute read

How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On Magento Website

Wondering why add a shoppable Instagram feed on Magento ecommerce store? Well! Instagram Shopping is growing at a rate of knots, thanks to its set of features that allow users to shop any brand’s visuals all across the platform easily. According to stats, 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services, while 50% […]

7 minute read

8 Ideas That Can Boost The Creation Of User-Generated Content(UGC)

In the last decade, there has been an explosion of visual content unlike any other time in history. The power of visuals in storytelling is undeniable. In fact, today’s consumers crave visually engaging experiences so much that brands are constantly battling against providing for this ever-increasing visual appetite of them.  User generated content is helping […]

12 minute read

Social Media For Hybrid Event : Ideas and Benefits

To say that the event industry went through a whirlwind would be an understatement. In-person events and conferences that were planned days in advance got postponed or cancelled sooner than anybody could fathom. Virtual events came to light, and the businesses took every effort to make them effective. While both: in-person and virtual events had […]

11 minute read

User-Generated Content: An Intuitive Guide

Be it through micro-influencers, customer advocacy or celebrity endorsements; the world has witnessed the rise of user-generated content on social media. Well, that isn’t surprising either! 93% of the users claimed to have been influenced by user-generated content in their buying decisions over emails and search engine results. But, with the competition only reaching new […]

17 minute read

Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas For Non-profits

Virtual fundraising events are becoming an indispensable trend for non-profits.  Whether you want to plan your virtual event in reaction to the modern challenges or as an attempt to grow the organization’s digital footprint, having a plan to keep your audience engaged will be non-negotiable moving forward. A well-to-do virtual fundraising event indeed comes in […]

11 minute read

Taggbox Display Partners With ScreenCloud

Simply sitting on top of the heap of User Generated Content cannot maximize user engagement and growth for your brand, but displaying it on big screens potentially can! The partnership between Taggbox Display and ScreenCloud facilitates brands to achieve that. Building an impactful social media feed has never been any smoother. To find out more […]

5 minute read

Employee-Generated Content- A Buzz Or An Impactful Marketing Strategy?

Did you know your employees have 10 times more followers on social media than you?  Supposing that this fact rang a bell in your ears, it is now time to leverage and optimize the potential that your employees’ social media presence hold in generating greater business for you by targeting exponential reach.  Integrating Employee-generated Content(EGC) […]

12 minute read