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TikTok For Event Marketing: Viral Trend You Need To Follow In 2024

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TikTok has become quite a sensation ever since its inception. The platform has become one of the widely used and popular social media networks, especially among millennials and Gen Z. With over 1 billion active users, TikTok has a high potential to reach targeted audiences more quickly and effectively. 

Integrating TikTok as your event marketing tool can be a great deal for your event’s social media marketing campaign and retrieve exceptional results than any other social media network ever does for your event. 

As per Statista,

More than 850 minutes are spent by the U.S. TikTok users every month.

You cannot afford to avoid TikTok marketing in this social media era; whether you are promoting a product or an event, TikTok is your powerful & go-to weapon to expand your marketing game plan. 

Keep reading to find out how TikTok works for event marketing. Also, you will get useful insights about constructive ways to utilize this quirky social media platform for your event marketing.

Excited much? Let’s begin!

Why Consider TikTok For Event Marketing?

One reasons to choose TikTok for your event campaign is, it will give you more organic reach than any other social media platform. It is easy to expand visibility on TikTok, booming your event exposure with millions of active users.

 TikTok Celebrates the BRITs with Immersive Projections and Live Streams Across London | LBBOnline
Source: TikTok Celebrates the BRITs with Immersive Projections and Live Streams Across London | LBBOnline

Even if you are new to TikTok, you can reach millions of audience in a single shot which cannot be possible with other platforms that requires tons of followers on your account.

TikTok ads your marketing campaign to widespread with millions of audience without any restrictions. You only need the right content and right targeted audience for your campaign. 

The algorithms of other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) are not designed to reach more audiences. Social media posts on these platforms only stay on top for an hour, making it hard to reach more audiences.

However, TikTok increases your content shelf life by 90 days, which means you can still receive Instant  Tiktok Auto Likes, comments, shares, and users’ engagement on your old videos when you least expect it.

A year back, TikTok was a wild craze among younger generations. In 2024, TikTok has users from all demographics, making it a perfect platform for marketers to run powerful marketing campaigns.

Hence, if your goal is to maximize reach and drive more engagement with your target audience that too swiftly, TikTok is what you need. 

To utilize TikTok for your event marketing in the best possible way, start creating a powerful content strategy to attract, engage, and increase followers (or say viewers) with your event promotional campaign.

Here you will get how to create a robust TikTok content strategy that will pay enormous results than you can ever contemplate.

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Effective Ways To Use TikTok For Event Marketing

1. Make Viral Trends Your Content Inspiration

If your goal is to reach more audiences instantly, participating or making content inspired by viral trends can be your hotbed. Talking about the very popular TikTok trend, the #TumbleweedChallenge got 8000 video uploads and more than 10 million views just after Jimmy Fallon published the favorite videos on his Tonight Show.  

Promoting your event with trends grows the reach of your marketing content and makes it appear more in the feeds of larger audiences. Whether it is a challenge or a popular trend on TikTok if you hit it on time, then it will be a boon to your event marketing campaign.

Make sure to do a thorough research of popular & relevant trends on TikTok and design content for your event marketing campaign accordingly to gain exceptional advantages on TikTok.

Another most important criteria to pay attention to is your TikTok content does not sound too promotional. Innovative, entertaining, and creative content gain more heed instead.

Collaborate With Influencers

Like Instagram or any other social media platform, influencer’s marketing works here too for your event promotion and marketing. influencers create a trustworthy word for your business, product, service, or even for your event, making your audience confident enough to believe in what you sell and provide to them.

ticktok influencers content

You can collaborate with the influencers who create similar content or are popular among your target audience. The major advantage of influencer’s marketing is that your event promotions will reach their fanbase that boost your event with millions of audience, maybe in less than an hour.  

Marketing your event with influencers speeds up your event promotional strategy and brings you desired results that you always want with any social media marketing strategy.

