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How To Cast TikTok To TV – Best Methods

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Talking about the social media platforms that started on the right foot, TikTok hurries on top of that list. Since its birth, TikTok has brought forward novel things and ideas for brands, businesses, and users. 

This short video content platform has given its users a free stage where users can create and share short-form videos. It has become one of the most popular user-generated content platforms due to its easy-to-use editing tools, the vast library of music and sound effects, and engaging content. 

According to statistics, a user opens the TikTok app eight times per day. With such a high activity rate, you would believe that TikTok can be used in various ways!

This integration also allows TikTok content to be showcased in a new and unique way, creating new opportunities for engagement and interaction between the audience and the content.

In this blog, we will learn more about why casting TikTok to TV is beneficial. Continue reading.

How Can You Cast TikTok To TV

Stream TikTok On Android TV Using the App

Cast TikTok On TV Using Chromecast

Leverage TikTok Out of Phone for Bigger Campaigns

Watch TikTok On Digital Screens using Tagbox Display

Casting Directly from the TikTok App

Why Consider Casting TikTok To Digital Screens?

Casting TikTok on digital screens as a source to boost engagement and entertainment can be done in various settings, such as events, concerts, or retail stores. 

The idea is to bring the popular and engaging content from TikTok to a larger screen, allowing for a communal viewing experience. By doing so, you can leverage various forms of content, such as tiktok influencer, customer, and branded content from TikTok, and reach a wider audience.

Overall, casting TikTok on TV is a beneficial way to bring the excitement and energy of the platform to a larger audience and provide new opportunities for entertainment and engagement.

5 Different Ways To Stream TikTok on TV

To showcase TikTok to a large-scale audience, it is a good option to stream it on your TV. You can simply do this using the three ways mentioned below:

1. Stream TikTok On Android TV Using the App

This section will guide you through casting TikTok on your smart TV or Android TV.

1.1 The first step is to go to the “Apps” section of your TV’s home screen.

search for Playstore in your TV

1.2 From the list of Android TV apps, find the “TikTok” app from the app store.

TikTok app for android TV

Once you have found the app, download the application to install it on your TV. 

1.3 After installing the app, open it on your Smart TV to perform a final step. Log in to your TikTok account on the TV application for the final step.

login to your TikTok account

That’s all! You can now stream TikTok on Android TV.

cast TikTok on android TV

2. Cast TikTok On TV Using Chromecast

This section will guide you through casting TikTok on your TV using a PC.

2.1 The first step is to open TikTok’s desktop site on the Chrome browser on your PC

2.2 For the second step, login into your TikTok account2.3 Once logged into your TikTok account, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open other options.

click on three dots

2.4 Click on “Cast”

stream TikTok using Chromecast

2.5 Select the screen, and you can see TikTok screening on your TV.

stream TikTok on digital screens

3. Cast TikTok On Digital Screens using Tagbox Display

You can follow these instructions to display the TikTok wall on any digital screen.3.1 Log in or create a free account in Tagbox Display

create an account on Taggbox

3.2 Now Select TikTok as your source feed

create a TikTok feed

3.3 Create your TikTok wall using Your Account or Post URL

collect TikTok posts using personal account
fetch TikTok posts using URL

3.4 To make your feed more interesting, go to the “Moderation” panel and manage posts accordingly 

moderate your TikTok wall

3.5 Once you’ve finished customizing your TikTok wall, it’s time to display it on different screens. Just hit the Display button, and you will get different options like display URL, chrome cast, amazon fire stick, and more to display your TikTok social wall easily.

Taggbox dsplay dashboard
Display TikTok Wall On any Screen

4. Leverage TikTok Out of Phone for Bigger Campaigns

Are you tired of dull and uninspiring events or workspaces? 

With Tagbox, a user-friendly interface providing seamless integration, you can easily showcase your TikTok content on TV screens and add an element of excitement to any space. Impress your clients or guests and take your events or workspaces to the next level.

  • Display TikTok out of phone

With TikTok’s recent announcement of out-of-phone use, showcasing your products to a wider audience has never been easier. Be it authentic user-generated content or influencer collaborations, TikTok provides an excellent platform to reach new customers.

To enhance your brand’s visibility and increase your reach, you can exhibit your TikTok content in various public spaces. Display your content on billboards, kiosks, cinemas, restaurants, airports, and other locations. This will improve your advertising and help you engage with a larger audience.

