Best Social Media Marketing Strategies You Just Can’t Ignore in 2024

2022 is on its way and is ready to roll over in just a few days. By now it’s completely safe to say that traditional marketing has been overwhelmingly wrapped by the social media marketing hype. It makes us realize how fastly and dynamically the world of social media is growing and still there is […]

12 minute read

UGC Marketing Guide On Instagram Reels To Curate, Share, Grow

On 5th August 2020, Instagram introduced the world to Reels – “A new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.” Since then, the hottest new content format has changed how social media users create and consume content.  The impact of Instagram Reels is such that everyone wants to put on their best […]

11 minute read

What Are Metaverse Events?- Ideas And Best Practice

Imagine making friends, rearing virtual pets, buying virtual property, selling products, working in a lifelike remote setup, and conducting events using 3-D virtual objects? Well, that’s where we are headed.  The metaverse hype cannot be overlooked – it is all over the place. Estimates are that it will reach a value of $800M by 2024.  […]

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Feature Update: Tag-based Widget To Promote Relevant Content On Web Pages

86% of the users will decide which brand to support based on their authenticity. And what better way to be authentic than showcasing real and appealing content to specific target audiences rather than trying to sell to everyone. In addition to this, it is also essential that your category or web pages hit the right […]

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Explore How AIMA Accelarated Their Annual Conclave With Taggbox Display

All India Management Association – a national apex body of the management profession in India, conducted its 7th national leadership conclave on 12th April 2022, which featured Taggbox Display social wall. The aim being to boost conversations and showcase real-time updates.  AIMA is a thought leadership platform that associates various stakeholders for constructive dialogue on […]

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Social Wall Examples Across Industries

Social wall is becoming an increasingly popular tool to boost reach, attract audience attention, engagement, build brand awareness and ease conversions. Irrespective of the niche you cater to, showcasing a social wall is your best chance to stand-out from the competition. Read the blog to know the best ways to use a social wall to […]

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Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas 2024[New]

Virtual fundraising events are becoming an indispensable trend for non-profits.  Whether you want to plan your virtual event in reaction to the modern challenges or as an attempt to grow the organization’s digital footprint, having a plan to keep your audience engaged will be non-negotiable moving forward. A well-to-do virtual fundraising event indeed comes in […]

11 minute read

8 Ways To Incorporate Reviews In Your Marketing Campaigns

When a friend recommends an eatery, you mentally add it to your wishlist. Or, when you are on a hunt for a new mobile phone, you might ask your close circles for recommendations.  Passing on tips and recommendations has been the age-old practice that still holds a lot of prominence. Customers look up to knowing […]

8 minute read

How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On Magento Website

Wondering why add a shoppable Instagram feed on Magento ecommerce store? Well! Instagram Shopping is growing at a rate of knots, thanks to its set of features that allow users to shop any brand’s visuals all across the platform easily. According to stats, 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services, while 50% […]

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