Run A Hashtag Contest For Your Event 

Hashtag contests are a popular social media marketing strategy, regardless of whether you promote your event on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. Running a hashtag campaign entices your audiences to take part and show their creativity through unique content creation. 

tik tok hashtag contest

Hashtag contests with incentives like discounts on tickets for first 100 uploads, or any other “exclusive offer”, can be a great deal for your event marketing. It will not only encourage your audience to create hashtag posts but it will also rapidly grow the number of ticket sales (which can be a major goal of your event marketing). 

Another impact of hashtag campaigns is that it will create an influential effect on a larger audience, encouraging them to impulsively create content using your event hashtag.

Make sure to design an intriguing hashtag for your event; otherwise,  your hashtag contest may not receive the results you expected.

Target The Appropriate Segment Of Audience 

Finding the right set of audience should be your first approach to begin your event marketing on TikTok. The large chunk of the audience, around 41% of TikTok users are between 16-24 years of age. If your target audience lies in this category then no doubt TikTok is a jackpot for your event campaign.

However, after covid, users’ demographics have drastically changed and now TikTok is a community of all major age groups that you would like to run your promotional social media campaigns.

Research for your target audience based on the demographics, locations, and interests. If TikTok is where your audience resides, then no one stops you from making succesful event marketing campaign.

Encourage Audience Participation

If this is not your first time promoting your event on social media channels, it means you already have audiences or followers who are acquainted with your event campaigns.

You can ask your audience to create event content and post it on TikTok tagging your handle. 

Your followers’ content reaches a wider audience, significantly their friends and followers which cannot be possible even with your targeting ads. This increases the authentic reach of your event which brings potential engagement to your event marketing over TikTok. In addition, you will also leverage the power of user-generated content or UGC in your Event campaign.

Repost Users’ TikTok Videos On Your Channel

Reposting UGC on your TikTok keeps the content fresh on your and your followers’ feed, helping you keep your audience engaged with your event marketing campaign. 

Additionally, reposting enhances your event marketing with authenticity, building rapport, and enticing followers to become part of your event.

Bonus Tip – Display TikTok Social wall During Events For Better Audience Engagement

Audience engagement during the live event is the major obstacle for event organizers. Thus, they spend significant time researching and building content that keeps their audience engrossed during the event. 

Whether it is the script, presentation, guests, or any other, event organizers try their best to reach their event success. But it can only be achieved if your audience is well-engaged during the event. 

Nonetheless, social media is drifting your audiences’ attention by enticing them to open up their social media apps for more interesting content. This makes your audience distracted and breaks the flow of your overall event. 

How about displaying the social media wall with TikTok videos on digital screens during the event? And why not when your audience wants to engage with TikTok and social media posts?

You can display TikTok’s social media wall to engage your audience in live or virtual events, enhancing the event experience with interactive, engaging, and interesting TikTok feeds. 

tiktok social wall

Taggbox Display, the best social wall in the industry, offers you an intelligible interface to gather up TikTok videos and display them on the digital screens innovatively and creatively during the event. 

With Taggbox Display, you can display TikTok videos from your handle. As you might have created a plethora of content on TikTok for your event promotions, you can utilize it to display as a social wall during your event.

Moreover, it has various features and functionalities to perform customization with your TikTok walls, adding a more intriguing factor to your event.

Hence, use Taggbox Display to turn your event into a more powerful, engaging, and remarkable experience for your audience, whether it is a live event, virtual event, or hybrid event.

TikTok – A Result-Driven Platform For Event Marketers In 2024 & Beyond

It’s no surprise if we say TikTok is more result-driven when it comes to reaching a more active audience, boosting awareness, and building a connection with your audience. For event marketers and social media enthusiasts, TikTok is a crucial platform for promotional strategy. 

With growing active audiences, TikTok is a profitable platform to derive desired results for your marketing campaigns. 

TikTok is an all-one solution platform to reach a wide audience to keep the target audience engaged with your promotional campaigns. Let’s utilize the potential of TikTok for your event marketing campaigns. Boost awareness, ticket sales, and audience engagement with just one platform. 

If you have not yet used TikTok for your event promotions, now is the time to add TikTok to your arsenal. Expand your event marketing with TikTok & more tools to retrieve some exceptional results with the best return on investment.