5. Casting Directly from the TikTok App:

Just follow the simple steps below to cast TikTok to TV:

  1. Ensure your device and TV are connected to the same wifi network.
  2. Go to the TikTok app and open the video you want to watch on TV. 
  3. Now click the “Share” button and tap ‘Cast to TV”. If you’re on iOS and casting for the first time, you’ll have to allow access to your local network to cast the devices.
  4. From the list, select the TV you want to cast to. If you don’t find it, tap the “Refresh” button. 
  5. If you wish to stop, click on the casting banner and simplify, tap on the “Tap to disconnect.”

Remember, you’re in control. If you ever want to change the TV you’re casting to, simply go to the casting device banner and select the new TV you want to connect.

Benefits of Displaying TikTok on Screens

Streaming your TikTok content on screens is an excellent way to grow; it helps boost visibility and engage your audience.  Read the following section to understand the benefits of displaying TikTok videos on screens:

1. Trending & Fresh Content

Casting Tik Tok on digital screens is a great technique to engage your audience with branded content. TikTok is filled with trending content that people love to watch and find highly relatable. Casting TikTok on screens allows users to view TikTok content on a larger display, making it easier to enjoy trending and fresh videos. 

To take advantage of TikTok on digital screens properly, creating and displaying engaging and high-quality TikTok content that showcases your brand and resonates with your target audience is essential.

2. Boost Brand Visibility

As you know, streaming Instagram posts on tv boost engagement, same with TikTok videos on digital screens helps boost brand visibility. By showcasing your TikTok content on screens in high-traffic areas, such as shopping malls, gyms, or retail stores, you can reach a wider audience and create more exposure for your brand. 

Displaying TikTok content on screens can increase engagement and build brand awareness, as viewers will likely be more attentive to visually appealing and dynamic range.

3. Engage Your Audience

Casting TikTok on digital screens can engage your audience by providing a dynamic and visually appealing form of content. 

TikTok’s short-form videos are fun and creative to watch. Showcasing these videos can make a good impression on the viewers as TikTok content is highly relatable.

This content immediately captures people’s attention and encourages them to interact with your brand. To maximize engagement, it’s essential to showcase the content creatively.

4. Influence Buyer Decision

Showcasing products creatively and entertainingly, TikTok videos can grab shoppers’ attention and demonstrate the value and use of the products being sold. More so, the social aspect of TikTok can also drive engagement and encourage users to make purchases through recommendations and influencer marketing.

TikTok videos displayed on screens in stores or other commercial settings can be a powerful tool for influencing buying decisions. 

5. Cost-Effective Marketing

Another significant benefit of displaying TikTok on screens is cost-effective marketing. Traditional forms of advertising, such as print and TV ads, can be expensive and may only sometimes reach the intended audience. 

On the other hand, displaying TikTok is a cost-effective way to promote brand awareness and increase customer engagement.

By displaying TikTok videos on screens, businesses can leverage the power of UGC often created by their target audience. 

This type of content is typically free or inexpensive to produce and can help businesses save money on marketing expenses.

6. Best Way To Promote Your Products/Services

TikTok is not just a social media channel but also a user-generated content platform that allows users to create content in creative ways. TikTok is dominated by young content creators covering various types of content and influencing people and communities worldwide. 

The authenticity of TikTok is its users are genuine and post content based on real experiences. By casting TikTok on digital screens, You can promote specific products and services by sharing TikTok testimonials or posting collaborative content.

7. Gives Viewers a Community Feel

Displaying TikTok on screens can give users a sense of community. Casting TikTok content in a public setting creates a shared viewing experience and can foster a sense of belonging among those watching. 

The social media platform is known for its interactive nature. It can create a sense of community, as people can engage with one another and share their reactions to the content they are watching. This can be particularly effective in settings such as events or public spaces where people gather and seek ways to connect with others.


In conclusion, casting TikTok on TV is a creative and interactive way to captivate and engage the audience. It allows for a dynamic viewing experience and adds engagement to any setting.

With the popularity of TikTok and its user-generated content, users can expand their reach. Incorporating TikTok content into TV at gyms, retail stores, gyms, etc., can create new opportunities for advertisers and provide a platform for up-and-coming TikTok creators to showcase their content to a broader audience.

All-in-all, TikTok is a versatile platform to achieve your brand goals. You can benefit your brand in many ways by showcasing it on a bigger screen.

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